XY Doubles Alt Identification Thread: Suspect Stage 2 (Updated Reqs See OP)

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Post in here your reqs (COIL rating of 2000+ AND Elo rating of 1400+), not on the metagame thread.

Remember that the ladder req is only a minor part of the voting requirement. Quality participation in the metagame discussion and the upcoming suspect discussion is necessary to earn the right to vote. This may require you to play more games to make informed posts.

The deadline for this suspect test has been extended to Mar. 12th.
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Hi @ all, I identify myself as the haxfree battler on the suspect ladder.

I´m currently trying to understand how I can post my screenshot of the ladder here, maybe someone can help me with that/ explain it to a silly german idiot :)

Although Im too silly to do this on my own, I have SWAG(key).
Edit: With Harunos help I´m not that silly anymore, just forgot to press the More Options key ;)

Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-22 um 08.27.20.JPG
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