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Co-hosted by Fragments and sharpclaw.


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Thank you to everyone who’s already signed up for the first edition of the World Cup of Randbats! Signups remain open for one more week, but this thread is for the next phase of the tour: finding our illustrious team managers!

Based on the breadth and depth of signups we’ve already received, we’re excited to announce that this year’s WCOR will now feature 16 teams! The 16 regions that will be represented are as follows:

  • Asia
  • Benelux
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Central America/Mexico + Caribbean + Oceania
  • Europe
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • South America
  • United Kingdom
  • US Midwest
  • US Northeast
  • US South
  • US West

NOTE: As signups continue, this region list is subject to change. Hosts reserve the right to make small adjustments to this lineup–and if so, will communicate accordingly–but for the purpose of this thread, prospective managers should use the above list as their guide when applying.

If you would like to manage a team, please post using the format below. Only post if you are applying to manage; all other posts will be deleted. All users are eligible to manage, and you may sign up as a managing pair or as a solo manager in search of a co-manager. Managing pairs will be chosen by the hosts (myself and sharpclaw).

Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
Why would you make a good manager?:
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Manager: Roginald
Co-manager: tob
Region: UK
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: I managed rbtt 3/4/5 and tpp 2, this will be tob’s first experience managing but he will have myself to lean on
Why would you make a good manager?: I have extremely large tour experience and a large insight into the randbats and uk community, being a moderator for the randbats room and having played for team uk in more than 5 World Cup tours (I lost count) and have spoken with the community for years on good terms. Tob is a former room moderator and current voice, while being a long standing figure in the community and having played in every single rbtt. Together we’re able to form a good environment and hopefully bring success to UK.
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Manager: za
Co-manager: not a racist
Region: US Northeast
Prior managing experience: We both have experience managing teams in RBTT, as well as CCC. Nate's teams do well sometimes. My teams also do their best. I also managed for PSPL this year.
Why we would be the coolest managers: We're both connected to the random battles community as auth members in the room and also have the knowledge and dedication to make intelligent choices in filling out our roster with the best players available to us, both those we are familiar with and those new to us. We also both have experience managing random battles tournaments. Additionally we're both just kinda awesome, y'know?
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Manager: Irpachuza
Co-manager: Luchik
Region: South America
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
Irpa: RBTT 4&5 Hoopas, CCC 2 Combees and CCC 3 Snoms. Managed Rands on PSPL 9. Also a side tour from the TP community as first experience.
Luchi: a side server's PL.
Why would you make a good manager?:
Irpa: Managed Hoopas for RBTT 4&5 reaching playoffs both times, being the best team of regular season last year. Managed Combees and Snoms on CCC 2&3 respectively, winning the whole thing both times. Won RBTT 1&2 as player, so somehow I'm the person with most randbats team tours wins so far. Also know hella lot about randbats players as I can't stop making sheets.
Luchi: has previous managing experience as the manager of the winning team on a side server's PL that included SPL players. They are great at competitive randbats, currently ranking first on Rands Slam II qualifications, participating on the last RBTT and winning both last CCC as part of my teams.
Between the latter and the fact that we have been friends for a good bunch of years now, i can assure that our teamwork and combined knowledge can probably form a representative and amazing team that can take SA far. They are friends with a good part of the competitive LA community, and I've moderated and worked with both Randbats and Español rooms, so we should be good covering and fielding the best possible team!

Si calificas para jugar por Sudamérica, no dudes en escribirnos (Irpachuza#0932 luchik#8893). Estamos buscando gente que tenga gran experiencia en Randbats competitivo, no casual. O sea: participación en tours grupales o individuales (RBTT, Slam, etc), grandes peaks de ELO/GXE en ladders, o gran experiencia en tours de Smogon (este último igual depende de tus conocimientos e interés en Rands).
Vamos Sudamérica! :boi:
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Manager: Elgino
Co-manager: Wubben
Region: Benelux
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:

Wubben: This will be first time managing, but has been part of several team tours before
Elgino: Managed in RBTT2 and RBTT3, as well 2 iterations of PSPL and 2 iterations of TPP.

Why would you make a good manager?:

Wubben: While I don’t have experience In managing (yet) I do have a lot of experience in team tours. I played in BLT, was in the Dutch teams in pspl and also supported in tours plaza premiere. I’m also well known in both the Dutch and the Random Battles community, as well with the smogon community all and all leads this to being a right pick of being the bondscoach of the Benelux team next to Elgino.
Elgino: I've been wanting to return to the managing scene for randbats for a while now, and I think this will be the best chance I get at that. I've managed randbats related team tours before, and managed the winning team in last TPP, so I think we would be great managers for the Benelux team for WCOR aka Corn. From the few times we interacted with each other, we've been on the same level so I think we would make a great team!



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Manager: Gray
Co-Manager: Typhlosion48

Region: US South

Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
I've had my fair share of recent managing experience including CPL, PSPL, and BLT and have been a part of several team tours.
Typh hasn't managed a tour before but has been a part of team tours including MPL and RBTT.

Why would you make a good manager?:
I have experience managing and only choose to sign up to manage for tours that I have motivation for. I have been involved with rands for a while until recently by laddering frequently and participating in Rands Slam playoffs. I know the Smogon community well enough to be able to pick the best and most motivated players and believe I can help take care of any problems involving the team.
Typh also has a lot of motivation and has been involved with rands since 2018. He has been auth of the PS room, is always on top of the ladder, participated in RBTT, and is familiar with many of the players as well.


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Manager: Akaru Kokuyo
Co-manager: luisin
Region: Central America/Mexico + Caribbean + Oceania.
Prior managing experience? I am currently manager at CAPPL, manager of Mexico in wcop, rcop, etc. Apart from many sidetours from different communities, I think I have enough experience for this tournament.
In the case of manager Akaru Kokuyo he was co-captain in wcop and rcop as well as being captain in doubles world cup for Latin America doing an excellent job and with years of experience.
Why would you make a good manager?: I played some generations of randbats (playing RBTT and ladder and recent community random battles tournaments) and that 1 month ago we organized a randbats tournament (Gen 1-Gen8) in the discord of Mexico (where players from Central and Caribbean participated)
Manager: me
Co-manager: lax
Region: us west
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: ndpl, mwp, ndwc, mpl, bdsp pl, ndmpl, roa wcop, have good chats in all with competitive spirits and everything youd want in a teamchat while maintaining fun
Why would you make a good manager?: i have fun/competitive/active chats and have good standings with all my previous players and have good records more often than not
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Manager: Clementine / Tarrembeau
Co-manager: Tarrembeau / Clementine
Region: Eiffel Tower Croissant Baguette

Both of us are long-time contributors to the randbats community, I have experience as manager with various tournaments within the French community, as manager in RBTT5, manager + winner in RBTT4, manager + winner in CCC2, and manager in the last edition of PSPL
Tarrembeau has won RBTT5 and has managed and won CCC3

We are quite familiar with the French community as a whole, I'm a room owner of the French room and Tarrembeau has interacted with many French rands players
Tarrembeau is familiar with the formats I'm not great in and vice versa


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Manager: Rage
Co-manager: Syrinix
Region: Canada
Prior managing experience?

Rage: RBTT 3 Team Regirock, RBTT 4 Team Lugia, RBTT 5 Team Darkrai

Syrinix: Unfortunately no, but hopefully this can be a first

Why Would You Be a Good Manager?

Rage: I have experience in RBTT having come painfully close to playoffs twice and made playoffs once, and I've come to learn valuable lessons in Randbat team tours, which I think will aid us greatly. Also a ton of old gens are in this and that's right up my alley, I think combined with a new but eager manager in Syri, Canada will be triumphant!

Syrinix: I think I’ve gained some great insight on how tours are run and how managing a team works through my experiences with events run by the community and discussions within the staff team. I’d love to partake in this opportunity and I’m confident that Rage and I will work together very well and make great decisions to lead our team to victory.


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Manager: LoSconosciuto
Co-manager: Lalaya
Region: Italy
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: Losco managed RBTT5, I managed in BDSPPL (also TL), LCPL (currently ongoing) and PSPL
Why would you make a good manager?: Losco is a prominent figure of the community, having already managed in a RBTT, being the current first place spot in the Open, hosting various tours in it and being auth in the room, while I have more managerial experience overall, being in three teams this year and I'm currently just shy of the top32 in said Open; we also both have a solid grasp of our playerbase and so far our teams always had good chat presence and vibes, so we believe we have the experience and the qualifications to run this team, too!



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Manager: Repu / Mitsuki
Co-manager: Mitsuki / Repu
Region: Brazil
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: Mitsuki and I have both been managers for Portuguese room on PSPL in previous editions (Mitsuki has been Portuguese manager for PSPL V and PSPL VII, and I have been Portuguese manager for PSPL X)
Why would you make a good manager?: Mitsuki and I have a very good synergy as partners overall, and although we don't have an extensive history with tours, we both are pretty confident in our team management capabilities as we both worked solo and as a duo in many projects together. I believe that with our organisation skills combined, and with the fact that we both have been managers for Portuguese room at PSPL in different periods, we are more than ready to manage a team for this tournament, and that Brazilian players will be in very capable hands with us.

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Smogon name: roxiee
PS name: roxiee
State/Country*: georgia. US SOUTH
Foreseen inactivity: we will do tests everyday, brainstorm, and build the best randbat teams. ACTIVE ASF. Scribble, Overwatch, Hangman, Voice Chat, Mafia, and Debate sessions weekly.
Formats played: all
Are you interested in managing?. Yes me and Felines will be captaining US South.
Manager: roxiee
Co-manager: Felines
Region: South
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: PUWC (x2) / NUPL (x2) / NUSD / MPL / Monotype BLT (and many side tournaments)

Why would you make a good manager?: Felines and I are like peas in a pod. In our recent team tournament, MPL, we warped up 57,000+ lines. We will draft the best of the best, big names like Chaitanya TPP Eo Ut Mortus resulting in "The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Finals [Won by Team US South lead by roxiee and Felines]". Me and Felines are so looking forward, in fact, we've been discussing team bonding activities to keep our team chat active.


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Manager: Javitu
Co-manager: Joya
Region: Spain
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: I have only managed CCC this year. Meanwhile Joya has a long managing career; having managed tours like CPL, ORASPL, DPL, CTF and several tournaments in hispanic community; as well as playing for SPL and WCOP.

Why would you make a good manager?: I am a randbats player and a long-time contributor to the randbats community, having hosted several Randbats Slam Opens and played in a lot of different tournaments in the community. On the other side, Joya is an experienced player with strong links and experience within the hispanic community. I do believe that our partnership is a really nice balance to manage the Spain team, plus we have managed to convince a lot of the spanish players that have signed up so far.
Manager: Fantos13
Co-Manager: MichaelderBeste2
Region: Germany
Prior managing experience: Ubers Worlds, GSCPL and several side-tours including the german PL, LPL etc; Michael hasn't officially managed yet, but put in a lot of effort and held responsibilities in RBTTs, BLT or PSPL.

Why would you make a good manager?:
I'm well-versed in every randoms tier, having regularly played BO-9's with MGenius and recently peaked #1 in SM, as well as #1 in DPP a long time ago.
Michael is probably one of THE most powerful randbats players on this website. Standing atop the ladder regularly and also sporting incredible knowledge and skill in all the tiers, especially the newer gens. He has participated and performed in every single big randbats tour lately; including Rands Slam, BLT and RBTT and is therefore well suited for the job.
On top of all that we're both easily accessible and responsive so the tour will run smoothly on our end.
Manager: bobomania
Co-manager: PrinceOfAllTacos
Region: US Midwest
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
bobo: CCC3 Team Togepis Manager
Poat: BLT IX Solaceon Solgaleos Manager, BLT VIII Anistar Articunos Manager

Why would you make a good manager?:
As an active member of the RandBats community, I am quite personable with all the users I interact with on a daily basis. With this social ability, I hope to create not only a team of powerful players, but a small community driven by friendship and camaraderie. Poat has extensive experience as a player and manager. Be it in RBTT, PSPL, or BLT, I look up to Poat for succeeding against the strongest of the strong. With our combined strengths, I hope we will mesh together and find success here, as well.


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Manager: Ron
Co-manager: frostyicelad
Region: India
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
I managed this BLT, 2v2 Pool league and a number of discord team tours while Frosty Managed All the RBTTs to date

Why would you make a good manager?:
I have a lot of experience in managing teams and know most of the Indian community, Frosty is an experienced Manager and is involved in the rands community a lot


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Well, we said small changes were possible, and small changes have been made! Due to the fervent interest in WCOR and desire for many to have their national pride reflected in their own teams, this tour will now feature 18 teams!

We are pleased to announce the newest teams added to our roster will be Germany and China. Furthermore, in order to compensate Europe for the loss of Germany, we have decided to move Oceania so that the final team will be Europe + Oceania.

The only teams currently lacking managers now are China and Europe + Oceania. In light of these changes, we will allow these two teams to still sign up for managerial positions despite being past deadline. Alternatively, they may simply message either myself or sharpclaw to express their interest.
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Manager: Drifting
Co-manager: damien the genius
Region: Europe + Oceania
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate: I haven't personally managed but I've been on a variety of premier league teams, as well as having organised a few Free Agent teams in the past, so I feel I have a good idea of what I would need to do. Damien also has been involved in many tours including World Cup of Pokemon, and has worked closely with managers in the past.
Why would you make a good manager?: I've been playing randbats for a long time, topping the ladder recently in gen 8. I've also been participating in Rands Slam and have won games against RBTT players. Me and Damien play a variety of randbats tiers regularly, so we have a good grasp of the tiers that are being played. Furthermore, we're both active in the wider tours community and have a strong grasp on talented players from the Europe and Oceania regions.
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Manager: Separation
Co-manager: dragonitenb
Region: China
Prior managing experience? If so, please elaborate:
Me: WCoP team China 2021, 2022.
dragonitenb: none on Smogon but a lot on China server.

Why would you make a good manager?:
I have been active on randbats ladder since 2018, been topped several times. Me and dragonitenb knows our community well and will keep our team chat active.
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