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Moltres - Hephaetus (Greek god of fire)
Articuno - Khione (Greek goddess of snow) or Boreas (Greek God of the North Wind)
Zapdos - Jupitor (Roman God of Lightning. There's Zeus obviously, but meh)
Lugia - Neptune (Roman god of the Ocean)
Togetic - Aurai/Aurae (Nymphs of the breezes. Lame, but I'm not verygood at nicknames either)
Omg at this giveaway O-O!! Ok I'll try for Nicknames. Here goes:

=Beedrill: Bzzap (N64 Paper Mario Enemy :))

=Articuno -Cryowing (combo of cryo for ice and wing needs no explanation)

=Zapdos -Thundra (reminds me of that rain bird from the Aladdin animated series I think that was her name and she had a thing for Iago)

=Moltres Helioaevis (Helio for sun and Aevis or Avis as Latin for bird)

=Togetic since it'll most likely be Togekiss I'd name it Aerojet.

=Lugia Tempest (always associated with storms)
Zapdos: Thundaga. From Kingdom Hearts. Depends what game, but I like the one from 358/2 Days. It's a big Thunderbolt struck down.

Lugia: Poseidon. If overused already, then Mistglider. I dunno, I named one that because it sounds cool. xp
Zapdos - Ford. Named after the Ford Thunderbird. 'Nuff said.

Moltres - Jean Grey. Named after Jean Grey aka The Phoenix from the X-Men Universe

Togetic - Grace. Really based on the Pokédex description for it's evolution: Togekiss. Plus, it just looks graceful.
lugia- patronus
harry potter themed birds!
articuno- deprimo (wind spell) also has primo for uno.
zapdos- lumos (light spell)
moltres- incendio (fire spell)
Going for nicknames here.

Beedrill - Luftwasp (a play on Luftwaffe)

Togetic - Milky Way

Articuno - Azurite (blue precious stone)

Zapdos - Luminaire (lightning magic from Chrono Trigger)

Moltres - Amber

Lugia - Maelstrom (huge whirlpool)
Can I get

Beedrill/Beedrill ♂ #15 Lv 30

Jolly - Swarm
Baton Pass - Mimic - Double-Edge - Tailwind
31 31 31 21 31 31

Articuno/Articuno #144 Lv 50

Timid - Pressure
Extrasensory - Haze - Heal Bell - Roost
31 2 31 30 30 31
HP Ground

Zapdos/Zapdos #145 Lv 50

Bold - Pressure
Extrasensory - Baton Pass - Metal Sound - Heat Wave
30 10 30 31 31 31
HP Ice

Moltres/Moltres #146 Lv 50

Timid - Pressure
Extrasensory - Morning Sun - Tailwind - Roost
30 3 30 30 31 31
HP Grass

Togetic/Togetic ♂ #176 Lv 26

Calm - Serene Grace
Tri-Attack - Helping Hand - Seismic Toss - Softboiled
31 29 31 31 31 31

Lugia/Lugia #249 Lv 50

Bold - Pressure
Psycho Boost - FeatherDance - Roost - Earth Power
31 12 31 31 31 31
Beedrill -> Vaccinator (it can vaccine you with a deadly poison)
Articuno -> Sub-Zero (MK forever!)
Zapdos -> Perun (Slavic mythological god of thunders - similar to Zeus)
Moltres -> PyroFalcon (dunno, first what came to my mind)
Togetic -> HaxingKing (reffering to Serene Grace and Paraflinch hax abuse)
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