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XY OU Crew Tournament

Approved by Mr. Yap.

Crew battles are an idea that originated in competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee. Players would be divided into crews, which consisted of a set amount of people. In Melee, the first two players would duke it out until one was left standing. The winner would then play the next player, though he would only have the stocks remaining from the first match available. This would continue until all the players in one crew were eliminated.

Essentially, crews will consist of three players. Player 1 will face the opposing player 1; whoever wins will have the remaining Pokemon fully healed for the next battle. Theoretically, a single player could defeat an entire opposing crew. For example:

Team LoLsquad
1. Eo Ut Mortus / 2. Rewer / 3. dice


Team 9.9
1. Funkasaurus / 2. Jirachee / 3. Nachos

Team LoLsquad consists of Eo Ut Mortus, Rewer, and dice, who are playing Team 9.9, consisting of Funkasaurus, Jirachee, and Nachos.
  • Eo Ut Mortus beats Funkasaurus 1-0, with a Charmander left, so he can only use that Charmander vs. the next 9.9 player, Jirachee.
  • Jirachee 6-0es Eo Ut Mortus. He can use his full team against LoLsquad's next player, Rewer.
  • Rewer 5-0es Jirachee. He can only use those five Pokemon vs. his next opponent, Nachos.
  • Rewer 1-0es Nachos. Team 9.9 has no players remaining.
  • dice remains a bum.
1. Eo Ut Mortus / 2. Rewer / 3. dice


1. Funkasaurus / 2. Jirachee / 3. Nachos

Team LoLsquad wins.


Rules (copied from Eo):

Teams (Players):

- There will be 16/32/etc. teams, all of which will consist of three members. These teams will be pitted against each other in a single elimination bracket.

- Teams are allowed one substitute throughout the tournament.

- The first person listed on each team will be the first person to play for that team. The player who plays first in a round will be changeable before a round starts, but not once the round starts without the explicit approval of the opponent's team.

- The player who plays next after his/her first teammate loses will be, by default, the next person listed in the team's lineup - the second player. The second player can be changed anytime during the round - just PM me -, but if a team takes its time doing this, it will be penalized for activity.

Teams (Pokemon):

- The person who wins a match must in the next match use whatever Pokemon he had remaining at the end of the match, no more, no fewer. So basically, the winner uses the same team and replaces any and all fainted Pokemon with Missingnos.

- HP/PP do not carry over for non-fainted Pokemon. All non-fainted Pokemon are restored to full health.

- Players may not switch EVs/natures/IVs/anything between matches in a round.

- Players are free to alter their teams between rounds, but not during rounds. They must submit modified teams before the beginning of a round to be able to use them that round.

Battling Rules:

- No Ubers
- Evasion Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Freeze Clause
- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Timed Battle
- Self-KO Clause (only in the last battle of a match-up)

- Ties: If a battle ends in a tie, both players are considered eliminated, and both teams must send in new players.

- If no players remain on either team, Self-KO Clause will act as a tiebreaker.



I will be strict while enforcing deadlines. Every player will have 5 days to battle. That means that player 1 must face the opposing player 1 during the first 5 days, and both player 2s should have played by 10 days in, and the round should be over within 15 days. Obviously the matches can get more complicated, so I will look at each matchup on a case-by-case basis, but please try to finish your matches in time. We do not want to drag out this tournament longer than necessary.



Sign up with two other people and have them confirm by posting in this thread. Your crew will only be accepted if you post with three members. You can sign up as a free agent too, and I will randomly assign teams if we do not have enough crews. Teams with three members will be given priority when entering this tournament, though.

You are free (and encouraged) to come up with a name for your team.

  1. Team Benelux Will Never Die (Alf', H-C, Vinc2612)
  2. Team On est pas chécou ! (Reymedy, boudouche, McMeghan)
  3. Team Doubles-Playing Asians (Level 51, The Unlucky one, wllmagic)
  4. Team Pederxxl (sebixxl, Sapientia, jira)
  5. Team The German Randoms (Quaggster, Alloy, Aurious)
  6. Team Italian Legion (Puralux, Fran17, Nuanda92)
  7. Team The Immortals (Cicada, Meridian, Akola)
  8. Team luckE and based (Jacob, Genesis7, Updated Kanto)
  9. Team Mega Ebola (IAmGingy, The DragonKnight, Tesung)
  10. Team CLICK THE STAB (Tricking, Inflikted, silver97)
  11. Team satg (barton, Montsegur, Scene)
  12. Team Smogon's 13 (Tokyo Tom, sugarhigh, fingerscrossed)
  13. Team new players (Vileman, ForgottenOnes, praj.pran)
  14. Team Brazilian Cancer (dEnIsSsS, Destiny Device, MarceloDK)
  15. Team CSC (Leer, GlassGlaceon, Expulso)
  16. Team Man City Mawiles (Jirachee, Valentine, FLCL)
  17. Team Scholars of Pranesha (KratosMana, blunder, FinalFlash)
  18. Team idk no name yet (Sweep, tennisace, Psychotic)
  19. Team M0-4ny (Finchinator, Moony, MewtwoHidden)
  20. Team Call It a Club Sandwich! (Zamrock, Emvee, Stathakis)
  21. Team WHAOFN SAYS IC ANT HANDLE MY DRINK (Harsha, dice, VN.)
  22. Team [insert LightningLuxray's team name here] (LightningLuxray, Benja299, U-Turn Out)
  23. Team WILD GOODRA APPEAR (Anty, AuraRayquaza, Memoric)
  24. Team Franais get rekt (Lyconik, Twin Citiez, Luckstard.)
  25. Team DPP Frens (Leftiez, Drugs, DracoMalfoy)
  26. Team Two and a half men (xray, bluri, cosine180)
  27. Team Whoursemen (horyzhnz, GGamer745, Geotal)
  28. Team Violet Storm (Googly, Erick17, johnnyk121)
  29. Team hon hon hon whoop your ass (Mysteria, Aragorn the King, Albacore)
  30. Team rob.'s explosive bird(s) (Trinitrotoluene, Rob., The Bravest Bird)
  31. Team The Loveless crew (not affiliated with MBV) (galbia, Robert Alfons, Aladyyn)
  32. Team Gentleman Haxxers (Gros Orteil, uCan'tSeeMe, majaspic22)
  33. Team Hip Hop Kids (Qwertypops, Shaian, quickscopenoscope)
  34. Team Pinesseuh! carry us ! (Pinesseuh!, Theron07, Kenjy)
  35. Team Serebii (-Clone-, Ger9119, Mean Mr Snorlax)
  36. Team U Got JaaJ'd (Pyrogon, W2S, @⚡THUNDER482⚡)
  37. Team doge squad (Ranger Mike, unfixable, Typhlito)
  38. Team A Ballin Crew (TewMew, toshimelonhead, Knight of Cydonia)
  39. Team The Hello Nellos (Reverb, Mix, Escavalier)
  40. Team SJM (teamsnickers, Jefozz, Mob Boss)
  41. Team of seemingly random people (Alexey, Megoodraggon, BadAssGardevoir)
  42. Team NAMEPLS1 (thomas9779, Leer, Adversary)
  43. Team NAMEPLS2 (Miles Tails, El-Soldier, Mega-Swampert)
  44. Team NAMEPLS3 (Golden009, Zeno;, Gale Wing Srock)
  45. Team NAMEPLS4 (ErzaVsErza, Haunted.Shadow, Wario Land 3)
  46. Team NAMEPLS5 (TheKFC, Level 56, Floppy)
  47. Team NAMEPLS6 (Sunny., SparksBlade, NotAGymLdr)
  48. Team NAMEPLS7 (Lasagne, Trickzio, Lord Ninjax)
Free Agents:
  1. Gale Wing Srock
  2. Lord Ninjax
  3. Sunny.
  4. SparksBlade
  5. Level 56
  6. Floppy
  7. Wario Land 3
  8. ErzaVsErza
  9. Leer
  10. Adversary
  11. Zeno;
  12. Golden009
  13. NotAGymLdr
  14. Mega-Swampert
  15. Lasagne
  16. El-Soldier
  17. Trickzio
  18. TheKFC
  19. thomas9779
  20. Miles Tails
  21. Haunted.Shadow
  22. Brap
  23. ssjjynx
  24. pokebasket
  25. Draco Meteora
  26. Invok3r
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