XY Pokémon Models

I like how reuniclus looks to the sides as if it was listening to its two Brains, and then it makes an agreeing motion with its head. Also, while i have no problem with the look of fire, smoke bothers me a little...
Attract: alluring pyrotechnic display
Taunt: Threatening

That's what I think anyways.
The display for attract is not alluring, though, it just pulls out a wand and puts it back in. I could understand it if it did something with the wand, but not just pulling it out.

And what about Torment?
I really, really love the movement of Greninja's tongue scarf. I'm not even kidding when I say this; I sometimes just sit and watch it twirl around.

New one that I'm not a fan of. Beheeyem just kind of awkwardly hovers there with his arms glued to his sides. His arms also look like they're a different shape now. Something about it all just looks wrong. He looks a lot better in his Gen V sprite, IMO.
Kind of off-topic, but I'm replaying SoulSilver right now, and all I have to say is that the sprites in this game look awesome! :O Best sprites in any Pokémon game, in my humble opinion.

Azelf is just adorable. Like, yeah, it might just be hovering there, but when it attacks (like, if it uses Psyshock) it looks really really cute oml and the same goes if it uses other attacks like Fire Blast. @_@
I've yet to use Mesprit or Uxie yet, but that's definitely on my to-do list at some point in the future. xD Can't wait to see what their animations are like!
So, I Masuda'd a shiny Togepi *FIRST TIME WITH A SUCCESSFUL MASUDA* , and evolved it all the way.

Now, you know the brilliant shade of gold gen 5 shiny togekiss is coloured like?

You don't even notice it in gen 6. You couldn't tell if it was a shiny except for the different spot pattern and the gleam when you den it out.

Why GameFrak, why ;-;

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