Championship - Type B XY OU Re-Release Tournament Round 5


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Miss the glorious days of Deoxys vs. Deoxys lead hyper offense? Look no further than the re-release tour of the best metagame of all time!

Tournament Specific Rules

- All pokemon not quick banned from XY OU are unbanned. List (Greninja and Landorus are also unbanned, as they were banned in ORAS.)
- Swagger and Baton Pass clause still in place.
- All of these mega stones/ORAS released pokemon are banned. List
- ORAS only tutor moves are illegal, players are responsible for researching if a move combination is legal in XY or not.
- Battles will be played in Gen 6 Ubers.
- Report in the thread if your opponent is using an illegal XY move combination.
- Best of three.
Lysergic vs. HANTSUKI
USER=291554]Hayburner[/USER] vs. Googly
FLCL vs. Star

Deadline Jun 13 Midnight EST (sorry was late on this round)
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