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Looks like we have a winner for Zapdos. Congrats Dr. Lexus!

lol, j/k. I'm guessing you want to use it for your XD Zapdos?

Articuno - Mah Jong ( Starting card of the chinese card game Tichu, depicting a swallow. Being the card with No 1 matches Articuno's concept of being the first of the three birds "Artic + Uno")

Zapdos - Elves
Elves is an acronym for Emissions of Light and Very Low Frequency Perturbations from Electromagnetic Pulse Sources. This refers to the process by which the light is generated; the excitation of nitrogen molecules due to electron collisions

Moltres - FireWind ( quite famous power metal band )

Lugia - B-E-W-D ( Blue-Eyes-White-Dragon )

Togetic - Avalerion
Avalerion or Alerion is a mythological bird. It was "rather small, yet larger than an eagle" and lived near the Hydaspes and the Indus according to European medieval geographers and bestiaries, which were possibly based on a description by Pliny. Only two of the birds were said to exist at a time. A pair of eggs was laid every 60 years; after hatching, the parents drowned themselves.Alerions have been seen in coats of arms, most often depicted as a bird with no beak and feathered stumps in place of legs or no legs at all.
Beedrill: BeDrilled(wordplay)

Articuno: Finchina(Starfox assualt ice planet)

Zapdos: Flashover (dangerous electric currents when power lines break)

Moltres: Shiningray (name of a vocaloid song, the red animations in the video look like moltres) :P

Togekiss: Arwing (main starfox vehicle)

Lugia: Magikruise (Lugia does seem magical and its a kart from mario kart. I put "cruise" with K cause it looks cooler)

HornetFury (Self Explanitory)

Frostfell (the name of an icy region in Dungeons and Dragons)

Tharivol (the name of a very powerful electricity mage from one of my Dungeons and Dragons games)

Ember Wing (I just think it sounds cool)

Palutena (The name of the head angel from Kid Icarus)

Poseidon (because of the sea relationship)
Ok Ok I thought of another NN for this one again:

Lugia/Lugia #249 Lv 50

Bold - Pressure
Psycho Boost - FeatherDance - Roost - Earth Power
31 12 31 31 31 31

NickName: DarkSoul

Why? : Because this Lugia was designed to be evil, to be on the bad side hence its colors, but as the inside it still captures a nice soul, making him good on the inside.
All I can think of:
Beedrill/Beedrill ♂ #15 Lv 30

Jolly - Swarm
Baton Pass - Mimic - Double-Edge - Tailwind
31 31 31 21 31 31
Nickname: DrillDozer

Zapdos/Zapdos #145 Lv 50

Bold - Pressure
Extrasensory - Baton Pass - Metal Sound - Heat Wave
30 10 30 31 31 31
HP Ice
Nickname: StaticShoc (can't fit k at the end :( )
Zapdos (Zeus) god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology
Lugia (Cyclone) since its a powerful flying type
Moltres (Ra) ancient Egyptian sun god
Togetic (greatcomet) is associated with good luck and happiness
edit: Articuno (Boreas) Greek god of the cold north wind



at least i didnt say gay greek/egyptian/ect gods or japanese words like everyone always does -_-
I was going to do names like brave bird and flare blitz but after looking at it for sometime, I realized that the names of the legendary are related to spanish!!! XD
ArticUNO ---1
zapDOS--- 2
molTRES--- 2
So my names are based off of spanish(most)
Articuno- CitraUNO
Mized the other letter around(a,r,t,i,c)
Zapdos- ChispasDOS
Chispas means sparks in spanish
Meh. Couldnt think of a good one but ignis means fire in latin. Just sounds cool :P
Togetic- 4peroNOesBIG
"pero no es" means "but it is not" (no spanish word meant big and was three letters)
King of all the spanish birds!


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I know, I didnt even use a god name other than Impundulu I think. I was just saying the gay wasnt necessary
These are some names that I kind of like for these guys-

Beedrill- Killer Bee
(it's a bee with a huge stinger, isn't that a runaway cue?)

Articuno- Fresia
(sounds like freeze and the actual flower I used the name for is a soft blue-white)

Zapdos- Thundera
(I admit I like lightning spells in Final Fantasy games, they're just so flashy)

Togepi- MiracleWip
(lol don't think mayonnaise, "miracle" describes serene grace to me and 40% chance of burn, freeze or paralyze sure is a miracle that's going to whip the opponent)
Lugias nickname- Nightingale. The night part goes with its colour and nightingales are birds which may resemble how a lugia looks like. I'd only love to have that one ^^. Please pm me if you pick me ^^.




Togetic: "MC Haxor" (parodied nn based off of the early '90's Hip-Hop star MC Hammer)


I'll edit the others into this post later if I can think of something good.
Cool Giveaway, I love nicknames!

Beedrill- Beest haha puns...
Articuno- Aurora Since Articuno is an ice pokemon and there is the Aurora Borealis in north.
Zapdos- Salar (Aztec God of Thunder)
Moltres- Phoenix
Togetic- Angel It is a pokemon of kindness, and I think this name fits it.
Lugia- Psyclone Sort of a pun because Lugia has psychic powers, and also can control the sea and wind.

articuno => Fahrenheit (this name is related to temperature)

zapdos => Ampere (this name is related to eletricity)

Moltes => Betelgeuse (Betelgeuse is a Red super giant star)

Lugia => Brimstone (i based this in a missile that have this name)

togetic => Papercraft (Togekiss is like a Paper Plane)

Beedril => Arthropoda (Bees belong to this phylum)
Awesome Giveaway, and here are the nicknames :) :

Beedrill~Dart Vader (It has darts for hands and it sounds like Darth Vadar from Star Wars)

Articuno~Fubuki (Japanese for blizzard)

Zapdos~ Kaminari (Japanese for thunder)

Moltres~ Vulcan (Vulcan is the name of a greek god of fire)

Togetic~ Mirage (From the pokemon episode "A togepi mirage!" where togepi evolves into togetic. Togetic is also the Mirage pokemon)

Lugia~ Xiuhcoatl (In Aztec religion, Xiuhcoatl was a mythological serpent, it was regarded as the spirit form of Xiuhtecuhtli, the Aztec fire deity, and was also an atlatl wielded by Huitzilopochtli. Xiuhcoatl is a Classical Nahuatl word that literally translates as "turquoise serpent"; it also carries the symbolic and descriptive meaning, "fire serpent". Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiuhcoatl )
Here's your shot to get one or more of these awesome pokemon:

MuhamAli/Beedrill ♂ #15 Lv 30
"Muhammad Ali "float like a butterfree sting like a beedrill""

Jolly - Swarm
Baton Pass - Mimic - Double-Edge - Tailwind
31 31 31 21 31 31

Articzean/Articuno #144 Lv 50

Timid - Pressure
Extrasensory - Haze - Heal Bell - Roost
31 2 31 30 30 31
HP Ground

Mr. ZapZap/Zapdos #145 Lv 50

Bold - Pressure
Extrasensory - Baton Pass - Metal Sound - Heat Wave
30 10 30 31 31 31
HP Ice

Helbyrd/Moltres #146 Lv 50
"Decent way to say hell bird"

Timid - Pressure
Extrasensory - Morning Sun - Tailwind - Roost
30 3 30 30 31 31
HP Grass

LifeAngel/Togetic ♂ #176 Lv 26
"The angel of life for allies and the angel of death for enemies"

Calm - Serene Grace
Tri-Attack - Helping Hand - Seismic Toss - Softboiled
31 29 31 31 31 31

Bizarro/Lugia #249 Lv 50
"like bizarro superman, bizzaro lugia"

Bold - Pressure
Psycho Boost - FeatherDance - Roost - Earth Power
31 12 31 31 31 31

Here's my ncknames. Nice giveaway Hozu
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