Tournament World Cup of Randbats 2023 - Playoffs [Won by Team Benelux]

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You didn't get this far by giving up, did you?
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Team China (6) vs Team Benelux (6)
Gen 9 Random Battle Bo5: Separation vs Michielleus
Gen 9 Random Battle Bo3: RainListener vs Fant'sy Beast
Gen 9 Random Battle Bo3: lza vs Jordy004
Gen 8 Random Battle Bo5: llxwd vs YveltalNL
Gen 8 Random Battle Bo3: the dance of Alice vs Wubben
Gen 7 Random Battle Bo3: burstbean vs Ruft
Gen 6 Random Battle Bo3: Quagmander vs TheFranklin
Gen 5 Random Battle Bo3: Raceding vs Ainzcrad
Gen 4 Random Battle Bo3: ksicide vs Drud
Gen 3 Random Battle Bo3: Indulge in dreams vs xGang
Gen 2 Random Battle Bo3: Yuudachi0811 vs livid washed
Gen 1 Random Battle Bo3: cscl vs Chains of Markov

Gen 9 Random Battle Bo3: Separation vs Michielleus
Gen 5 Random Battle Bo3: Raceding vs Ainzcrad
Gen 3 Random Battle Bo3: Indulge in dreams vs xGang

Kinda hard to pick who to root for when both teams took Latam out of WCoR, but I have more friends on Benelux so wooooo beat my predicts, you got this!
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Ggs China, respect for making it to finals back to back.

Shoutouts for the entire team would take me forever since there's so much to say about every player on the team, so I just wanna give a big shoutout to Wubben Chains of Markov for drafting me, to them and nemoauditur for doing a great job at making lu decisions and such and a special mention to xGang as our MVP. In my eyes you're one of - if not THE - best rands players of all time. Your consistency at knowing exactly when to make certain deep reads or when to hold back coupled with rarely ever choking a turn time and time again is mind-blowing.

Fantastisch gedaan guys. Op naar het winnen van de bo3 vs China volgend jaar! :)

First off, thank you to Syrinix, sharpclaw and Javi for hosting. We had a blast throughout the tour, and I hope that goes for everyone.

More importantly, a huge thank you to our team who made this impressive run possible. Not only did you show remarkable skill, but after going 0-7 in groups you also showed perseverance which allowed for the beautiful comeback, which would not be the last comeback we'd need in the tournament. Picking an MVP would be too difficult, as livid washed and xGang both lost only a single series in the tournament, and Michielleus was the only player to go 5-0 in the current gen best-of-5 slot, despite the competition consisting purely of true giants of the game. Team Benelux is also the easiest possible to manage. Wubben and me never had to scramble to find a sub, nor did we have to deal with any bad behavior or anything of the sort.

Finally, ggwp to all our opponents. The field was very strong this year, and we're honored that we were able to come out on top. We hope to see you all again next year.

AtraX Madara
Chains of Markov
Fant'sy Beast
livid washed

(Another post, sorry)

GGs to all our opponents and China in particular for making it to finals once again.

We have a lot of people to be thankful for, so let's get started.

First of all, a big thank you to our captains Chains of Markov and Wubben for guiding our team to this - I dare say well-deserved - victory. At the start of our journey, we were plagued by some bad losing streaks (0-7 and 7-14) and our qualification for play-offs was not always taken for granted. Luckily, our formidable crew showed resilience and we bounced back. Therefore, I'd like to thank every single one of our players for giving their best during the battles, actively participating in the discussions of games, being good sports, never giving up hope, and creating a very fun atmosphere within the team.

Thank you Jordy004 for your valuable insights and for proving to be an amazing sub.
Thank you Kipkluif for an amazing introduction to the random battles team tour scene. Gen 1 will always be tough but you did great regardless.
Thank you livid washed for joining us and proving to be such a valuable player, providing us with wins in everyone's favourite gen and saving us in the tiebreaks.
Thank you xGang for being absolutely goated.
Thank you Drud for joining us this year and clicking the correct buttons in your dpp games.
Thank you Ainzcrad for showing flexibility and doing well in both dpp and B/W.
Thank you TheFranklin for proving why bolding against arce9 is still a no-go, even though at first things weren't looking that good.
Thank you Ruft for bringing home the final W and grats on turning your score around in playoffs.
Thank you Elgino for not giving up despite being cursed in team tours (:skull:).
Thank you appelsap for trying your best, and even though things didn't go all too well, we still know how good of a player you are.
Thank you YveltalNL for being yet another amazing introduction to the random battle team tour scene and displaying your impressive skills accordingly.
Thank you Fant'sy Beast for being a fantastic beast, going hard, ever-improving, and always being enthusiastic.
Thank you Michielleus for being a rock and playing ever so solidly in this tour's hottest tier.
Thank you Mada for actively discussing the games and bringing good vibes to the team (while we continue praying for a monorands slot).
Thank you Chains of Markov and Wubben again for both playing and managing and daring to change up the line-up when needed, because it worked.

Thanks to Syrinix, sharpclaw and Javi for hosting this amazing tournament. Thanks to the Dutch community in <<nederlands>> for rooting for the team as well, in particular Critsomnia.

At this point, I'd like to thank Grammarly as well for providing some useful grammatical insights during the writing of this text. A final thanks goes out to the incredible artist Pommelien Thijs for making the song 'erop of eronder', a song with a very deep meaning about seizing opportunity.


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Congratulations to Team Benelux for this amazing victory. Also to Team China for almost repeating another year.
Looks like these 2 countries know how to play randbats, and I really hope you keep playing at such high level for following editions.
I would also like to thank hosts Syrinix and sharpclaw for their amazing work hosting this huge tournament and Amaranth for being as good of a counselor as it gets.


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Well now, all my partners did a victory post already I see? Im late to the party but I just want to join in as well to give my own personal message:

Well, we did it. After coming up short in last years finals we've finally brought home the title of NEW World Cup Champions of Random Battles! Good games to team China to making finals again this year, your team is nothing short but amazing as well. Also a huge thank you to the hosts of this tour Syrinix, Javi and sharpclaw, you all did an amazing job. And quick shoutouts to blce for the amazing new logo still, I very much appreciate the hard work you put into it!

But of course the biggest thank you goes out to my incredible team. All of you guys put on an amazing performance and we're an absolute joy to manage, spectate and talk to. I respect every single one of you very much and I'm very proud of all of you! And I want to give every single one of you a last personal message before we close this tour of.

Chains of Markov: Thank you so much for co-managing with me. I would've been completely lost without your planning and organizing of the team and you motivated everyone extremely well. You were there on gen 9 and 1 when we needed you as well and even though you went negative you performed good in my opinion and I would be honored to manage more teams with you in the future

nemoauditur: Our first unofficial manager, Nemo helped out a ton prepping our team before the tournament started and he gave great advice when we asked him. Nemo also performed as an amazing sub when he became our Most Valueble Little Fish with a record of 2-0 and you wouldve started in the lineup if irl stuff wasnt in the way. Thank you for your amazing performance my friend

Jordy004: our other unofficial manager and one of my closest friends on the server, J0rdy helped out a ton with teambuilding and planning out our roster. I know I had my doubts with bringing you in the team before the tour started due to the results of last year and some shaky try out matches beforehand but you have proven me wrong and then some, performing exceptionally well in the gen 9 slot at the end. I'm sorry for doubting you my friend, you were an amazing asset to the team and Im very grateful

Michielleus: our best performer during regular season, Mich went 5-0 in the hardest slot in the tour, gen9 best of 5. You have shown everyone agains that you're a one of a kind talent in random battles and one of our main pillars in the team! We could always count on you for an amazing set and very important results, good job!

Fant'sy Beast: You did it, You've finally won a finals! the curse has been broken! Fantsy is one of our most consistent players and he had another great season going 6-3 in wins and losses and he took the courage to take a tie breaker for the team against US South. Fantsy has shown everyone that he is one of the best going right now and he truely has earned his title as a random battles BEAST. Amazing performance my man

Ainzcrad: the chameleon of the team, Ainzcrad was an amazing team player yet again, always going on the tier where we sorely needed him to go on and adjusting to it immediately while also performing solidly. I respect you a lot and you finally got that first Custom Avatar you deserve for a very long time now!

Mada: You have only played one match this tour but you were there when we needed you and I want to personally thank you for that. You are a great player outside of random battles as well and an amazing human being, always supporting the team and being a great analyzer during game discussion. thank you for being on the team yet again!

TheFranklin: Even though the season started of a little rough you absolutely picked up your old form again during knockouts. You will stay one of our best performers because of your big game experience and overall great skill, thank you for joining the team once again!

Ruft: I'm very happy you decided to accept our offer to join our team when we asked you. Like Franklin your big game experience was super valueble and even though the regular season wasnt a good start, you performed amazingly during the knockouts when we put you on gen7, the tier you were most comfortable with. Thank you for joining our team this season!

Elgino: My old manager! Its unfortunate that the results of team tours show how great of a player you truely are. When on form you are a force to be reckoned with and one day you will break the curse of underperforming in team tours and you will show everyone like you did in the first rands grand slam that you are an absolute beast. Thank you for joining us yet again.

Drud: another newcomer of the group, Drud impressed us during tryouts when he completely dominated me in gen 4. You didnt start in the lineup but when you eventually started you performed very solidly. Im very happy you joined our team and you are more than welcome to join us next year yet again!

appelsap: When you signed up this tour you wouldnt believe my excitement. Appel was one of the best random players on the server for quite a while and from the moment I saw your post, I wanted you on the team. unfortunately the results wasnt what you desired, but you kept on working and laddered a ton. I personally thought you performed solidly still and when you get used to team tours you will show everyone yet again how amazing of a plater you truely are.

Kipkluif: at your service Kolonel! thank you for playing gen 1 this tour. during regular season you impressed a ton of capable gen 1 mains with your playstyle, even though the results weren't showing what you were truely capable of. Im sorry you didnt get to play finals, but you took the news like a champ and now you actually are a true world champion! thank you for the amazing prescence in the discord as well, you are one of the funniest guys in the server in my opinion and I truely appreciate you a lot as a teammate.

livid washed: one of our biggest mvps this season, Livid joined our team going with a staggering record of 8-1! Which is truely incredible. You won a 200 turn gen 2 games without any sleep talking mons in your team and truely, what more can I say than that? you were fantastic my friend, thank you for joining our team.

xGang :Catthumbsup: good job my man, you won 2 team tours this year! See you next season.

But in all seriousness what can I say what hasnt already been said before? the consistency of results you have in a randomized meta is nothing short but incredible and your matches truely are a work of art to spectate. I know how good you are and you still suprise me with the insane amount of good plays you make. Thank you yet again for joining us this season.

last but not least YveltalNL: Ik denk dat je het mij niet toelaat om jou shoutout in het Engels te doen dus bij deze doe ik het in het Nederlands. Ik weet dat je persoonlijk niet van dit soort serieuze competitive team tours bent, en ik heb je vele malen moeten vragen om mee te doen. Maar je hebt laten zien waarom ik je zo graag in het team wilde door ongekend goed te spelen en je hebt iedereen weer laten zien hoe super goed je bent in mons. Ik ben je oprecht dankbaar dat je ons team gejoined hebt en ik hoop stiekem toch dat je ervan genoten hebt en volgend jaar weer ons team versterkt!

And that was it with this long, long post. Thank you all very much, and I will see everyone next year!

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So ends the second annual World Cup of Randbats! The dust has finally settled, and what a finals it was. With fire in their bellies, Team Benelux delivered a commanding performance, tearing through Team China with heart, gumption, fantastic play, and a little luck (but when is it ever not thus?). Last year's runners-up delivered a resounding rebuke to last year's champions. Do you smell that? A full-blown rivalry is in the air.....

Thanks to all our players and captains for another successful and rousing tour; without question, y'all are what make WCOR great, and it's lovely to see the community continue to expand. Thanks also to Ticken, true blue Sheet God, and Amaranth, whose knowledge and patience are both endless. Finally, a big heaping tysvm to my co-hosts Syrinix and Javi, who were instrumental in getting this tour off the ground and keeping it going with me through thick and thin. <3

Congrats again, Benelux. See you all next year!
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