World Cup of Pokemon IX - Finals [Won by Team Brazil]

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my shoutouts:

everyone in the team: You were absolutely fantastic. I had a lot of fun while this tournament was rolling on and even made friends with half my age (hi KratosMana) (jk we were friends since he had a third of my age)

the people:

yan[sogeking] : You are my Pokémon hero. Fantastic journey on this tournament and also a great friend. This guy deserves this trophy a lot and is a really great pokémon player, one of the best brazilians all time. The last match was big but this was not his only contribution. He helped in every single tier and was there to test/teambuild with us. I hope I can play like you one day. I'm really proud of you.

Hantsuki : She is the best captain a team could have. Great player, awesome person, inspiring leader. We couldn't achieve this without you. You must be proud of yourself and the awesome record this team has under your command.

DracoMalfoy : Draco is just great at everything. Awesome Pokémon player and strong person, always helpful. We couldn't win this if you didn't join us, thanks for everything you did for the team. If Pokémon existed you would be Arceus.

Dekzeh : Great player/teambuilder, had a lot of cool ideas during this tournament. I feel sorry for this tournament dekzeh didn't play like 18 times, because he is a very enjoyable player to watch. Also, props for playing CM0102 aka the best game ever. I never really found anyone on the internet that likes it. I'm hoping to play a lot of seasons with you :D

Destiny Device : Absolutely amazing performance. Funny thing is he got very nervous before every single one of his games but proceeded to beat everyone mercilessly. Another great teammate, very helpful with testing and teambuilding. You can beat any player right now, outstanding WC.

KratosMana : Another superb player and also a great friend. This wasn't the first tournament we played together and Kratos keeps impressing me more and more year after year. It's insane how good he is despite being so young.

Blue_Star : Our trump card on finals. Despite only playing in finals, he helped us a lot through the tournament in every tier. Very good player, very knowleadgeable and very helpful. I hope you join me and dek to lose play some CM0102.

papai noel : I miss you man. It's a shame you couldn't be with us on finals but it's a well deserved trophy for you too. I hope to see you more on irc/skype and play more with you.

Sand Castle : Another strong player I've met during this WC, sand castle never stopped to help the team. I look foward to play again with you by my side.

Danilo : Our ADV beast. Great wins on R1 to ensure we were going through and thanks for all the help with adv teams. Next year I hope you can play the whole tournament with us

Kirigakure and Rurushu : Thanks for playing with us. I spoke to both of you less than the other members of the team but we won this together

Royal Flush : Nice presence on crucial moments, always with words of wisdom. Let's go to a hut and play GSC until next year y/n

Adam : Thanks for all the awesome advice with teams, movesets and how to play vs our opponents. You should be on our team and you deserve to be a champion as well. I can't see how we would get past these two last rounds without the crazy amount of help you provided to our players (this includes myself). Hope we are teammates next year.

Tiba : Thanks for supporting us and for living all these great moments with us. You are a cool guy and should be in our lineup if WCoP had the two best metagames of Pokémon (cofcoffreegscandrby).

Everyone else involved with our teams, suporting or helping: THANK YOU! It was amazing to play for Brazil and I hope I can still be helpful next year.

And sorry for my broken english :D

i suppose the fact that sepultura helped create death metal means brazil arent totally undeserving,, congrats :toast:

at least hantsuki will now let my nigga navy smash yn

hey blue star come back to the scooters, its time we got our shit back right?? also i can blastbeat faster than you bitch

aim: joey joey joey................. ive known you since 2010 on youtube/purplesurge ({BA} represent) and you always did stupid fucking shit like stay in on thundurus with jellicent TWICE when it FUCKING WALLS THE REST OF MY TEAM ugh just why????????????????? anyway ily bro youre the nicest dude ever and 6-0 in xy is nothing short of ridiculous. enjoy your frontier symbol as temporary pixel consolation until we come back and kick the shit out of everyone next year... patience is a virtue,,, i almost said its one you dont have but you actually used stall in r1 just wow joe fucking wow

august: john, the fact that you did not go 6-0 in dpp this year is nothing short of highway robbery. both "losses" were to bullshit that i think even !lavoscalc would have a hard time comprehending. even though youre not around as much youre still a fucking monster. gl with your ~thing~ only 360ish days to go! hope to take you up on your offers of having sex with one of your many girlfriends' hot friends soon enough.....................

Bad Ass: tommy, you had a rough couple of games this year but you are still one strong motherfucker. i look forward to when you quit your job, its Too Much........ kanye sucks shit, radiohead are even worse, and neutral milk hotel are the scum of this earth, but at least gorguts rule. i expect to see a slam repeat further cementing your name amongst WhiteQueen & Co. as one of the UU Greats,, come back next year and kick the crap out of people but have another sick spl season first ehuehuehue

BKC: bro, i just, like, cannot get over how amazing your taste in music is. it must be your secret to slaying mad poon both online and irl; you are just the shit, man. fucking slayer.

ClevelandSports4Life bro "Focus Blast expert" "unreal" "unbelievable" "CTC Slayer" fist: john, you have been one of my best bros for years ever since i was an annoying 13 year old on regileague, and i am more infuriated with the fact you didnt get a trophy than i am with having mine greyed out, especially when you went 5 and fucking 0 in xy (joey sucks shit, i swear!). i tied you back up at 16 wins so eat shit!!!!!!!!!! The 2015 Scooters will be step 1 in the Ultimate Trophy Satisfaction Master Plan, and then next year we'll come back for this one,,,,,,,,,,,,

CTC: blair,,, before i stroke your ego over pkmn it should be mentioned that despite all the bullshit you get yourself into, you, like everyone else on this team (except jayde! LOL!), are, for lack of a better term, Nuttin But a Fren. anyway the level of innovation and talent (some might say theres a lack thereof but theyre ignorant, biased bc of your Unquestionably Amazing Posts and/or retarded) you pack in your head is awe-inspiring. a lot of the trends that have become standard shit in xy are because of this nigga. when it comes to bw/xy i'd put you up against anyone in a heartbeat (except our resident cleveland sports fan who we conveniently got on our team this year,,, hehe bwoi) -Lord

dragonuser: varun,,, weve been losing you to league lately man please come back. but you know ily and that you own at mons (your wcop record is what, 14-4?? jesus). we'll hang in va someday soon now that i'm an adult and can legally do w/e the fuck i want but at least i DODGED LEAGUE HAAAAA just keep having l8 night friends talks with me n hugo and i'll be happy

gr8astard: hugo, you are not only one of the best players (in the shitty gens anyway XD #bwfag #goodplayeralert #putinthewrongecuacion), teambuilding masterminds, and teammates anyone could ever want, youre also one of the best friends a dude could ask for. this post has already been super gay so i'll try to take it easy but youre one of the main reasons east is like an e-family to me (man so much for not being gay huh) all year round and yea idk what more i could say than that. i said i love you and she said thank you

Nails: Your a (BAN ME PLEASE) and so is you're Timid Suicune. a word of caution to anyone reading this: if youre ever unfortunate enough to be on a team with nails, never test with him, it just makes you angry. although i guess you did have the idea to put dugtrio on jane doe which Greatly Improved it,, anyway ily neil you fucking own. you may be a noob but ill stop myself there before i go into even gayer territory

McM / cbb / Bloo / Sweep: this is a filler blurb for the time being. fucking thrash metal

Ciele n_n


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Congrats Brazil, guess that some of you would have preferred to win the other World Cup but it's a nice consolation prize for Pokemon players.
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Congratulations to Team Brazil and Sogeking in particular for coming out strong and sealing the victory. It's not easy being the person having to clutch the win.. The pressure must have been intense.. Again, congrats on a well deserved win.
won, ggz.

gj Brazil!
Thanks everyone for the support, etc. oo
good series East, you are an awesome team and cool guys. =o

and here it goes my first selfie with the trophy. ~n__n~ (pretend the trophy is blue and ignore the bad beard im trying to grow)

and shoutouts to Funkasaurus' dogs; they told me what team to use and to trust myself. oo
will do more shoutouts latter.
u look so cool Oo


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Look at the beautiful smile of our president and Mariano's angry face: not really happy because of Spain y/n :(

So it's time for the shoutouts...I'll try to not kael so much here, but my english is not that good Oo

Awesome run this year, my monkeys. From the worst campaign ever to the trophy! And we were 6-9 in r1 at one moment, but you guys worked REALLY HARD to advance to r2 and kept up the good work until finals. Everything you've done paid off, the trophy is ours! :D

During the last days I was thinking how many things I've experienced in this game...I've been playing this since 2005, during the great Netbattle times, so it's been a loooong time! To think it all started when the little 12 year Hantsuki saw an article about Netbattle in the BR site "Pokémon Land" and first thing she thought was "OMG I CAN USE ANY POKEMON AT LEVEL 100 WITH ANY MOVE I WANT :O". So she installed it, built a team and then failed to beat at least a single player with her Blizzard/Earthquake/Thunder/Fire Blast Dragonite and started playing at the RPG Servers :( ... But months later she tried again and met a fellow brazilian that helped her to understand the competitive part of the game and then sooooo many things happened.

To think in the first years I was just a noob using random gimmicks with no particular reason and spamming "8DDDDDDDDD" and "/me runz" in the main chat with my friends (royal flush mainly! haha) and now I'm the captain of the winning team of the WCoP...I don't even know what to say o_o

I just started to get better as a player after my first year in WCoP. In our first run I wasn't really good imo, but being on the team is what made me realize how fun this tournament is and how awesome is to play with your team, helping and rooting for everyone and also how "serious" a tournament like this can be. During our first year, the most important tournament to me was the biggest brazilian individual tourney, to challenge the Elite 4. So I started playing here, so that's how a trully competitive tourney is. People scouting, so many spectators, everyone working to build good teams that beat their opponents (our stealing cof cof) etc...sooooo I would like to thank Quantum Mechanics for reviving in 2010 (I didn't see him since 2007, we already knew each other from netbattle) and came with the idea of make the Team Brazil, because FUCK MEXICOLOS FROM LA LOL (just kidding). I prolly would not be here if you didn't do this o_o

And so I started playing on Smogon and met a lot of people and experienced so many things at this game...but oh well, time do stop with the story. I just wanna say that I really enjoyed all those years playing in this community and of course, enjoyed A LOT being with my WCoP team and I'm really happy to see how we all evolved during all this time! :D

Also, I'm really proud of being on this team since it was created. It's really good to see that we're not those "quem quer batalhar???///" monkeys anymore and I think you can all see this since 2010! Brazilians are strong and you have to be scared of us ;)

Aaaaaaaaaaand now the shoutouts:

The Monkeys

Blue_Star: I'm glad you came back after so much time. You were a good player so I put you on the team even if you had come back in like...10 days before the WCoP start? You've helped the team in every gen and 6-0'd in finals after your XY was already good and at the most important time. You really grew a lot from the 2011 Blue Star who said "we already lost .blue" against Oceania or "BAN DRAGONITE .blue" at every BW discussion y/n ... just kidding, and thank you for the DPP tests :]

Danilo: Our vampire and ADVer (you have to be an undead to play a boring gen like ADV Oo). Sadly you couldn't play with us until finals, but you got some important wins on r1 and left some teams to Malfoy. Imagine how much easier it would be if you were here with us ;) ... Also send me more pics of your cat ^o^

Dekzeh: THE BEERLORD...and also an awesome XYer and really nice person. Your ideas for teams are amazing and I think you're an example of how a tournament player has to be! Using creative stuff that are pretty effective in the meta and also being good sports always :) ... Also, let's hope for poor Mike have a break on Suits >:

Destiny Device: Days before the WCoP start I was worried about you. You weren't being so consistent and was always panicking before the matches LOL ... but who cares, you put your shit together and the 5-0 is here! You still panic tho Oo ... but don't worry, you're good. Just trust yourself and keep playing so we can have you undefeated again next year :) HEY MANAGERS, BID ON HIM FOR SPL!!!!

DracoMalfoy: Another one that I know since Netbattle times. I remember the first time (well, dunno if it was the first, but is the first I can remember Oo) I played against you. I was in the finals of one of those tournament from servers and it was against you. I was using the first team I had with Blissey, Magneton and a Choice Bander (and was using Sheer Cold Lapras, because a friend told me it would have a better acc if used after Ice Beam ._.) and you just beat me easily with Poliwrath and Houndoom Oo ... To think we played those little things during that time and now we're here! And how I would know that the guy who beat me with Poliwrath would be one of our most important players in a fucking WCoP? You helped everyone on the team, since you could play anything! Some will judge you by your record, but it doesn't reflect how important you were to us (and you had some bad luck, c'mon). I wouldn't be able to win any of my games without your teams and protips and you were always here to help the others even if it wasn't your main tier. Great player that really deserves this trophy :]

Hill: Great player and one of the nicest people I've ever met in this game! Your record isn't so good, but you saved the team in semifinals and was there to help everyone, so you were really important to us. After that win, I think no one will be able to do 5% of what you did for Brazil at this game hehe ;) ... jokes aside, it's always a pleasure to play with you :)


KratosMana: You were prolly the most solid player during the tryouts and I really thought you would do a great job in you lost to Sash Landorus and the only win you got on r1 was the only match you were playing terribly Oo ... I also thought about subbing you out during r2 so you could take a break and build more since you weren't have so much time on r1. But I'm glad I didn't because you just won all the other matches, undefeated in playoffs! Great run, but like Destiny Device, you have to trust more in yourself! Keep playing and next year you'll be undefeated in r1 too ;) HEY MANAGERS, BID ON HIM FOR SPL!!!!

papai noel: Thank you for going to Portugal in finals so Blue Star could play instead of you LOL ... can someone remove his trophy? Oo ... just kidding, Elodin is a good boy and won an important match on r1. Come back so we can talk about anime ^o^

Royal Flush: Well, what can I say to you? We're friends since like...January 2006? I still remember how I met you...another time the little Hantsuki was in a finals of a server tourney and you were my opponent. "OMG HE'S FROM G2H THAT CLAN OF GOOD PLAYERS" I thought. So I tried to win just 6-0'd me with a bizarre Tyranitar...Tyranitars were meant to use Dragon Dance and you were using Substitute, Focus Punch, Tbolt and Crunch wtf?????? So I had an idea: "I'm going to become friends with him and learn all his pokemon skills hehehehehe". Months later you were one of my best friends, damn! Do you remember those times? It's so nostalgic...we were just a bunch of retarded teenagers and all we did was spamming stuff like "/me runz" in the main chat or "press alt+x" when a newbie asked for help. And the forums that we were admins? So much pokemon was one of the last things we did LOL Oo ... but here we are, still on this game and winning a fucking're prolly still thinking that it's 2013 and we're having a terrible run, but next year I'm pretty sure you'll be really proud of our monkeys, my sweetie Slowpoke n__n ... You'll should stop playing Dota, come back and play more mons tho :(

Rurushu: You should stop playing Dota and go practice more mons as well Oo ... you didn't had a good run this time, but at least you deserve this trophy for your past years on this team, you were one of our best players after all.

Sand Castle: Sadly you couldn't win your matches, but you were here rooting and helping us until the end, so you were part of the team of course. Don't give up yet, you'll become a great player if you keep practicing (and don't getting panicked helps Oo). It was also good those anime talks we had :)

yan[sogeking]: The johnking and brazilian hero. Years ago, you were like the...Laurel of the BR Community. Everyone bullied you and said you were terrible, but now you were one of our most important players and won the most important match of the tournament, giving us the trophy! You had an awesome run and have become one of the best players in this community and is one of the best brazilian players for sure. People must think you're a team cancer, but you work really hard when you're serious and no one can talk shit about it anymore! Now stop being annoying and go learn how to build your own teams :]

People outside our roster:

Adam: Thank you for all the help you gave to us! You didn't play for Brazil, but all your amazing ideas for teams were really helpful and those good matchups weren't just luck at all! You're one of the best, if not the best XY OUer right now. Can someone give him a trophy, please?

Ojama and McMeghan: Thank you for all the help with old gens since my teammates are useless and can't play them! Oo

Tiba: they didn't put RBY and GSC because they knew Brazil would be too strong at those tiers y/n Oo ... Well, you're an amazing teamplayer, it's sad they didn't put those gens in WCoP so we could have you in the roster too! But your presence in the chat is always good, so thank you for being there with us!

Earthworm: BS WORMS STOP PLAYING LOL .___. .... And thank you for coming to our secret channel for sogeking's match, you were our luck charm!!! But anyway, you're one of my favourite players of all time and will always be. You're also one of the nicest people I met in this community. I couldn't win this tournament while you were still playing (I still want revenge against the old Oceania >:), but you were here in the final match, that means a lot! :] .... Also, I still use your RBY team LOL!

Quantum Mechanics: I wouldn't be here if it was not for you and who knows if we would already have a Team Brazil if you didn't come back with the idea during that time? I dedicate this trophy to you! :]

Thank you to everyone else from the so called PANELAND (pi face, Roizen, Deaga, Mario With Lasers, Mosh, Drums and all the others who doesn't really play on Smogon). I love you all and wouldn't be playing for so much time if I didn't have this group :]

Thank you to everyone who hangs out in our channel #baril and make it a good place to be and to everyone else who was rooting for us, from Smogon and from the brazilian communities.

And also thank you to Mariano and all the TDs for making this tourney happen. We have nothing to complain and we did everything we could to have no dumb drama (fuck activity calls Oo). The changes in the format were REALLY good and I'm happy they were accepted...Oh wait, I have something to complain... #FreeRBY #FreeGSC

ggs East, West, Metro and all the other opponents we had. Oh, I have to say: 3 US Teams during playoffs? Poor Obama, couldn't handle Dilma-chan hehehe ;)

Okay, it's already a wall of text, I have to stop. Just a last thank you to anundeadboy for our amazing flag. Your art is awesome! Hopefully you're still here to make our next flags in the future :)

And oh, speaking about him, he made one last job for us (and if you could add a blue trophy later, it would be awesome Oo)

That's it. Time to leave (and get some sleep I guess @_@). Sorry for my bad english if that's too painful to read >: ... But anyway, thank you all and bye bye! n__n

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É Baril, caralho! :D
Parabéns seus zueiros, vocês mereceram :)

Congratz guys! After so many years of .fomosbem you guys finally achieve it. Props to everyone who participated on this world cup and big props to Hantsuki for herding this bunch of zueiros for this acomplishment. #7x1ÉoCaralho

Guys, you're so fuckin' awesome that I needed to rise from the grave and say a couple of things.

First of all, it was never about Brazil... never about our country. It is about our amazing community! You guys deserve it! We deserve it!

I want to talk about every single one that was part of our history, but I need to say some things about two guys.

Draco Malfoy: Man, you're one of my best friends on my entire pokémon career, sorry for being apart for so long! I'm really happy that you played in this year finals in the metagame were we met. Oldies but Goldies kickin' some asses a while ago. Congrats!

Hantsuki: You're a better captain than I could ever be! I was just the idiot that needed to start things off... you're amazing and a genius at pokémon! I'm happy to be by your side and see this growth... as a pokémon player and as a person!

Everyone else that was part of this, I LOVE YOU ALL! The haters, the supporters, those that didn't believe, all of you!

I'm so thrilled that I think I'll get some advices and come back...

And thanks for the Smogon community! You guys are awesome and respected us since our first World Cup... it was a fun ride that I expect that continues this way.

Sorry for a kael or two!

I'm in love with the entire world right now, thank you guys!

btw congrats brazil even though you guys are probably still having nightmares of deutschland
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