XY/ORAS Underused Battle Replay Thread

http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/uu-233666480 Very close game with some risky preditions near the end that make or break the win! Very exciting! I hope you enjoy!

Some explanations
Turn 5 - Had to switch because if my sharpedo got burned I might have lost the game.
Turn 6 - I did have the Wilo but the rotom switch was always his best play
Turn 15 - Sharpedo is now a win condition and can not be gambled with
Turn 19 - T spikes over stealth rocks was dumb but it worked out because of next turn
Turn 20 - Misclick! Meant to go to whimi
Turn 22 - Baiting the rock blast so I can encore and sweep with swampert
Turn 23 - He has the ice shard lol
Turn 25 - got to go fo double protect and there is no way hes shell smashing again
Turn 28 - I cant kill absol or I lose to Yanmega
Turn 32 - If there was one time he was going to predict me not to attack it was this turn
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Hi, this is a replay versus some dude on the ladder, I don't know who but it was a really good game in my opinion. I am the side with Bronzong. It involved a lot of playing around threats like Doublade and Lucario and ultimately ended in a cool sweep by an awesome mon.
Turn 1: Didnt want to forfeit momentum to lead Rotom-H, end up losing momentum because of Lucario sitting in the back making me not want to speed tie.
note: Every time Doublade comes in I have to get creative in order to get something in on it that can beat it. I lose my Whimsi early on to a predicted SD that turned out to be Iron Head.
Turn 13: I set up Rocks to break Azelf's sash, looking ahead to my ultimate goal.
Turn 16: I Sub to potentially catch him going for a greedy SD which would've let me fire off 2 crunches instead of 1.
Turn 17: He absolutely could have just sat there and SD'd 100 times until I ran out of Suckers but oh well
Turn 21-24: A series of 50/50 that he actually won but choked away by Vacuum Waving as I Gyro'd. I had exactly enough TR turns so I had to get that exactly right to win.

Overall, not the cleanest game on my part but it showcased a cool set putting in work so I wanted to share with you all n_n

A battle I just had with dingbat for the Auth vs. Nonauth tournament tour thingamajig. He brought balance (I think? I suck at teambuilding/identifying teambuilding), I brought my signature (not really) doublebug offense. Once again, the power of Crobat dominated me (I don't care who you are, this fucking thing has always been a Top 10 Pokemon in UU), but the magic of 4 attacks Mega Beedrill (don't use it, it's ass, Beedrill desperately needs Protect) helped take out Crobat and immediately let LO Galvantula put serious pressure on ding's team. If only Galvantula weren't so fucking weak.
Pulled tuRk on the ladder a few days ago when i was testing a team. He was using T-spikes Roserade + SubCM Chandelure which i actually stole after our battle :P (rip shark and mower).

Game started kinda awkward, both of us switched back and forth for a while so let me explain my thought process.

Turn 2: I volt switched into Krook thinking i could KO Roserade from that range but after noticing black sludge recovery i changed my gameplan because max hp Rose could survive and blow me back w/giga drain but he didn't want his Rose to get weakened and also switched.

Turn 3: Because Krook is faster than Rose i switched first and he got to intimidate my Cobalion. Due to Coba being a weak fucker before a boost it would fail to KO and certainly would die to eq, i was forced to switch again but he didn't want his Krook to get weakened when he had a hard counter to my Coba and also switched.

Turn 4: I ended up having Mence against Doublade which was something that i couldn't touch so i had to switch again but he didn't know my set and decided to scout for a fire move and also switched.

These turns show that how strong synergy these three have. They can switch into each others checks and counters. I could go back to Krook and complete the circle but taking a sacred sword was not the most optimal play when i had a Blastoise.

Turn 15 was also notable. If i didn't knock blackglasses off, Rotom couldn't survive the hit at turn 17 while staying healthy enough to take rocks damage. My only thing faster than Krook was Cobalion which gives Doublade a free invitation and Sharpedo had to protect first which would make me lose momentum so i had to let Rotom take the hit.

Turn 22: He misplayed by sending Cobalion out first, should have gone to Blastoise but aside from that i think we both played reasonably well. It is really hard to tell who would win if he didn't make that play considering it would come down to a speed tie between Cobalion. It had been a long time since i've enjoyed a game as much as this one on the ladder, hope you enjoy too.

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I'm just beginning to get into the UU metagame so this isn't anything super-high ladder but it was a nice showcase of how important it is to plan ahead and not go for the "loudest" choice for just that turn, and how with a bit of luck your opponent can snatch victory from a single mistake. Also credit to BenzMafia above for posting an excellent RMT which serves as a good starting point for getting into UU - my team used his as a starting point and then iterated changes from there.


Team Preview - he has a chandelure, which my team is hopelessly weak to. I need to get entry hazards up early and keep them up in order to limit the number of times it can come in and manhandle my team. Lead with forry predicting beedrill lead.

Turn 2 - v turn to infernape. If there is ever a "come in now chandelure" sign it is infernape, but my only real answer to it is to double switch to mence.

Turns 10-11 - great predictions from him, plays effortlessly around my cobalion.

Turn 13 - again great prediction in not bringing in whimsicott into mence for the second time. Not sure why he didn't stay in with empoleon though - he's seen draco meteor and iron tail, so the odds of me having eq as well are pretty low.

Turns 14-16 - I am playing suicidally with mence just to get as much damage on his team as possible and cause the entry hazards to bite more. Should have gone straight to forry though, not whimsicott first in response to his.

Turns 20-22 - I predict the krookodile coming in so i manually switch to cobalion to get rocks up, but thereafter i underestimate krook's ballsiness in staying in and risking a close combat so lose my cobalion.

Turns 23-25 - my plan of wearing down chandelure has worked, but my team is in pretty rough shape now while he still has all 6 of his guys alive.

Turn 26 - he realises just how much hazards are biting into his team, but jellicent is an all-purpose spin blocker and now comes with a year's free supply of taunt.

Turns 27-28 - this is weird... i'm not sure how to explain his repeated scalds into my water absorb jellicent. He's just helping me wear his emp with burn into hazard KO range.

Turn 30 - please don't have pursuit, please don't have pursuit... fuck.

Turn 34 - i can't risk his whimsicott encoring me into something stupid, so i go to nape with the v turn. Hoping vacuum wave will KO from here.

TURN 37 - SHOULD HAVE BRAVE BIRDED. Everything else dies to BB from here, but Roost was obviously the "loudest" choice for the particular turn. Nape does some serious damage now as long as he doesn't get full para.

Turns 38-39 - why not straight to beedrill? why risk the vacuum wave with your other mons? i'm not sure.

END GAME - there was no reason why i should have won that game. I had a poor match up and several overpredictions at the beginning of the game meant that my opponent was deservedly on the way to victory. However it shows that if you get a lead in the beginning of the game, you still need to hold on to the game all the way throughout to turn that advantage into a win. Also here is my team if you have any suggestions to improve it.
Salamence @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
IVs: 29 HP
- Draco Meteor
- Outrage
- Fire Blast
- Iron Tail

Jellicent (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Scald
- Will-O-Wisp
- Recover
- Taunt

Infernape @ Life Orb
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Fire Blast
- Vacuum Wave
- Grass Knot

Cobalion @ Shuca Berry
Ability: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Close Combat
- Volt Switch
- Iron Head

Whimsicott (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
- Moonblast
- Leech Seed
- Stun Spore
- Encore

Forretress @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 248 HP / 96 Def / 164 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Spikes
- Gyro Ball
- Volt Switch
- Rapid Spin

Thanks for watching / reading.


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So this thread doesn't die.


My R1 UU Open match against Terroking. Notable things for beginners in this battle: always look for opportunities to take advantage of an opponents weakness to setup mons. In general, having one win condition per team can generate a lot of momentum on a moments notice. Balancing win cons with optimal team cohesiveness will bring your teams to a higher level if you're struggling to get past 1400 on the ladder.
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