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Co-hosted by Fragments and sharpclaw.

Logo by Clementine.

The start of the first-ever World Cup of Randbats is drawing near, which means it’s time to announce our teams, managers, and rosters!

For those who missed it: thanks to the number of signups and overwhelming excitement surrounding the tour, hosts have decided to expand things a bit, and we’ve also finalized the tour structure. Unlike what was originally announced, there will now be 18 teams of 14 players each (10 + 4 subs), divided into 3 pools of 6!

To accommodate this change, the round-robin phase of the tournament will now last 3 weeks, during which each player will play 5 matches against their format-counterparts on opposing teams (so every Gen 1 player will play 5 other Gen 1 players, every Gen 2 player will play 5 Gen 2 matchups, etc). The 8 teams that advance to the single-elimination playoffs will be the top 2 teams from each pool, plus the 2 third-place teams with the next-highest overall scores.

With those changes announced, it’s time for the main event! The teams for WCOR 2022, and their managers, are as follows:

Managers, when posting your rosters, please use the following format to list your players. If you or your co-managers are playing, please list yourselves twice, in the appropriate places. Feel free to otherwise add style and flair to your posts as desired. :)

Gen 8 bo5:
Gen 8 bo3:
Gen 8 bo3:
Gen 7 bo3:
Gen 6 bo3:
Gen 5 bo3:
Gen 4 bo3:
Gen 3 bo3:
Gen 2 bo3:
Gen 1 bo3:

The deadline for posting rosters is Sunday July 24th at 11:59pm GMT-4. Pools and match ups will be posted the following day!
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(Shoutouts to Syrinix for the logo!)

:sunflora:Manager: bobomania :sunflora:
:sunflora:CoManager: PrinceOfAllTacos :sunflora:

:golisopod: Gen 8 Random Battle bo5: odr :golisopod:

:delibird: Gen 8 Random Battle bo3: FatFighter2 :delibird:

:snorlax: Gen 8 Random Battle bo3: snorlax142857 :snorlax:

:cofagrigus: Gen 7 Random Battle bo3: zioziotrip :cofagrigus:

:togekiss: Gen 6 Random Battle bo3: bobomania :togekiss:

:lucario: Gen 5 Random Battle bo3: PrinceOfAllTacos :lucario:

:slowbro: Gen 4 Random Battle bo3: avarice :slowbro:

:darkrai: Gen 3 Random Battle bo3: Glop :darkrai:

:wigglytuff: Gen 2 Random Battle bo3: Wigglytuff :wigglytuff:

:squirtle: Gen 1 Random Battle bo3: tylerfitz8 :squirtle:

:cyndaquil: Goro Yagami :cyndaquil:
:lotad: platinumCheesecake :lotad:
:furret: mathfreak231 :furret:
:sunkern: kaori :sunkern:
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