Tournament World Cup of Randbats 2023 - Regions & Rosters

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World Cup of Randbats 2023 - Regions & Rosters
Hosted by Javi, sharpclaw, and Syrinix
with help from Amaranth

wcor logo-01(2).png

Logo by Syrinix
The start of the second-ever World Cup of Randbats is drawing near, which means it’s time to announce our teams, captains, and rosters!

WCoR 2023 Teams and Captains

Qualified Teams

Qualifying Teams
Captains, when posting your rosters, please use the following format to list your players. If you or your co-captains are playing, please list yourselves twice, in the appropriate places. Feel free to otherwise add style and flair to your posts as desired. :)
[Team Logo] (please credit the artist for your logo)
Gen 9 bo5:
Gen 9 bo3:
Gen 9 bo3:
Gen 8 bo5:
Gen 8 bo3:
Gen 7 bo3:
Gen 6 bo3:
Gen 5 bo3:
Gen 4 bo3:
Gen 3 bo3:
Gen 2 bo3:
Gen 1 bo3:
The deadline for qualifying team captains to post their roster is on Sunday, August 6th @ 11:59 PM -4!
The deadline for qualified team captains to post their roster is on Sunday August 13th @ 11:59 PM -4!


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Midwest True Logo.png

(Shoutouts to Syrinix for the logo!)

:sunflora:Manager: bobomania :sunflora:
:sunflora:CoManager: PrinceOfAllTacos :sunflora:

:darkrai: Gen 9 Random Battle bo5: Glop :darkrai:

:cyndaquil: Gen 9 Random Battle bo3: TheMoneyMeister :cyndaquil:

:dunsparce: Gen 9 Random Battle bo3: A Cake Wearing A Hat :dunsparce:

:golisopod: Gen 8 Random Battle bo5: odr :golisopod:

:snorlax: Gen 8 Random Battle bo3: snorlax142857 :snorlax:

:togekiss: Gen 7 Random Battle bo3: bobomania :togekiss:

:lucario: Gen 6 Random Battle bo3: PrinceOfAllTacos :lucario:

:slowbro: Gen 5 Random Battle bo3: avarice :slowbro:

:torterra: Gen 4 Random Battle bo3: Expulso :torterra:

:sunkern: Gen 3 Random Battle bo3: kaori :sunkern:

:wigglytuff: Gen 2 Random Battle bo3: Wigglytuff :wigglytuff:

:squirtle: Gen 1 Random Battle bo3: tylerfitz8 :squirtle:

:cyndaquil: Goro Yagami :cyndaquil:
:lotad: platinumCheesecake :lotad:
:cofagrigus: zioziotrip :cofagrigus:
:mew: CollectorEly :mew:
:empoleon: justdrew :empoleon:


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