wow it's been half a decade


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hmmm I was just having a sentimental moment tonight and decided to log on smogon forums for te first time in how many billion months. Anyway I started thinking about when I first joined smogon and that was in mid 2007, and I started playing competitive pokemon a little bit earlier than that.

Anyway, I can't believe it's been half a fucking decade since I've met like Earthworm, Gouki, Jrrrr, Jabba, Aldaron, BlueKirby, Light, Colin and so many others on shoddy battle.

And then in late 2007 or early 2008 I joined IRC and became a regular and met like zerowing, matamato, chronicles, avatarst, brain, raikage, darkie, moot, fishy, dak, thunda, shade, fishin, captkirby, max, jumpluff, jackal, shiv you know all the old #space and #fluodome people (I can't remember everyone on the top of my head now I'm sorry) and whatnot and just wow

I was only 14/15 years old too, what the fuck right? Holy shit I feel so old and sentimental and just omg time flies by so fast! I was barely in HS back then and fast track to present and I'm a quarter through my uni degree.

to be honest, I sometimes wonder how you all are. Like, I disappear for long period of times and then everyone else does too, and I do think of you guys from time to time. "It's only the internet" as everyone would say but it isn't cause you guys are real friends of mine too. Even though we might never talk, I still do get curious as to what's happening in your lives, and I do love you guys 4eva.

anyways, hope yall doing well. Stay cool.

all the vets probably think I'm crazy for posting this considering you guys have been around for a fucking decade or some crazy ass shit but still, I couldn't help getting extremely sentimental tonight.

p.s. honourable mention to Gouki who has put up with the bullshit that spews out of my mouth basically every day since early 07. Luv ya so much. You're just bloody fantastic ok? Thanks for listening to everything from depressing shit to the most stupid remarks just for the sake of being stupid.

p.p.s. is this gonna get locked? :|

p.p.p.s. I love all my brofessionals and ocn-ers and alpha ruiners too sorry for forgetting some of you LIKE SCOFIELD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA and also some of the vets of smogon I had the pleasure to back in the days I was active in #smogon like vincent, dm, teifu, huy etc.


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I joined in 06 (though was on other sites before) but it still is crazy how long I've been chatting and talking with everyone on here. I thought it would just be a phase, but somehow I'm still here and some of my best friends are from here. Just insane how time flies and it really seems like yesterday I was meeting a whole lot of you guys yet it was almost 6 years ago.
I wish I was an 12'er so I could make a parody titled "it's been a whole month" in light of this thread and jackal's which was very similar in sentiment.

but if you actually are a month-old user reading this, please don't because you'll probably make a bad thread!

In April I will have been here for 7 years, incredible considering I planned to "quit" pokemon when I turned 16 because I reckoned by then I should move on to more adult things. It's interesting how quickly you cycle through the people you speak to on the internet: I no longer speak to any of the people I spoke to in 2008/2009 like all the #fluodome and #space crew - not to mention various people from the early mafia games.

It's not really much different to real life, except channels and forums replace schools, universities and jobs.


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hahaha it is insane isn't it? And to think back at all the drama revolving around the forums and IRC and it all suddenly seems so pointless, meaningless and stupid. Like why... in hindsight we all should've just cherish the time we have to be able to talk to each other and whatnot.

omg I feel super cheesy and awkward atm, you have no idea.


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If there is one thing I have learned in my 5 years here it is that makiri is cute

and so is 1D
it's funny, isn't it? been around for more or less the same time as you, also approaching the fifth year. didn't realize just how long it has been till i saw this thread either, haha. the times are changing and yet this here somehow always remains the same at the core, we always get drawn back to it somehow.

until about a year ago i hadn't really spoken to you in a long, long time and we were on sort of bad terms with one another because of how i acted towards you back then. through a mutual friend these issues were eventually rendered irrelevant and through new found common interests you became a friend again. i'm glad you didn't hold a grudge!

i can't say that you don't annoy me sometimes, you may remember our arguement about sunglasses the other day, but you're a good guy and you've definitely helped me before when i needed it, and i appreciate that. besides, i'm pretty good at pissing off people too (as you are well aware), so i think we are plenty even!

i've made some great friends here over the years, some of which had a big impact on my development as a person in general. it doesn't matter that i haven't met them in tangible form, they are still people on the other side and i appreciate them for who they are, am glad to have them in my life and know for sure that i can rely on them, as they can on me.

IRC seems a lot less active now than back when we started out, but most people i regularily used to talk to are still around in some form, even if not as much as before. that's really cool! i may not talk to everyone as much as i used to, but the knowledge that i could talk to them any time i want is great.

i think that's enough of this pseudo sentimental speech by now, let's see where we are when the next half decade passes by.


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yeah its pretty mental when you think about it, makes me think about the people i've met and have disappeared, and the few people i've known since 2007/8 when i started playing pokemon...


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heh, jr's gone all emotional... You've changed a lot over the 3 years or so since we met, and it's good to see you where you're at today, sritos!

It's been 5 years since I joined, and over 3 since I pretty much quit Pokemon, and yet I'm still here. That speaks volumes about the community in general, and specifically the guys on IRC. I've met some really great people here over the years, and it doesn't really matter to me that I've never met you guys in person, we're friends! It's true that you aren't all around as much, and even when you are, we don't talk as much as we used to, but still, I'm really glad that I can log on to IRC randomly, and hope to find you guys around. I hope it'll still be that way in times to come.

p.s. you'll always be the guy who chugged down 5 litres of coke in one night jr!
sometimes i think back to the smogoners i used to know in the 08-09 years and kind of wonder what happened to them... we've been reconnecting lately, but there are a lot of people i used to speak to every day and likely never will again, and that depresses me. new friends are nice, but they're not the same as those first friends you make in a new community. there was a time when i could count all of my smogon friends on one hand, but now there's no way i could ever remember them all (incidentally, this is why i've never done a shoutouts thread)

i'm kind of sad that i've been growing apart from everything lately. ever since gen 5 started i really haven't had any business being here, and the more of my friends that disappear, the more i feel completely out of place -- especially in my old haunt #cap, where i basically have about three friends now.

gre@ thread (who's colin?)


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I've been here for three years this month, which I suppose isn't as crusty as some of the posters in this thread, but I still get pretty sentimental!

I would wager that, as three years has flown by for me, the older users might not have realised how quickly the years go by. Smogon is a pretty unique community, and if anything is a testament to that, then it's the number of failed attempts to quit this damned place [of which I contributed one].


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Lol, junior my man, I feel ya on this one. Ive put up with so much pointless shit in the 5 years ive been here. It's pointless, but at the same time, it's funny how some people don't drop shit from 3 years ago too. A lot of us feel like you do haha.
omg junior ikr

I mean, this is only my fourth year here, though Sakura dragged me into #fluodome this time four years ago, but still when you say 'only my fourth' you realise just how long that is... I was 14/15 when we met in #warau and I've changed so much then!!!! So have you I guess, like we were talking about the last time we talked in #warau, you've become more confident, and I have too.

sooo many people I don't talk to anymore :( Makes me kinda sad! But also happy and grateful that there are some I still talk to :) and others I don't talk to as much anymore but still have a good friendship w/ and would happily be there for. I consider the relationships I've formed here to be pretty meaningful and to be honest I think a lot of us stopped seeing it as 'just the internet' when it comes to friendships a long time ago, our perception of the internet and its effect on bringing people close together has changed a lot socially even if a lot of people still wouldn't really get it. Even my parents changed their mind haha

I have even longer attachments than four years with some places but Smogon is the only one I still visit and talk to my old friends from.

omg three years ago we were both doing the school certificate and laughing over how easy the IT one was.
Yeah I think this sentimental stuff can be applied to anyone who's been here for any significant amount of time tbf. I mean I've been here barely a year, almost a year and half now and I really have looked back a few times, seen how far I've come, and just move on with things. But still I can't even fucking believe all you guys who have been here five years, I wonder if I'll even get close to that a few years from now : |
Sometimes I look at my deceptive middle-of-the-road join date and think about how young I was when I found out that there were other people who took Pokemon as seriously as I did. Though I've never been anything close to an active member of the community, it's been great watching it foster and change from the sidelines.
Been lurking here since tyraniboah, and I gotta say:

I've never seen a more repugnant group of chucklefucks in my life. That said, stay classy, smogon.
god yeah i'm not even sure what to say to this i miss all yall terribly it's kinda cool watching everyone (that i can) go their own separate ways, be it on here or the few i've found on Facebook who i still catch from time to time

it's always crazy to think back and remember shit like wittybot and back when #warau was the place everyone congregated to play with earthworm's buggy bots or troll some awful IRC channel on bulbagarden

i miss you guys an awful lot i hope everyone's doing okay


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juniorrrr you make me so nostalgic for years ago, especially #rabidus where you, mootles, jumpluff, katya and i (plus other wayward stragglers) would all hang out and thrive in our own little perfect split channel. :3

i'm STILL intent on meeting you some day, and all the other lovely aussie smogoners that reside on the other side of the goddamned world. everyone I've met on smogon has left an impression on me, no matter how small or faint. you're all people on your side of the internet as much as i am on mine, and that's a fact that should never be taken lightly!

juune juuuune i think i always have this young-boy idea of you in my head, to hear that you're midway through uni is sort of mind boggling. everyone on this site is growing up so fast!!! ;_;
man. what is UP

i need to get on irc sometime it has been ages
what the hell man, i swear to god at first i typed "everyone is still around" then i remembered doomsday and added an "almost" just because of you, haha

drop by in space one of these days!

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