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So you want to contribute to youtube, however you cant make the video yourself. Maybe you dont know what to do on a technical level, maybe you dont want to have your voice associated with Pokemon, maybe you're just self conscious about your accent or something. Whatever the reason, that doesn't mean you cant help with Youtube.

Writing scripts is a good 70% of the work that goes into a video, and outside of creating the artwork is easily the most time consuming part of a video. As a result of this, if you have any video ideas that you want to see implemented, and can write a script for, pm myself, antemortem and Zodiax with the idea and script, and should it be approved, we will find people to do the audio and visual parts of the video ourselves.

In addition to this, should there be an ongoing series you feel you can help in, such as the two current ongoing series Dont Use That; Use This and the OU Pokemon Showcase, pm the creator of that series to offer your help. We might request to see a sample script beforehand to ensure that you are reliable, however if you are good enough we will be happy to take on extra contributors. While this is less the case for the OU Showcase videos, as they already have a pretty full team working on them, we will be having more series in the near future, so this will definitely apply for those series.

  • Have an intro just introducing what the video will be about. Its just nice to give a brief glimpse into what you're going to be talking about rather than starting immediately.
  • Have a strict structure for series. Intro -> Point 1 -> Point 2 -> Point 3 -> repeat as necessary -> outro. At no point should you start talking about Point 1 while in the middle of point 2. Cover a topic, then move on to the next topic when done. If it is not structured properly, the video can come across disjointed and not very professional
  • Dont make it too long or too short. Nobody wants to watch an hour lecture on a subgenre of rain in RU, and 30 second videos are more effort than is worth. To check how long your script is, simply read it aloud to yourself at a normal pace. If its below 5 minutes or about 20, I wouldn't bother with it, and 20 is pushing it already.

Can you get anything from this? Of course, all work on the forum gets rewarded if you do enough of it, and doing work on scripts can get you this:

That shiny badge can be obtained after doing 6 scripts within a reasonable time period. A script every two months will be required to maintain the badge after you've managed to get it, and 12 scripts are necessary for someone to qualify for Social Media Alumnus.

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