Wyoming Domination (Challenge Cup Tournament)

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Wyoming Domination (Challenge Cup Tournament) + Registrations

Yep, it's back. Yet another Challenge Cup tournament hosted by moi.

I figure that this is the opportune time to invade this here umm... "Wyoming" (Is that on the map sir?) and overthrow its King (Hipno a.k.a. "Hipmonlee") while he's gone.

So, here come the rules!
Please remember to always look at this topic to understand the basics of a tournament.

*Challenge Cup modes
*Single Elimination; Best 2/3
*Sleep Clause
*Battle Timeout
*Apply PP-Ups
*Freeze Clause
*Self KO-Clause
*GSC Challenge Cup: "Stadium Present"
*Play on Smogon Server

*There will be no limit to how many people can register. However, once the tournament is closed, no registrations will be taken. People asking to be a substitute will be ignored. You should've signed up earlier, especially since there was no cap on how many entrants would be allowed.

*Entrants are split into four different divisions. These divisions are specific modes of Challenge Cup play. The division mode of play will stick until that division's victor has been decided. Winners of each division will then be subjected to a random mode of CC play each round.

*Logs must be saved and shown as proof of victory. Logs must then be sent to Sonuis via e-mail (makitiru@hotmail.com) or IRC. If I see your battles, then that will also work. Another method is compressing the logs into a zip file, upload them to a service that hosts files (like rapidshare or sendspace) and sending me the URL via Smogon Forum PM service. If there is no proof of victory, then it will be considered as though there was no match at all. Or at least... incomplete.

P.S.: Division will be determined at random.

Whoever wins will invade and takeover Wyoming. Despite the fact that it means, "No state here" in Italian.

Registration requirements: Smogon Forum name, one alternate way of contacting you (AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ S/N. E-Mail).

Registration begins... NOW! It will end Saturday at 9:00 pm PDT.

1. Sonuis -- makitiru@hotmail.com
2. Kongler -- JuddleyPKMN (AIM)
3. Justin8649 -- Dude8649
4. Groudon 80 -- asianmang15 (AIM), g_8_0@yahoo.com (e-mail)
5. Dan Dan -- any_way_you_want_it@hotmail.co.uk (e-mail)
6. Mizuno -- XtremeNamek (AIM)
7. rekt -- BCbasketball313 (AIM)
8. Lexay -- paz_daniele@hotmail.com (e-mail)
9. Philbert -- philbert1@fsmail.net
10. JMC -- viqule (AIM)
11. Lesm46 -- Lesm46 (AIM)
12. zerowing1991 -- dufflove2213 (AIM)
13. Siphai -- goliathff8@hotmail.com
14. Jackal -- mikemaster911@hotmail.com
15. Bugsy23 -- sjenkins266@hotmail.com (e-mail)
16. 0mastar -- TrialOfTears2112 (AIM), Trainofmemory@hotmail.co.uk (e-mail)
17. YU-RI-OH! -- Staryuri (AIM)
18. Black Eyed Elf -- Bee777@nana.co.il (e-mail)
19. Pilocus -- Sonofxraychicken@yahoo.com (e-mail)
20. Warthog -- rokettma@yahoo.com (e-mail)
21. Judgement -- judgement@ceriseisland.net (e-mail)
22. Hansy -- hansyomd[at]gmail[dot]com (MSN)
23. Roy -- dragonrb09 (AIM)
24. Revenge -- Revenge_ownage@hotmail.com (e-mail)
25. Anomalous -- shivwhorra (AIM), anomalousx@gmail.com (MSN)
26. Giga Punch -- ShadowKnight62 (AIM)
27. Drunk Priest -- awwnicks@hotmail.com (MSN)
28. Ghost_Chill -- Cyber_Ghost_007@hotmail.com (e-mail)
29. themgpb -- themgpb@gmail.com (e-mail)
30. giga -- quic327@netscape.net (e-mail)
31. Basics -- dancewiththemantis@gmail.com (MSN) Notice: Don't make me work to get your information. Bastard.
32. Karrot -- CPL772 (AIM), sanh34@msn.com (MSN)
33. DragonDance -- DragonDanceSL@hotmail.com (e-mail/MSN)
34. massi4h -- mr_mason_man@hotmail.com (e-mail)
35. Fish -- fish151pkmn (AIM)
36. Moxom -- han999_9@hotmail.com (e-mail)
37. Atlas -- atlas_studios@hotmail.com (MSN)
38. Mekkah -- gam_poseidon@hotmail (MSN), gamekkah (AIM)
39. Alper -- clanspjose@yahoo.com (e-mail)
40. MC50 -- matthewcarter50@hotmail.com (e-mail)
41. Balou -- Balou_707@hotmail.com (MSN)
42. Marauder Artemis -- MarauderArtemis (AIM)
43. zfs -- outoforder10 (AIM)
44. Batpig -- Batpig519
45. The Big Yoshi -- Yoshiking15@yahoo.com (e-mail)
46. gdpt -- nguyen_andrew@hotmail.com
47. cloud -- dark cloud9x (AIM)

EDIT: I'm sure you all would end up preferring Smogon Forum PMs, NB/IRC contact, or whatever. It's best though to get extra contact information. Some people don't have it setup to where they get a pop-up saying that they got a new PM. So, don't whine and complain about it please. :)


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in plox I missed the last one and refuse to let it happen again.

I own these things.

EDIT: The best way to contact me really is the PM system but for the sake of entering my email/msn is mikemaster911@hotmail.com
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