XY OU Threat List [Compiling Entries]

So, in this thread we're going to make a threat list for XY OU! Basically, we're trying to create something like this; a document that provides an overview on all of the relevant OU threats one might encounter without having to wade through every OU analysis to figure it out.

  • You can reserve two Pokemon at a time. No more. I'm just going to make this the standard for everyone. This is to ensure that everyone can get their stuff done in a timely fashion. You cannot reserve more until both are done.
  • You have five days to finish writing your entry after you reserve it. It's just a paragraph. If you don't get your entry done in this time, it will be reopened for reservation. Again, this is to ensure everything gets done in a timely fashion.
  • Make a new post when you have your fully written entry. I can't possibly keep track of everyone editing their posts, so just make a new post when you've written something.
  • You must have good knowledge of the OU metagame in order to write these. Everything will be quality checked later, but if an entry shows lack of knowledge, it will be reassigned to a more competent writer. Don't stress about grammar, but try and follow the standards here. It's not a big deal at all should you slip up, but adhering to these standards makes it easier for everyone, especially the people who will be GP checking this later.
  • If you don't see a Pokemon on the list that you think should receive an entry, feel free to post about it. I did not include everything that is receiving an OU analysis -- only relevant OU threats. I may have misjudged or just missed something entirely, though. Likewise, if you feel I included something that should not receive an entry, post about that. For offensive threats, the requisite is that it be a relevant threat that you should be prepared for/don't want to be weak to. For defensive threats, the approach I took was pretty much 'you should be able to break this Pokemon'.


Entries should follow the below format:
Type: Type 1 (/ Type 2 if applicable)
Base Stats: HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe
Ability: First / Second / Third (if applicable)
If a Hidden Ability isn't released, put (Unreleased) after the ability.

Get your sprites from here. No Serebii 3D images or anything like that.

General Writing Tips
  • Keep it concise. Did you see the short paragraphs in the linked BW OU threat list? Those are what we're aiming for.
  • You are supposed to describe why these Pokemon are threats. The flaws don't illustrate how they are threats, so don't mention them. WHY is it threatening and HOW does it impact the metagame.
  • Don't be too descriptive. That might sound like a weird thing to say, but it's a major part of keeping things concise. You don't need to list every move a Pokemon uses in its threat list entry; if there are any ones vital to mention, talk about them, but a lot of things can be generalized as 'coverage' and 'STABs'. So, you don't need to say Mega Charizard Y has access to Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, and Roost. What you CAN say is 'not even Heatran can stand in its way, as Earthquake fells it', or something to that effect. Just make sure something is an important detail.
The almighty Komodo quote:
guys, can we make this sound more like a threat list, and less like a bunch of overviews. The whole point of a threat list is to stress WHY a Pokemon is threatening, not what's bad about it. Why would we make team to beat a particular Pokemon if you're going to say 'it has poor Special Defense'. Say what's GOOD about a Pokemon you're writing about, and why it makes an impact in the tier. Telling us its flaws isn't going to help us that much, because we need to know what it can do, and why it does it well. I'm not saying to show off about a terrible Pokemon, but make it sound as if it's a positive, rather than a negative. Use this as a guideline, because THIS is what a threat list is supposed to look like.
Reservation Index (EVERYTHING IS DONE)

Pokemon will be separated into offensive and defensive threats. This is not only to improve organization, but also to ensure there isn't an issue in cases such as Heatran where the Pokemon can function as both an offensive and defensive Pokemon. The entries will be entirely separate.

Mega Evolutions will be handled as separate Pokemon so that these entries don't get too cluttered. If a non-MEvo isn't a threat, it will not receive an entry. The other reason for this is so that a new player doesn't look at this and immediately think something like Mawile is a threat in OU because it has an entry.

Pokemon = Entry has not been reserved.
Pokemon - Writer = Entry has been reserved, but not yet completed.
Pokemon - Writer = Entry has been completed.
Alakazam - Gary2346
Azumarill - unfixable
Bisharp - TRC
Breloom - SparksBlade
Conkeldurr - SparksBlade
Diggersby - SparksBlade
Dragonite - Ash Borer
Entei - SparksBlade
Garchomp - SparksBlade
Gengar - RotomPoison
Goodra - RotomPoison
Greninja - Psywaves
Gyarados - TheEpicBro
Hawlucha - SparksBlade
Heatran - RotomPoison
Infernape - SparksBlade
Kabutops - Swamp Link
Keldeo - Molk
Kingdra - SparksBlade
Kyurem-B - Swamp Link
Landorus - Ash Borer
Landorus-T - SparksBlade
Latias - Zam's Moustache
Latios - Valmanway
Mamoswine - AuraIllusions
Manaphy - LightningLuxray
Mega Aerodactyl - Psywaves
Mega Alakazam - Gary2346
Mega Charizard X - Molk
Mega Charizard Y - Jukain
Mega Garchomp - Ash Borer
Mega Gardevoir - Ash Borer
Mega Gyarados - Worldtour
Mega Heracross - Gary2346
Mega Manectric - Psywaves
Mega Medicham - Ash Borer
Mega Pinsir - Psywaves
Mega Scizor - TheEpicBro
Mega Tyranitar - TheEpicBro
Omastar - LightningLuxray
Raikou - Politoed
Scolipede - Fourth Inversion
Staraptor - Psywaves
Starmie - Psywaves
Talonflame - LightningLuxray
Terrakion - Valmanway
Thundurus - TRC
Thundurus-T - Alter
Tornadus-T - Alter
Tyranitar - Fourth Inversion
Victini - Mysteria

Alomomola - Rob.
Amoonguss - Mysteria
Bronzong - Fourth Inversion
Celebi - Fourth Inversion
Chansey - CyclicCompound
Chesnaught - CyclicCompound
Clefable - Fourth Inversion
Cresselia - -Clone-
Doublade - Psywaves
Ferrothorn - horyzhnz
Gastrodon - Mysteria
Gliscor - horyzhnz
Gyarados - TheEpicBro
Heatran - Mysteria
Hippowdon - TheEpicBro
Jirachi - -Clone-
Landorus-T - Mysteria
Mandibuzz - Fourth Inversion
Mega Blastoise - AuraIllusions
Mega Charizard X - Jukain
Mega Scizor - Fourth Inversion
Mega Venusaur - Psywaves
Mew - TheEpicBro
Quagsire - TRC
Rhyperior - RotomPoison
Rotom-W - Mysteria
Skarmory - CyclicCompound
Slowbro - Fourth Inversion
Slowking - TheEpicBro
Starmie - RotomPoison
Suicune - Alter
Talonflame - Fourth Inversion
Tentacruel - Anty
Zapdos - Swamp Link

Azelf - Psywaves
Gorebyss - Psywaves
Gothitelle - TRC
Klefki - SparksBlade
Magnezone - TheEpicBro
Politoed - Psywaves
Sableye - CyclicCompound
Shuckle - Ash Borer
Tyranitar - Fourth Inversion
Venomoth - Psywaves

Alakazam - Gary2346 (written)
Azumarill - Gary2346 (written)
Bisharp - TRCarnivine (written)
Breloom - Ash Borer (written)
Chandelure - sidakarya (written)
Conkeldurr - CyclicCompound (written)
Crawdaunt - TRCarnivine (written)
Diggersby - TRCarnivine
Ditto - TRCarnivine (written)
Dragonite - Ash Borer (written)
Excadrill - Magnemite (written)
Galvantula - TRCarnivine
Gengar - CyclicCompound (written)
Greninja - ScraftyIsTheBest (written)
Gyarados - Swamp-Rocket (written)
Heatran - Magnemite
Infernape - Ash Borer (written)
Kabutops - Swamp Link (written)
Keldeo - Molk (written)
Kingdra - Ash Borer (written)
Kyurem-B - Swamp Link (written)
Landorus - Ash Borer (written)
Landorus-T - DarkSlay
Latias - Zam's Moustache (written)
Latios - Ash Borer (written)
Magnezone - CyclicCompound
Manaphy - Gary2346 (written)
Mamoswine - AuraIllusions (written)
Mega Absol - Swamp Link (written)
Mega Aerodactyl - Swamp Link (written)
Mega Alakazam - Gary2346 (written)
Mega Charizard X - Molk (written)
Mega Charizard Y - Jukain (written)
Mega Garchomp - Ash Borer (written)
Mega Gardevoir - Ash Borer (written)
Mega Gyarados -
Swamp-Rocket (written)
Mega Heracross - Gary2346 (written)
Mega Lucario - Labyrinthine (written)
Mega Mawile - sidakarya (written)
Mega Pinsir - Gary2346 (written)
Mega Scizor - CyclicCompound (written)
Mega Tyranitar - Swamp-Rocket (written)
Mega Venusaur - Jukain (written)
Noivern - AuraIllusions (written)
Politoed - AuraIllusions
Rotom-W - CyclicCompound
Scizor - AuraIllusions (written)
Scolipede -
Smeargle - TRCarnivine (written)
Staraptor - sidakarya (written)
Talonflame - TRCarnivine (written)
Terrakion - Ash Borer (written)
Thundurus - Labyrinthine (written)
Thundurus-T - Swamp Link (written)
Tornadus-T - Labyrinthine (written)
Tyranitar - Labyrinthine (written)
Victini - Ash Borer (written)
Volcarona - Swamp Link (written)

Amoonguss - CyclicCompound (written)
Blissey - CyclicCompound (written)
Celebi - CyclicCompound (written)
Chansey - CyclicCompound (written)
Chesnaught - CyclicCompound (written)
Clefable - CyclicCompound (written)
Cofagrigus - CyclicCompound (written)
Cresselia - Labyrinthine (written)
Dragonite - Zam's Moustache (written)
Ferrothorn - TRCarnivine (written)
Gastrodon - CyclicCompound (written)
Gliscor - CyclicCompound (written)
Gyarados - Zam's Moustache (written)
Heatran - CyclicCompound (written)
Hippowdon - Swamp Link (written)
Jirachi - Zam's Moustache (written)
Landorus-T - DarkSlay
Latias - Zam's Moustache (written)
Mandibuzz - CyclicCompound (written)
Mega Aggron - CyclicCompound (written)
Mega Blastoise - AuraIllusions (written)
Mega Charizard X - Jukain (written)
Mega Scizor - CyclicCompound (written)
Mega Venusaur - CyclicCompound (written)
Quagsire - TRCarnivine (written)
Rotom-H - sidakarya (written)
Rotom-W - CyclicCompound (written)
Sableye - CyclicCompound (written)
Skarmory - CyclicCompound (written)
Slowbro - CyclicCompound (written)
Suicune - Labyrinthine (written)
Tangrowth - CyclicCompound (written)
Tentacruel - Swamp Link (written)
Togekiss - sidakarya (written)
Tyranitar - Swamp-Rocket (written)
Zapdos - Swamp Link (written)

Gothitelle - TRCarnivine (written)
Espeon - CyclicCompound (written)
Klefki - sidakarya (written)
Mew - CyclicCompound (written)
Politoed - sidakarya (written)
Smeargle - TRCarnivine (written)
Wobbuffet - Jukain (written)

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a VM/PM or contact me on IRC.
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Reserving Mega-Mawile. I notice, Togekiss is missing from both lists. If it should be included (which would makes sense, as obscurer threats like Gastrodon are on the list) I would like to reserve the defensive analysis. Otherwise, I'll choose something else.


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Type: Fire / Flying
Base Stats: 78 / 81 / 71 / 74 / 69 / 126
Ability: Flame Body / Gale Wings

Talonflame is seen as one of the best revenge killers in the metagame, primarily due to its high Speed and excellent ability in Gale Wings. This ability gives priority to its Flying-type moves, allowing it to revenge, sweep, and clean with Brave Bird, which functions as a powerful, priority STAB move. It can also hit hard with Flare Blitz, which prevents it from being walled by Steel-types. Talonflame has two effective boosting moves in Swords Dance and Bulk Up, and it can also create momentum with its fast U-turn, while also having priority Roost to help mitigate the damage it takes from its recoil moves. Because of its high Speed, it has the freedom to run a Choice Band set, which takes advantage of Talonflame's stat spread perfectly. This marks Talonflame as a potent threat, and its ability to fill a multitude of roles only adds to its effectiveness in the metagame.
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Yeah, I accidentally put it under defensive threats. Good catch.

Make sure you do good on both Mega Pinsir and Latias, they're both very important threats!


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Type: Dark / Steel
Base Stats: 65 / 125 / 100 / 60 / 70 / 70
Ability: Defiant / Inner Focus / Pressure

With access to both Swords Dance and a powerful STAB priority in Sucker Punch, Bisharp is one of the deadliest sweepers in the metagame. It has an excellent Attack stat, and its unique typing makes it the only Steel-type that still resists Ghost- and Dark-type moves, while its own Dark-type STAB, Knock Off, is now able to break through other Steel-types. In addition, Knock Off is both powerful, and removes a foes item, threatening offensive and defensive Pokemon alike. Bisharp's ability, Defiant, makes it a perfect switch-in to Defog, doubling its Attack, while also meaning that Sticky Web and Intimidate only benefit it. Its secondary STAB in Iron Head also threatens the new Fairy-types, and it even has Pursuit to trap various Dark-type weak threats. Bisharp applies constant offensive pressure, and is one of the most effective sweepers in the Overused environment.

Also, reserving offensive Smeargle and offensive Ditto.
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Mega Charizard Y
Type: Fire / Flying
Base Stats: 78 HP / 104 Atk / 78 Def / 159 SpA / 115 SpD / 100 Spe
Ability: Drought (Blaze / Solar Power)

Mega Charizard Y is renowned as one of the best wallbreakers in OU thanks to its extremely high Special Attack, decent Speed, and ability Drought. With the sun Drought brings, Mega Charizard Y can fire off extremely powerful sun-boosted Fire Blasts, which outright slaughter much of the OU tier. It is unique among Fire-types in that it can murder both Heatran and Water-types with its coverage, which includes Earthquake and sun-enhanced Solar Beam. Thanks to its large Special Defense stat, Mega Charizard Y can take a battering from special attacks, heal up with Roost, and outright demolish their users. Furthermore, because the opponent does not know which Mega Charizard this is when it comes out, he or she is left to guess what to switch in initially, which can be punished. Combine all this with resistances to key types like Fighting, Bug, Fire, and Steel, and you have a frightening offensive Pokemon that given but one free opportunity can do serious harm to any team.
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Type: Dark
Base Stats: 95 HP / 65 Atk / 110 Def / 60 SpA / 130 SpD / 65 Spe
Ability: Synchronize / Inner Focus

Umbreon carves out its niche in the metagame through the combination of several factors that distinguish it. Its phenomenal mixed bulk allows it to avoid 2HKO's from colossally powerful attacks, even non-STAB super effective ones, while simultaneously providing the team with Wish and Heal Bell support that will make efforts to wear down Umbreon's team extremely frustrating. In addition to being a sturdy wall and team supporter, though, Umbreon also maintains strong offensive presence through its very useful Foul Play that prevents it from being setup bait. This deals heavy damage to many physical attackers that wish to break down Umbreon, and in combination with its good defensive typing and recovery, Umbreon is like a bad meal; it hurts and can't be kept down.

Mega Absol
Type: Dark
Base Stats: 65 HP / 150 Atk / 60 Def / 115 SpA / 60 SpD / 115 Spe
Ability: Magic Bounce (Pressure / Super Luck / Justified)

Mega Absol is blessed with huge Attack and Speed stats and an often-overlooked Special Attack stat that allows it to wall break or sweep depending on what is needed. Despite its frailty, its incredibly useful ability in Magic Bounce allows it to setup a Swords Dance on a variety of defensive Pokemon to make up for its lack of a boosting item. Sucker Punch gives it extremely powerful priority that can be used to revenge kill Psychic- and Ghost-type attackers or sweep offensive teams. Knock Off also gives it a strong, more reliable option that has great utility against almost all Pokemon. Mega Absol's wide special movepool allows it to choose its own counters, and if necessary it can even Baton Pass its boosts along to another sweeper, as almost no battler would attempt to phaze Mega Absol. The power, speed, and utility that Mega Absol provides makes it a lethal threat capable of sweeping or disrupting many teams if given the opportunity.
EDIT: Now I'll reserve Volcarona and Kyurem-B
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Jukain idk if you want it or not, but I think Exploud merits and offensive threat mention. I can provide reasoning if necessary.
Swamp Link please label the stats HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe.

Also, it's Mega Absol with the space, no dash.

ATTN: all writers

TRCarnivine Nog sidakarya CyclicCompound

Don't talk about anything as a buff or like a 'gift of the generation'. This is meant to be usable long after the generation is new. It will get updated, but it's better now if you don't mention things as new.

Upon quick lookover, these are all pretty good. Nice work guys!

Mega Mawile
Type: Steel/Fairy
Base Stats: 50 HP / 105 Atk / 125 Def / 50 SpA / 95 SpD / 50 Spe
Ability: Huge Power

Sporting the highest attack stat in the game, surpassing even Deoxys-A and Thick Club Marowak, Mega Mawile is a dangerous wallbreaker of frightening power. Its Steel/Fairy typing, the Intimidate ability in its base forme, and its deceptive bulk in Mega forme afford it many opportunities to switch in, set up, and wreak havoc. Its excellent coverage and access to powerful priority in Sucker Punch to work around its glacier-like speed make it even deadlier. Swords Dance doubles its already sky-high attack to absurd levels; the list of things that can stomach a +2 Sucker Punch is quite short. It can alternatively use a Substitute set which, while not as powerful and lacking reliable recovery, protects it from the crippling burn status and frees opportunities to use non-priority attacks from a still extremely high attack stat. Because of its sheer might, Mega Mawile has the potential to be a formidable threat to offensive and defensive teams alike.
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Type: Steel / Flying
Base Stats: 65 HP / 80 Atk / 140 Def / 40 SpA / 70 SpD / 70 Spe
Ability: Keen Eye / Sturdy / Weak Armor

By virtue of its extremely high Defense stat and great defensive typing, Skarmory is a solid switch-in and counter to many prominent physical attackers. It's one of the few Steel-types that is immune to Ground-type moves and neutral to Fighting-type moves, and carries with it an impressive eight resistances and two immunities that stops man. Access to reliable recovery makes Skarmory one of the most durable physical walls, while Whirlwind makes boosting against it useless and prevents it from becoming setup bait. The entry hazards it can lay down punish the special attackers that switch into it, and access to Defog can easily eradicate entry hazards detrimental to its own team. Overall, Skarmory's impressive physical bulk and amazing utility value make it a major defensive threat that must be played around carefully.

Type: Ghost / Poison
Base Stats: 60 HP / 65 Atk / 60 Def / 130 SpA / 75 SpD / 110 Spe
Ability: Levitate

Gengar sports two very high stats in Special Attack and Speed, and can certainly use them well with a great STAB and solid coverage options. However, because of the extremely effective non-attacking moves Gengar has access to, it fights very differently than other fast special threats. Gengar's Substitute is notoriously easy to set up, thanks to Gengar's great typing and ability. Disable takes care of the many opponents that rely on a single move to hit Gengar, Pain Split lets Gengar muscle its way through even the bulkiest of walls, and Will-O-Wisp is a nasty surprise to any physical attackers hoping to hit it on its weaker Defense stat. These support options, coupled with the fact that Gengar needs only two attacking moves to hit the entire tier for neutral damage, make Gengar an extremely unconventional but equally deadly threat to teams of all varieties.

EDIT: With that done, I'll take Mega Scizor (offensive) and Rotom-W (defensive).
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Edited the last two to meet standards, thanks for correcting me.

Type: Bug / Fire
Base Stats: 85 HP / 60 Atk / 65 Def / 135 SpA / 105 SpD / 100 Spe
Ability: Flame Body / Swarm (Unreleased)

Despite a crippling weakness to Stealth Rock, Volcarona is a fearsome sweeper if given even one free turn. A huge base 135 Special Attack stat and decent Speed combined with access to one of the best boosting moves in the game in Quiver Dance allows Volcarona to blast through an unprepared team with only one turn of setup. A good typing gives it strong STAB moves and as a virtue of it, Volcarona has several resistances that it can use to set up. In lieu of a fully offensive set, it can also run a bulkier set that sets up with frightening ease on physical and special attackers alike, even those with super effective moves. While there are several threats that can almost always prevent Volcarona from doing its job, if these are removed then Volcarona will usually have a chance to sweep and one must be careful not to give it a chance to do so when facing it.

Type: Dragon / Ice
Base Stats: 125 HP / 170 Atk / 100 Def / 120 SpA / 90 SpD / 95 Spe
Ability: Teravolt

Boasting the 4th highest BST in the game, surpassed only by the Mega Mewtwo forms and Arceus Himself, Kyurem-B is just as dangerous as it seems. An obscene Attack stat and a great Special Attack stat allow it to attack effectively from both sides of the spectrum, and excellent bulk means it is very difficult to take down. Its ability is also helpful, allowing it to bypass many defensive Pokemon's abilities like Thick Fat or Levitate. An ample movepool gives Kyurem-B strong STAB moves, good coverage options, and a variety of sets it can run. Its good typing gives it many useful resistances to make it easy to create and maintain a Substitute, while it can also be an all-out attacker that is the face of stallbreaking. Kyurem-B's movepool and stat spread allow it to do almost anything it wants and be effective at it, and it is among the most insanely powerful threats of the game.
That's probably it for tonight, but I'll also reserve Mega Aerodactyl and Hippowdon.
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Reserving Genesect and Cresselia.

Type: Bug / Steel
Base Stats: 71 HP / 120 Atk / 95 Def / 120 SpA / 95 SpD / 99 Spe
Ability: Download

Armed with a killer ability in Download, excellent offensive stats, and incredible move coverage, Genesect makes for one of the most influential offensive forces in the metagame. As a Choice Scarf user, Genesect is unparalleled in ability and, by virtue of its wide coverage, it can revenge kill every single Pokemon usable in OU. Genesect is possibly most notorious for its capability to gain momentum with its powerful STAB U-turn, which forces opponents into lose-lose situations. On top of its Choice Scarf sets, Genesect can unleash its sheer power with a Choice Band set, sweep with Shift Gear, or take on the role of an all-out attacker. Indeed, the Paleozoic Pokemon is a very unpredictable Pokemon by nature of the amount of sets it can run, perhaps one of its most deadly traits. Genesect will always be a fearsome threat for as long as it remains in the OverUsed tier and must always be accounted for lest you wish your own demise.

Type: Psychic
Base Stats: 120 HP / 70 Atk / 120 Def / 75 SpA / 130 SpD / 85 Spe
Ability: Levitate

A defensive juggernaut to the core, Cresselia has no issues taking a plethora of hits from the offensive Pokemon littered around the tier. Cresselia's phenomenal mixed bulk in tandem with her access to recovery and Levitate ability allow her to take on common threats such as Terrakion, Dragonite, Garchomp, and Keldeo. Aside from her defensive prowess, Cresselia is also a stupendous dual screener. Cresselia's biggest draw as a utility Pokemon, Lunar Dance, provides Cresselia with a means of completely restoring a battered teammate and distinguishes Cresselia from other users of the dual screens strategy. Despite her lackluster typing, Cresselia shines as one of the greatest mixed walls and supporting Pokemon in the metagame and is a defensive threat which every team should be prepared to deal with.
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Reserving Both Gyaradoses

also jukain why did you only reserve one pokemon even though the op that you created said that you had to reserve two... you fixed it ty
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