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Wait what? If anything this should inspire more people to rise up the ranks so they can make meaningful contributions. Ignoring the fact that this is fucking Pokemon, if a higher barrier of entry is so quick to deter you from contributing then maybe you're not meant to contribute at all. The people who care (and there's a lot of them) will make an effort to have their voices heard. And there's a lot of ways to do that outside of this forum. C&C, RMT, CAP, The Smog, etc. If competitive Pokemon is important to you, let it be known. Getting a badge/Victory Road access/whatever is not that hard if you put in enough effort.
Competitive pokemon is interesting to me.

Smogon is just a forum.

While I do like to have my opinion heard, I don't think this forum is that important to my own enjoyment of the game that I need to make an effort just to have the old users read what I say. I think I deserve better than having to beg and crawl just to be able to talk to a bunch of pokemon players.

I'm an university student, so I already have to do this a lot in real life. I have to lick the shoes of teachers on a regular basis so they will let me progress in the university. I don't need to do that in a second place, and certainly not for fucking pokemon. What is interesting is that this place resembles a lot a real university (which fits with the name of the site): a place where the greatest minds, and the most insufferable egos, gather.

Now, before you say "then just leave", I'd like to point that I'm probably not the only person who thinks like that, and like I said before, I wonder how many people are lacking self-respect enough to join a community where their opinions are treated as worthless as soon as they join. Seems like a pretty interesting group of people, doesn't it.


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you know what the number 1 argument against smogon is? the elitism. you are literally a walking stereotype.
Okay then, smartass, how about you tell us why letting a bunch of noobs with less than a year's worth of competitive experience should influence how Pokemon are ranked by TOP PLAYERS WHO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS?
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