XY LC Suspect 4 (req = 1950 COIL)

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ok finally got reqs. i hate laddering for such long periods lol
reqs: http://m.imgur.com/bdk2mje

team: pastebin.com/qUtpzTK1

my pokemon are named after:
Sunako (one of my best friends!! <3)
Abra /Aza ( why did u have to change ur name?)
DeathxShinigami (thanks for moral support and being my best showdown friend all this time!!! <3)
Antgeezyy (rip drivers)
Goddess Briyella (great mod, great person and thanks for your friendship <3<3<3)
SnoopingGil (my beloved twin 4eva)

thanks for getting reqs with me!!!! <3
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So this time I used Trick Room as my way to try to "counter" the metagame. I'd say it was most successful bar my horrible w/l because I changed my team about 4 teams, adapting to new threats that would come up. Regardless, I think many people who look up replays for Corporal dsr will see that it's a great playstyle to use.


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