XY OU Team Tour - [Round 1]

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Even if your team has won - you still have to play your battles to (hopefully) secure your place in the next round. I'm still doing activity for incomplete matches so you still risk being kicked off your team.

I'm also going to sub out inactive people Monday Morning. Giving the more active people who are currently in the Sub list a chance to get the matches done.


lab report ᐛ
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Defeated Chillarmy in a really fun and close game. GG man, I got luck in the end and you would've won.

Tornadus-Therian used Hurricane!
It's not very effective... The opposing Skarmory lost 42% of its health!
The opposing Skarmory became confused!
Tornadus-Therian lost some of its HP!
The opposing Skarmory is confused!
It hurt itself in its confusion!
Confirming; btw, I'd criticalled your Dugtrio with Moonblast earlier, so that confusion was well-deserved

that said, gg man n.n
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