Finals World Cup of Pokemon X - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

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Grats East, particulary glad for John and Endre :)

Good job Spain, you've made a great run and props for being the first European team to reach the final of this tournament. Too bad you couldn't end with a bang but here is to hope one of us will make it in the future
[8/4/15, 6:54:30 PM] Kevin: am do shoutouts or youre a MASSIVE JEW
[8/4/15, 6:54:33 PM] Kevin: and will never be a beast


Thanks East for bringing me along for the ride. I don't know what BKC, Henry, TDK, and TheEnder others saw in me, considering Stone Cold, yondie, and the others were cool with me around so they must've convinced them ha, but it meant a lot and I'm glad that my first relatively big tournament experience was a fantastic one. You guys are a really good group of people and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the process of it all and BKC's intense fan fictions of TDK. Until next time n_n.
Congrats East, you deserved this.

Good run, Spain. I hoped to see a european country to finally win the WCoP trophy, but I guess that'll be Germany next year. Hopefully we will have another rematch against you guys though, can't believe we lost twice in a row against you. :heart:


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How come you didn't motivate yourself to win those 2 or 3 finals you were in? Could have had 2 or 3 trophies already.
I had some tl;dr as fuck shoutouts that I wrote while I was on my plane ride but in the end I decided that they're a bit too circle-jerky so I'll do those privately

I’d like to congratulate Spain on a run that, though it ended poorly for them, was still extremely impressive overall. Reaching the #2 seed in round 1 and defeating very powerful teams in Central and especially Germany in playoffs is no small feat. In our finals series, the scoreline tells one story but anybody who watches the games knows it was actually much closer than it looked. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. In particular, reiku probably had the best performance of any individual player in the entire tournament. He had 7 incredible opponents and managed a 6-1 record against them, including the absurdly clutch double victory to tie and then win the tiebreak against Germany, a team whose oras was fearsome and, at the time, included the only undefeated player in cosine180. The rest of you guys supported your team all the way to finals. You may have fallen apart this week, but you guys have a great backbone in your veterans and a lot of very exciting new blood. I have faith that you guys will rebuild and come back stronger than before. I know that sentiment means nothing coming from me, but I think it should be said anyway.

victory was really sweet this year; there were a lot of naysayers who thought east was in shambles but I think we outworked every other team by a wide margin. shoutouts TDK and BKC for literally building hundreds of teams across the gens. those 2 were no doubt the MVPs of the tour for us


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Are you seriously private messaging your teammates to tell them how amazing and wonderful they are? And tell a user like yondie how he's so deserving of that trophy, etc? Please tell me you're joking, Stathakis. That's a bit too much...

Or maybe I lack emotions. I'm not sure about myself anymore.


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Are you seriously private messaging your teammates to tell them how amazing and wonderful they are? And tell a user like yondie how he's so deserving of that trophy, etc? Please tell me you're joking, Stathakis. That's a bit too much...

Or maybe I lack emotions. Not sure anymore.
Your need to constantly put up this WhiteQueen persona and all of his shit has probably swallowed your soul

at least I hope you behave like this to keep up with the WhiteQueen known to smogon and not because you're like that irl. That'd be really sad.
in light of Whitequeen's post and some discussion on IRC:

19:26 BKC: stath
19:26 Stathakis: bkc
19:26 BKC: i refuse to accept this
19:26 BKC: youre posting those shoutouts
19:26 Stathakis: no dude i re-read them
19:26 Stathakis: they are actually
19:27 Stathakis: so incredibly self-congratulatory it hurts
19:27 Stathakis: nobody wants to see that shit
19:27 BKC: I do
19:27 BKC: ok well
19:27 BKC: rewrite them
19:27 Stathakis: u will see them
19:27 Stathakis: ill post them in here
19:28 tesung: we dont wanna see
19:28 tesung: it
19:28 tesung: but u post them anyways
19:28 tesung: to rub it in our faces
19:28 tesung: thats the reward
19:28 tesung: of winning team tour
19:28 PDC_: ^
19:28 tesung: self-fellating

I’m channeling my inner Finchinator and Tele here. This is what happens when you stick me on a flight with no wifi for several hours right as my team wins. Circle jerk incoming

<bit about spain>

Onto some sentiments about team East overall. This victory was really sweet, especially because despite what the finals thread looks like, for most of the duration of this tournament nobody expected much out of our team. I remember when the overall sentiment among the top players was “East is in shambles” or “X other team is untouchable.” Glad we were able to shake that. The Sunday night at the end of round 1 will go down in my mind as the most tense tournament day in my pokemon career. I remember thinking when we were 12-13 that we may as well pack it up and call it a decent run. Today, that seems like forever ago. I think we won because we outworked every other team by a wide margin, building and testing literally hundreds of teams for this tournament, and the hard work and preparation showed in the amazing matchups that we kept getting.

And now for the TL;DR shoutouts.

subs, helpers, and cheerleaders first:

Henry: one of my favorite people on smogon. the number of fucks you give is the perfect number of fucks to give. crazy part is you can spend a month in wineland getting your fake ID rejected, then come back and build donsquads that don’t lose. I hope people continue to sleep on and insult you so that I can continue to figuratively fellate you. OLT has “won by henry” written all over it.

Nails: suuuuper underrated thinker and tester. some people shit on sub players who “get carried to a trophy” but you fuckin went in, probably tested the most with the orasers out of anybody. WQ will think I’m just saying this to say it, but I genuinely think that’s true.

@Pokeaim: shame things turned out the way they did for you re: the smogon community, but I’m glad you stuck around the bit you did. you were always very helpful when you were here. Definitely don’t deserve the hate you catch

CTC: I remember when blunder was talking about how you didn’t even wanna play because of how ass you thought the team was, and that hurt a bit. glad we were able to turn it around. Spain are lucky the series didn’t go to tiebreak because there was no way they were beating our secret weapon.

AM: whenever you were active in the IRC channel and Skype, you always had thoughtful and useful things to say. wish I saw more of that.

yondie: loved interacting with you, it was like a reminder that not everybody on smogon is a geed. very refreshing deviation from all the discussion of the latest episode of boku no piko. PMO

Stone_Cold: I’m gutted that you can’t celebrate with us today. hope everything’s alright and thanks a billion times over for giving me a chance. There were 1 or 2 moments when we were at odds with each other but they passed over quickly. I said in some wcop thread last year that you’re the best manager a pokemon team has ever seen. While I don’t claim to know anything about being a pokemon manager, I still think that’s true.

New Breed: in my heart you were always a member of this team. watching your classic cup runs and rooting for you was one of my fondest memories of the first half of the tournament

uragg: BR slayer uragg makes a return. I was supposed to be doing cool coding projects with you but I blew u off to play pokemon. haha classic

Peachy: still your #1 fan, wish you played with us tho!!

Lamppost: eat logs, eastlogs! drunk lamppost has produced some of the best logs I’ve ever read

now for the people I interacted with the most:

Tobes: I perhaps didn’t get to know you as well as I should have, but I had a ton of fun watching your games and play testing with you. It’s a shame the teams we had for finals will never get to see the light of day, but it was a great time building and testing them anyway. You’ve instilled a new love of RBY in me, and I think I’m going to start maining this tier now that wcop is over.

idiotfrommars: Probably the best new friend I made during my time here, it’s been a blast being on a team with you man. I’m really glad to have met you. As a player and playtester, you were always super involved too, especially in the preparation for oldgens. Your SPL+WCOP record speaks for itself about your playing skill, too bad you’ll never beat GSC Don Omfuga. At least you can make the appropriate big dick plays when the situation calls for it, and too bad nobody will listen to you and use dragmag; I think there were 3 or 4 times when it actually just won the games u wanted us to bring it. Can’t wait to kick it with u at worlds!!

BKC: one of the two MVPs of the team in my eyes. You were of course completely responsible for our ADV preparation and had no second set of eyes to tell you that using Claydol was a Bad Idea. You were enormously helpful with GSC and DPP. The counter style you built for Go10 was a work of art and in my eyes was a great example of your value to the team. I don’t think we’d have done as well in those tiers without you, even though you weren’t the one making the plays. Beyond that, you had your hand in the cookie jar for every tier, contributing team ideas for everything. In that sense, you were probably worth more than one win per week as a teammate. As a dude, I think you’re a total dingus and I’m glad you’re willing to laugh at your own jokes because honestly nobody else thinks they’re funny. PS I take back what I said about you being MVP, nice 3-2 record assclown.

august: Glad to finally be teaming with you in a wcop after you shattered my dreams of going undefeated all those years ago. You were the pilot of BKC’s mad ideas in DPP, and you executed them very well most of the time. You think you’re getting worse over time, and you’re probably right but even in your shit form, you were good enough to defeat Rocka, Go10, and Pokebasket as well as giving Philip7086, a guy who looked completely untouchable in this tournament, a great game. So chin up and slow down the rate at which you worsen because we’ll need you again next year.

Bad Ass: You are actually one of the most cerebral fighters I’ve met. I don’t know where all this was when we were on US South, but goddamn you turned it on this year even after insisting that you wouldn’t play. You were, along with Nails, the most helpful non-ORAS guy to the ORAS team. Thanks to you we stopped using passive shit and I think that influence gave us quite a few key games. You’re absolutely ruthless even in test games and honestly I don’t know how you do that but mad props because I think I actually improved a good bit as a player from being forced to play hard against you in tests. As far as the actual playing you did, you exploited Lightchu’s sand balance builds perfectly with that team, and though you lost your win con in Lando-T, the incredible innovation of salac chomp with dual chop specifically for zam worked EXACTLY the way you envisioned it and clutched out a win. I was so impressed with that man, especially in a tier that is considered by many to be “stale.” Also, congrats on having the most enviable and aesthetic trophy set on smogon, you bastard.

steelphoenix: Cutest user on smogon, probably. First things first, I still fully expect to see a finals track and a victory track at some point. I’ll wait. I see you as an up-and-comer in the tournament scene. After a really awesome showing in ubers, you took to BW with the voracity that only a new tour player can have. You definitely have the work ethic to become an all time great soon, and I expect that you will show it over the course of the next year should you decide to continue playing. I’m glad you were able to show up the doubters in that Mcmeghan game. If you keep on your current trajectory, you will soon become a name to be feared, and I look forward to watching you develop in the meantime.

TheEnder: I first put my eye on you when you beat me in frontier almost a year ago, but god damn have you developed into a monster this year. You had a really strong cast of opponents, and despite that you really brought it to them each time (with the exception of Tesung RIP). You’re a really quiet and humble guy for how much you worked for the team, building for everybody. TDK calls you 1 of the 2 R1 MVPs (the other being PDC) and I’m inclined to agree. Your teams brought us a lot of wins in those early weeks (a few losses too RIP bro fist) and for that you were essential. After you beat Reymedy, I thought we were going to have to take shit about you living in Norway but thankfully that died down as we continued to win.

TDK: The other MVP of the team in my eyes, in addition to BKC, though your contribution was probably even greater. There are a lot of things I could say but I’ll try to be brief. The old guard of this community hates oras and complains that it’s all matchup. In this tournament you’ve shown that to not be true. You actually built hundreds of teams all by yourself this world cup, that’s some hugo shit. All that hard work showed itself in our ORAS playoffs record which i believe was 11-1 (could be remembering wrong) against some of the best players smogon has to offer. You don’t simply get lucky with matchup that many times in a row. That’s a result of some phenomenal fucking team building. Yeah, our guys played really well and sometimes got lucky, but that kind of success wouldn’t be possible without a guy pumping out great team after great team. You should have seen PDC and me yesterday, we were like chickens without a head until you woke up, got in the IRC channel and calmed us down, and gave us some bomb ass squads that ended up both having great matchups as always. You actually became so ridiculously good at building in such a short time it’s ridiculous. Fucking don AF. PS why the fuck aren’t you coming to worlds

bro fist: Probably the battler I look up to the most. I’m so glad you came out of retirement to play this year. Having you on the team was awesome and in some ways was everything i’d hoped for in SPL, as I got to watch you think and analyze your games and your approach to the game in general. The record you had this year doesn’t really tell the story. I know half of the things I said had you thinking ‘oh god I hope he’s trolling’ but i guess that’s what happens when you’re a grandpa. thanks for watching over us :D

PDC: Congrats on having the best SPL+WCOP record of 2015! you’ve grown into a dominant force as evidenced by your awesome team tour and smogon tour runs this year. I’m really happy to have been on the same team as you this time. I’m glad you finally got over your penchant for alakazam and your crippling volc weakness. you shaped up just in time for finals. By virtue of going 3-0 in round 1 you pretty much saved our asses so fucking mad props especially in that game against the french guy, I’d have killed myself and timed out for sure in that kind of battle.

These shoutouts are already really TL;DR so I’ll keep these briefer than I want to even though I love you all

Tesung, sugarhigh, Dallaren, 49, Kushalos, Jaiho, Tokyo Tom: I love and hate each and every one of you guys for keeping me here longer than I should’ve stayed. Got you all grouped because this would actually be like 4k words if I gave you each an individual shout. In summary, my best friends on this site. It feels weird to shout out the people you talk to everyday. One of you fuckers better win slam, we need to win trophies at a faster rate than once a year come on.

Hot N Cold: SERGI *-* I love you bro. You are always believing in me, lifting me up when I feel bad. I most your laughing indifference towards the people on this site that hate you, but where you actually don’t care rather than just pretending not to care, as well as your staunch support of friends in tours despite not really playing much anymore. It showed when you helped Tesung in stour and it’s a shame we had a whole team this time and didn’t really use outside help because I bet you could have taken down a bunch of these guys yourself if you wanted to. One day I will visit you in Spain, or better yet you will come to America :D

Finchinator: a huge up-and-comer in the tour scene, hard to believe you’re actually the same age as PDC (12). Hope to see more big things from you in the future. You definitely have the talent and drive to make it happen. Looking forward to helping the team in pockle *-*

Isa: possibly the nicest user in the pokemon community. Definitely the best skill-to-ego ratio. Like with finch, *-*

xray: super cute and also a big up-and-comer. I’ve been sad ever since our tour series but it was really fun to watch you play this wcop.

Philip7086: fucking boss. normally I’d leave it at that because nothing more needs to be said but goddamn your dpp run this year was hot and deserves highlighting

Whatever the fuck case’s name is these days: My guru, my daddy, my savior, the reason I am relevant at all today. Thanks for being a total homie if a bit abrasive at times. Why the fuck aren’t you coming to worlds I’m so sad about this :|

WhiteQueen: the hottest user of all time. You’ve gotten a bit wild lately and some of your wcop posts hurt my feelings when you went after some of my teammates, but despite that I still love you.

Omfuga: you’ve been getting a bit wild lately since bkc and i exchanged choice words w/ u and I can’t say we don’t deserve it but you’re still Brother Omfuga to me.

@Piexplode: I remember cringing at some of your posts a few months ago but after getting to know you better I think you get a lot more bandwagon-hate than you deserve and that’s a shame. Big thanks for helping out with rby when you did, and it’s a shame your teams won’t get to see the light of day. They were some pretty awesome creations if a bit out there.

Alexander: never thought we’d be able to be friends after frontier but you’re actually a cool dude. Thanks for helping out with wcop this year and you will always be the leader of the legion, the One True Italian in my eyes.

reyscarface, dice, Lavos Spawn: Love all u dudes but I’m glad you were taken away by league or else there’s a great chance we wouldn’t have won this year.

@Lifting crew: y’all are probably the only people on smogon that i’d actually meet IRL. One day when we’re all rich I’m going to buy a small Greek island and Smocon 2012 is finally going to happen.

KratosMana, Logic, et al. i.e. anti=(monkey): Would u grow a penis on ur head for 1 billion dollars? How much $$$ would u need to be paid to have sex with a horse?? This is the only Skype room I don’t have muted, and for good reason. Y’all are an awesome if a bit weird group of people and I have a lot of fun interacting w/ all of u.

@Vod: The more insane / slightly weebier version of the above group, y’all are ok too especially Shake and SG but god damn this group crashes my Skype without fail.

Bof room: despite this room often being kinda frustrating, there are some great guys in here. To name a few: Habajiga who has become a real homie, praj.pran, Daftmau5, Steve Angello, Cosine180, Prankster (RIP), MattyBroccoli, and others I’m probably forgetting. A lot of you guys are real up-and-comers and though I got a glimpse of some of your power this WCOP, it would be sick to see you continue to develop.

@ The people I have wronged and snaked during my time here: I don’t have to name you guys, you know who you are. Most of you have forgiven me, and that is more than I could ever ask for or deserve. You have to know I deeply regret the things I did to you and would take them back in an instant if I could.

@ Everyone who hates me: Oddly, this group and the group above it don’t overlap that much at all. I don’t have to name you guys either. Despite us being at odds with each other, most of the people in this group that I can think of have enriched my smogon experience in some way, shape, or form. I remember you guys by that, and not by the shittalk we’ve done at each other. I hope you can do the same for me.

And finally, I shout out the legendary r willy, the light of my career and the man who always reminds me not to brag until nattles r over.

Stone Cold

I wasn’t even supposed to be here today
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Alright, well today's been a rough day for me, but I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write this up. I have never done shout outs in my 5 years as capt for the team, so I figured they are long overdue. I wanted to start off by saying for those who weren't around in 2011 and 2012 that East wasn't always such a dominant and amazing team. In fact, we still have a ways to go before we come close to touching 08/09/10 Oceania, but I feel we are quite close. East was a team that was the worst in World Cup in 2009, 2010 and the team had no returning members in 2011 but me, and eventually Yondie. Everyone I decided to recruit was ladder players from my region who just wanted a chance to show what they were made of and it's amazing to see how far we have come. West to me has always been our big rival I would say, West was who I wanted East to be when I was first putting a team together. Phil ran a tight squad and valued communication and friendship and I wanted to make sure that my team although their purpose was to win game, I wanted to make sure there was a focus on just having a good time as well and I would like to say I lived up to those expectations. This year, we not only won our second title, but we got to eliminate Brazil from the qualifiers and West from the playoffs - this has been a very satisfactory year for us I would say.

yondie - I had plans to move on without you this year when you were on your 6 month hiatus; however, fortunately for me you decided to come back meaning my activity did not have to increase in the slightest. One of the most important things we have to do is put together a roster and while I am glad you generally leave it up to me; I was happy to let you submit the final roster in the end making a few judgement calls. You did a spectacular job this year and we definitely scored on some talent. We were prepared to have a rebuilding year and somehow ended up winning this year. You're one of my best mates on the site and god damn do we get along a lot better now in our 20's than in our teens haha.

BKC - Oh Kevin, I am fairly certain that you were getting quite tired of me by the end of this tournament, but thanks for always being nice anyway! I used to think Hugo was the best teammate a team could ask for, but you are irreplaceable in your own right. You could play and give insight to every single tier and god damn is that hard to do. You were a true leader and have become a pillar for the team, you always remain positive when the going gets tough and you really know how to make other players peak and excel. I expect you to have quite a few more world cups in you.

bro fist - Honestly, I was fairly certain you would be leaving the team this year. After SPL and such, your activity decreased and I know you had plans on quitting, but you ended up staying and god damn dude, we got you that trophy. Most of all though, you seemed to have a lot of fun. You didn't have to deal with much stress and you just got to play Pokemon and chill with the team. You were a solid voice all year and one of the most insightful players. You're constantly level headed during your games and really someone that I hope has a few more years in them as well. You're very valuable and a very smart player.

idiotfrommars - Well, after your less than spectacular performances in the previous years, you found your niche. While not as dedicated to the game these days thanks to league of legends, you really had an amazing season, in GSC of all tiers. SPL was good practice for you and you really followed SPL up quite well with a very respectable performance bud. You're one of the best new age GSC players out there and I expect you to continue to be dominant in any tier as long as you put any form of effort into it. Good job dude, see you on the rift.

Badass - Aren't you glad you came back? Sweet trophy collection dude. Like Yondie, we used to butt heads quite a bit and I think both of us mellowed out quite a bit. I know you were content on quitting, but kudo's for coming back and even clutching a nice win. You always are the best to have around when something important is on the line. You're so innovative man and a true value to the team. Thanks for sticking around buddy. Now you may retire until next year! :)

august - Lmao, okay so thanks for putting up with my gloating man. You have to let the old man have his valued moments dude! I don't get many of them anymore. You were fun to just play mons games with and have fun with. We had a discussion about how honestly, if you think of some of the best DPP players of all time, your name is nowhere on the list. But then, we see your name in the finals of all these tournaments and there's really no other guy I would want with the game on the line. You don't have that aura of other players, but you're such a friendly dude and you know how to win big games when it counts. Hell, that OST trophy is enough indication of that. Glad to have you on the team buddy, despite your inactivity, I am quite sure you'll be back soon :)

PDC - Well buddy, you waited a long time but you finally did it. You were a key piece on the team, probably our most feared ORAS player, and you've proved that this generation is yours to own if you work hard enough. You remind me a lot of myself with how crazy your teams can be, how yolo your predictions can be and you're just a fun player to watch. You've never once complained, you've always waited and trusted us and you finally have a team of your own, where you're a big core member. You've done an amazing job this year and I am really happy especially to get you a trophy. You've earned it and deserve it.

TDK - God damn dude, I told you that if you wanna be on the team, you need to change your name. That's how people get popular, no one would think you were good otherwise. I'm glad you listened. You've probably had the most hype/stock rise of any other player on the team and it's all well earned. You have an amazing work ethic and one of the kindest personalities on the team. Although we didn't talk much, I still consider you a friend and a valuable teammate. I expect this team has made you a much better player and you in fact made our team much better. Great job, I am glad that in the end we could play both you and Ender.

TheEnder - The clutch dude. What a WCoP debut man. 3-0 in match play? Jesus dude, you're a monster. Every game you had you played beautifully. You're not as flashy as some of our players, but your consistency really was amazing to watch. You beat some amazing players and no doubt you proved you could play in clutch situations. I am sure you gained a lot of confidence and the team most certainly trusted you. You never minded being a sub, and you fulfilled your duties quite well. You and TDK really helped glue together the team this year. Excellent job buddy, well deserved. :)

Tobes - We had a one on one chat a few weeks ago where I mentioned that this team feels exactly like the East team of 2011 and 2012. It really was some of the most fun I have had in world cup in a long time. I am glad you could step into a tier you were unfamiliar with and really show up. I know you are always itching to play and stay a part of the team and fuck man, you did an amazing job buddy. You were always one of my favorite players to have on the team and we have shared a lot of moments together. It's great to get you the Blue trophy again and it's great to see you play some good pokemon despite your tier being RBY.

Stathakis - And to round out our starting 10 roster, god damnit Stath. It's hard to formulate words when you probably had one of the best performances I have ever seen in a World Cup. Despite your qualifier record, you stepped it up to another level when everything was on the line. To get us into playoffs, vs west, and that amazing finals game. You played incredibly well, even when your team was weakened and Zam was about to clean up, you played around it so beautifully man. I feel like your career had been full of inconsistencies in team tournaments and you really shrugged the monkey off your back and played seriously some amazing Pokemon. You deserve this trophy, it's been way too long for you. I am sure you're as happy as I am. You were amazing this tournament buddy. I am so glad you stuck around and joined us.

steelphoenix - Good ol Jackie, I hope my hardass attitude didn't annoy you at all. You're an awesome guy and you had one of my favorite tryouts literally just pm'ing me books of information about your journey to learn BW. You put in so much work and I know you had a highlight reel moment vs France. You have a bit of work but overall you're going to become one hell of a great BW player if you keep at it. I know it feels you didn't deserve the trophy, but let me assure you that you did. You put in the work, you helped the team, and you were constantly there for the team and that's all we could ask for from a teammate. :) You're going to do great things in this silly game if you keep it up and keep trying hard.

Nails - You got your first world cup win. And played a lot of league with me. It's adorable how much you care about watching pokemon to the point you'll clear out your whole schedule to watch the games. Your dedication to the game makes you a great teammate. Also, seeing as your a former QuizBowl Nationals Runner-Up, you are a great source for information that literally noone gives a fuck about. :)

CTC - You told me our team sucked and we didn't have a shot. Then you admitted you were wrong and I thought the Earth was ending. You weren't around as much on IRC but were a constant and useful presence on skype. We didn't talk much, but thanks for not running out on the team even if you had every incentive to. Grats on your 2nd trophy of the year buddy. :)

aim - No hard feelings. Glad to get you a trophy. You would always tell me "you just wanna win", well - we won buddy. :) Hope to hear from you soon.

AM - Without you clutching us a key BW win we wouldn't be here. Your victory was just as important as anyone elses and a huge key moment. Great job friend, you look sexy with that blue trophy. Hope to get to know you better in the future.

Thatsjustpeachy - Best cheerleader :) Always a pleasure to chat with, you're a king - or queen. :) You fit into the team so well and everyone loves you, I am sorry you didn't get your big Tour win, but It was great to have you always supporting us. :)

uraga , Lamppost , dragonuser , New Breed , Henry and Typhlito - Thanks for just sticking around the channel. Having you guys randomly pop up was quite a joy and you guys are all awesome. Hope to see you guys for many more years, you are all the best :) - Sorry if I forgot anyone of course, not intentional :)

SoulWind - You're one of my favorite players and an overall fun guy to talk to. It was weird not having you in the channel all season because Spain did so well. You're such a great guy :) I'm sorry you had to deal with all of this drama concerning your team, but you always know how to keep your chin up and move past it. You're a beast man, now go get you some trophies in the next year :)

WhiteQueen - If I had to describe you or compare you to anything, I would say you're the Buggy The Clown of Smogon. You're harmless but can be so annoying. You mean well I think and are a good dude. You just post too good damn much, remember to hit me up for that job. Now that WCoP is over, I am sure your posting will decrease. but regardless man - you have a friend in me! Thanks for the entertainment :) Hope i'm your favorite jackass ^_^


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Currently I have 39 friends on Facebook, 25 of whom I haven't even met in person yet. Thanks for the sentiment, Stone_Cold. I appreciate it.
Grats to East, you did a great job you guys. Special shout out to Stath, PDC, TDK and all the deserving players now recognized by their new blue trophy. Also grats to Spain you had a strong run, and you played well in the finals too (sorta). Don't be discouraged, everyone will achieve someday.

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I had a ridiculous amount of fun this tournament. fuck everyone involved for making me enjoy the game again.

special shoutouts to yondie for being an amazing manager, seriously man. I was so glad to have you on the team. to tdk for being ridiculously good at oras building and playing as well as the incredible amount of team building. everyone on the team was crucial but we would not have won this tournament without you being stupidly good at oras. august for being a perpetual boss. stathakis for putting in a ton of work for every match. you are all fucking awesome.

I had the easiest spot on the team: dude who can bitch about other people's team decisions without having the stress of playing and preparing each week. thanks for bothering me enough to be on the team especially big boss kevin. love you guys :D


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AIM - shame you had to quit :( also a shame how much shit u go over ur dc, i wish that you could have stayed around / come back for spl. but regardless u still got your trophy, and that's what matters. also thank you for the youtube help, i really appreciate it.

STH - i remember when we disliked each other probably around last pocl / stour18 (?, i think it was this tour) because i used to luck you every single time we played in a tour. however as we got 2 hang out in more skype chats, teams, etc together i think we eventually grew to like one another. and now here we are with a trophy. it has been a pleasure playing with u / having you join the team as a newcomer, especially considering how chill u are and how wide you knowledge about so many tiers is (except bw lol). maybe you can become the next rby god, who knows. just make sure to play tour again, because this time i expect to fight you off in the playoffs of a big game...

TDK - u aren't anything special. only 43% of hugo.

no but really, u are the MVP of the team. you made so many god damn teams it was unbelievable. like seriously, are u human? god damn. i don't think i can afford to ever play a tournament without ur guidance ever again simply because of how ridiculously amazing a builder you are in this metagame. i think your teams are something like 10-0 in playoffs or something like that, and man i don't think we would have even made it past r1 without you. keep doing what u do, in the coming months i hope to see some good tournament records in tour olt, and spl from u.

GGR - lol i was reading some old spl threads last night and i was reminded about how much i used to suck, but also that you have been around me for about 1 1/2 years now as both a manager and a teammate. i was really bummed when i heard that you were going to retire, but i felt that there was no way you would actually do it. i'm glad that u returned and kicked ass in world cup as usual. overall i would say that some of your games this season were indeed unbelievable (lol look @ the whitequeen one, good god), but no matter how many times u threatened to quit if x or y happened, you stuck it out, and now you finally have your well deserved trophy.

CTC - ou jesus / outl / ougf / lazer angelov / lord / asian beastro or w/e u want me to call u, you may have been inactive, but you are still hilarious. use irc more though (BAN ME PLEASE) oh my god

AUG - "i just came" smith, u may be an old geezer now but it is great to see you have rejoined us time and time again for world cup + spl. you brought your A game vs some of the strongest competitors in this tour. rocka + phil is some real damn hard competition, especially for somebody who doesn't have a lot of time to prepare and prep as a normal person would. i only wished i saw a repeat use of the RP TTar that u used all those years ago, but knowing u and the teams that you bring you will probably bust it out at some point.

BKC - not posting ur shoutout until u hold up your end of the bargain

IFM - the 2nd gscgod (go tiba *-*), you have basically reached the pinnacle of overall success this year with your amazing gsc record in both spl + wcop. idk how you managed to win so many games when you would literally choose the team that you would use the day of your scheduled game. you are part of the original 2011 core that never changed, and as usual, it is awesome having somebody like u around for like 4 + years in a row. keep making and authorizing big dick plays u drunk bastard.

TBS - another 2011 member, tobes came out the shadows to slay in rby because we had nobody else to play the tier at the time. we got u ur trophy back this year good sir. just don't fall 2 far back into the depths of LoL.

ASS - lol and u thought you weren't going 2 play world cup this year you FOOL. nah but really, you have been with us for a long time and i knew that you would cave eventually and be forced to play for us muhahahaha. i would like to thank you for being a great test buddy, intelligent player, and a key element to our teams shifting core of bwers. u may try to quit, but i know that you never will...for now...

anyway keep chilling. i also still need 2 listen 2 minutemen, so i'll get on that soon.

END - ender, you have become a hell of a player in recent months. after joey quit u stepped it up and began dominating round after round. you put in a lot of work for every single game you played, and without u building teams constantly (esp for r1) idt we would have even qualified.

SPX - when u first started msging me during spl about taking up bw i thought you were crazy. i didn't think you would last considering you were known as a new xy ubers player prior. but after ur impressive show in spl i figured that it was possible for you to take up a tier like bw. u earned a spot on the team, beat mcm, and got the trophy. i expect big things from u in multiple tiers in the future.

ADM - a very insightful dude who helped clutch playoffs for us. wish u could have seen more playing time, but as time goes on i'm sure you'll get your time 2 shine. catch u later mate.

NLS - nails, i may not be retiring to LoL just YET, but if i do i plan to make u my tutor. anyway nails it took you 5 years to go 1-2 in world cup, but at least you finally did it, and damn it was good. nails u are a great teammate and guy to hang around with, it is really great that we have managed to finally ungray your trophy this year.

henry - yee.

STN - alright, i forgot but here i am to redeem myself. stone you are one hell of a guy. while you haven't be able to be around as much as previous years, you still helped us out and gave us a morale boost when needed. it was really cool knowing that i was the first guy you decided to recruit and it is also great that we were able to repay you for forming and recruiting most of this team by winning it all for you.

YND - for the ass-man, yond u are a great manager . i have watched you both play and manage back and forth for about 4 years now on both east and cryos and you're really good at keeping focus on the tournament, checking egos, and keeping people motivated to win the whole thing. i still remember you using that raikou team in 2011, that was some serious cool shit back then in bw1. anyway, hope you can join us once again next year. time to make this a dynasty.
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Sorry for not posting until now but i had to go out yesterday and when i came back was p late.

First to say, lost vs IFM in a game full of luck/"pokemon", this is the reason why i stopped playing this game and im doing it again. Anyway, gg, you're a good player, sadly we could have had a better game, but thats how this game works. Gl in your next games/tours.

Now i want to say that people that are not in Team Spain and doesnt know whats going on inside of the team shouldn't talkt shit about it or about me/my post. You dont know how bad was the environment in our team. When Light lost vs Bad Ass all my teammates were insulting/raging/flamming at each other in a way i had never senn in a team until that momment, and also Malekith did a similar post to mine (but he deleted it). Since the beginning, and as i told Malekith before the tour, "we can win the tour because we have p good players in some tiers, because we, individually are really good, but as a team, we're p bad", and thats what happened, we were just a set of individualities with 0 teamwork. Another problem is that tbh, and as Reik said, there were only 6/7 players who were active and tried to help and win. This could have been the last try for some of us, and it couldnt end worse. Anyway i want to thank the guys who supported me all the tour (you know who you are).cc

Now and finally, grats East for winning the tour, you were not only good individually, you were an amazing team and deserved it way more than us. Now enjoy your deserved trophy.

Edit: And thanks HnC for keep hating and rooting against your team and country all the tournament ;)
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