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Could I trade for a female larvesta? And I'm consecutive fishing right now, so can we trade tomorrow? If it's too much trouble though I can just trade now my chains not to long
Yeah we can trade tomorrow no problems, I've got to breed it anyway :p
Hi VCrowe! im interested on your skarmory. I have some 31/31/31/xx/31/31 adamant shroomish w/ either Quick Feet (becomes technician) or poison heal; egg moves: seed bullet.
aquaspirit39, your Fletchling and Dratini are ready.

S1GH, your Joltik is being bred now, and will be ready soon.

monday, your Skarmory will be worked on next.

Everyone else, please check the Breeding Requests tab to see where you are on the waiting list.

No Guard Honedge (Adamant)
For Jonouchi

Gale Wings Fletchling (Jolly)
For alex010

Marvel Scale Dratini (Adamant)
For thatpkmn

Compound Eyes Joltik (Timid)
For Azure Demon

Hustle Deino (Rash)
For Azure Demon

Sturdy Skarmory (Impish)
For Azure Demon

Sturdy Skarmory (Impish)
For Thund91

If I have forgotten to add you here, please let me know.
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I'd love a Compound eyes (timid) Joltik with those ivs for Prankster Sableye, egg move recover, and calm nature! I'd love to trade! I'll need to breed for one in the next 48 hours as well but if you'd put me on hold for the joltik for my sableye I'd be very happy good sir! by the way perfect ivs in everything but atk
I am no longer in need of a Marvel Scale Dratini (although I'd still take one if it's 31/31/31/x/31/31), as I managed to find a friend safari code for Dragonair. I AM, however, in need of Dittos with more than 3 perfect IVs. Would you trade any of those for a Choice Item? I can have it by the end of the night.
Adding you under Breeding Requests.

You've got a deal!

I myself am looking for 3IV Ditto, so I can't help you there, sorry.

Skarmory is a pain to breed (the day care couple insists on getting rid of whirlwind) so I think Staryu is a fair trade. Let me know if we have a deal.
Sounds good mate I'll pm you as soon as it's ready but until then hold onto that joltik for me bud! just so you have it...here's my FC it's 3625 8280 6307 (likewise I've added you good sir!)
Hi! Could I offer you a Lucky Egg/Choice Specs for a Skarmory?

Actually, nevermind. Got lucky with breeding and got the skarmories(?) I wanted.
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Your Joltik is ready, but I'm not free to trade until tommorrow. Let me know what a good time for you is.

Your Skarm is ready. Let me know whens a good time for you.

Your Honedge is being bred now, and will be ready soon.

Your Fletchling will be bred after jonouchi's Honedge. Thank you for being patient.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, I've had bad Internet due to storms the past two days.


shake it off!
Just a bump to post that I now have access to Torchics with Baton Pass! :) I only have one of these little guys so far, though I have another one without Baton Pass.

Jolly - Speed Boost
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Egg moves: Baton Pass (only one of them has it though)
Stock: 2 ♂, 0 ♀

Also, I've caught a handful of shinies that I'm willing to trade!

Qwilfish (♀)
Lax - Swift Swim

Qwilfish (♀)
Naughty - Swift Swim

Skrelp (♂)
Jolly - Poison Touch

Luvdisc (♀)
Rash - Swift Swim

Clamperl (♀)
Hasty - Shell Armor
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