Xurkitree [WIP]

Xurkitree might look appealing because of its massive Special Attack and access to Tail Glow. Unfortunately its low defensive stats and bad typing limit its opportunities to setup. Furthermore its low speed means its easily revenge killed by faster offensive threats like Landorus-T, Greninja, and Kartana. Even if it faces a slower team it still struggles to get past pokemon like Mega Latias, Ferrothorn, and Assault Vest Tangrowth. Lastly it faces huge competition from other Electric-types like Tapu Koko, Zeraora, and Thundurus-T who are faster and are more consistent overall. Because of all these factors Xurkitree should never be used on any serious team.

name: Xurkitree
move 1: Tail Glow
move 2: Thunderbolt
move 3: Hidden Power Ice
move 4: Energy Ball
item: Shuca Berry / Electrium Z
ability: Beast Boost
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Hidden Power Ice OHKOs Landorus-T and Garchomp even when unboosted. Energy Ball allows Xurkitree to break past other Ground-types like Gastrodon and Hippowdon. Shuca Berry lets Xurkitree survive earthquakes from all Ground-types up to Landorus-T respectively. Alternatively Electrium Z can be used to make it easier to break past Ferrothorn and Assault Vest Tangrowth. Timid nature allows Xurkitree to outspeed Mega Loppuny with Sticky Web up.

Because of its low speed Sticky Webs is a must to make Xurkitree effective. Shuckle is able to setup setup both Sticky Web and Stealth Rock. Offensive threats like Mega Scizor and Serperior appreciate the holes Xurkitree can potentially break on the opposing team. Because Xurkitree relies on Sticky Web to be effective, partners like Bisharp are very important to deter defoggers from removing them.

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