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Alongside its evolved form Wobbuffet, Wynaut has been banished to the realm of Ubers entirely because of Shadow Tag. However, this doesn't mean Wynaut has any place trying to remotely compare itself to metagame titans such as Kyogre, Latios, and Deoxys-A. Wynaut failing to make any sort of impression on the metagame is a understatement for how astonishingly awful it is with such pitiful base stats and a barren movepool. Its best attempt at doing absolutely anything is trapping Snorlax and Encoring it into a non-attacking move. However, Wynaut is essentially a worse Wobuffet, who isn't particularly viable or commonly seen itself. Wobbuffet can at least potentially trap an offensive Pokemon such as Mew or Latias and stop it from setting up with Swords Dance or Calm Mind, or even flat out eliminate it with Counter or Mirror Coat respectively. Needless to say, there are an infinite number of reasons why not to use Wynaut.

name: Sure, I Don't See Wynaut
move 1: Counter
move 2: Mirror Coat
move 3: Destiny Bond
move 4: Encore
item: Lum Berry
ability: Shadow Tag
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 196 Def / 60 Spe
ivs: 0 Atk

Counter deals double damage back against physical foes such as Groudon, Choice Band Deoxys-A, and Dragon Dance Latios. Similarly, Mirror Coat deals double damage back against special foes such as Kyogre, Mewtwo, and Latias. Destiny Bond allows Wynaut to potentially take down an opposing Pokemon with it. Destiny Bond also allows Wynaut to follow up with an Encore if the foe wants to avoid dealing damage via a non-attacking move. Encore can lock foes such as Swords Dance Mew and Calm Mind Latios into their non-attacking moves, allowing for a teammate to switch in freely. Good luck trying to find an opportunity for Wynaut to do that though.

Lum Berry allows Wynaut to alleviate its status one time, allowing it to lock Pokemon such as Blissey into Toxic with Encore and then switch out into a Steel-type. Lum Berry can also give Wynaut ample time to set up Safeguard if running against faster status users. Wynaut is able to trap a variety of foes with its ability Shadow Tag, although it usually gets KO’d quickly. 60 Speed EVs allow Wynaut to creep Snorlax so that as Wynaut switches in, it can Encore Snorlax into either Rest or Curse, draining all of the PP for that specific move before switching back into a teammate. Wynaut is utterly useless if the opponent does not have a Pokemon such as Wobbuffet or Snorlax, so sacking Wynaut to regain momentum in a large number of scenarios is your best bet.

[Other Options]
Because Wobbuffet shares the exact same movepool and ability as Wynaut with better overall stats, there is literally no set Wynaut can run that differentiates itself from its evolved form. Wynaut could alter its EV spread to creep Blissey and find another Pokemon to trap. However, Wynaut would have to run a Speed-boosting nature, which ultimately "detracts" from its "bulk." Wynaut would also have to sacrifice one of its moveslots, most likely Destiny Bond, in favor of Safeguard in order to prevent itself from being induced with Toxic.

[Checks and Counters]
Anything remotely viable that isn't named Wynaut or Wobbuffet.

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