Gen 3 Yanma (Revamp NU) QC


Yanma differentiates itself from other Substitute and Endure Reserval Pokemon such as Vigoroth with its unique access to Speed Boost and Spikes immunity. The unresisted type combination of Fighting and STAB Flying makes Yanma an absolute menace once the snowball starts rolling. Yanma also has nifty resistances to Grass and Fighting, and an immunity to Ground. However, Yanma suffers from the same issues as any other Endure or SubRev Pokemon: Priority and Physically bulky Pokemon. Yanma’s Attack stat also is decent a best, only dishing meaningful damage while at one HP and at +1. Nevertheless, Yanma is one of NU’s scariest late-game sweepers.

name: SubReversal
move 1: Substitute
move 2: Reversal
move 3: Hidden Power [Flying]
move 4: Protect
item: Liechi Berry
ability: Speed Boost
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

-Substitute blocks Yanma from status, and, more importantly, cuts down its own HP by 25%, allowing Yanma to accumulate several Speed Boosts as it brings itself to maximum Reversal base power and the activation of its Liechi Berry
-Reversal is Yanma's most spammable once it gets down to 1 HP, OHKOing a multitude of Pokemon such as Hitmonchan, Flareon, and Mawile.
-Hidden Power Flying is STAB and synergizes well with Reversal, hitting Bug- and Poison-types such as opposing Yanma, Venomoth, and Roselia super effectively
-Protect ensures that Yanma’s Speed Boost activates before all else, eliminating the majority of the risk associated with utilizing other Endure and SubRev Pokemon, who can be outsped by the opposition.

-An Adamant nature alongside maximum Attack and Speed EVs augment Yanma’s the best opportunity to sweep late-game. Because Yanma will almost always use Protect turn one, it’s more advantageous to utilize an Adamant nature over a Jolly one.
-Unless Yanma can guaranteed get the knockout, subbing down to one HP is by far Yanma’s safest play.
-It’s important to utilize the lack of a Team Preview to your advantage by not bringing Yanma in until late-game when it has the greatest chance of sweeping.
-Special attacking teammates such as Huntail and Haunter that can break down physical walls such as Relicanth, Torkoal, Duskull, and Shuckle all help Yanma sweep late-game by removing some of its greatest checks.

[Other Options]
-Shadow Ball perfectly rounds out Yanma's coverage in tandem with Reversal, but Hidden Power Flying does just as well and receives STAB.
-Toxic is great for nailing switch-ins as they come in such as physically defensive Relicanth. However, Yanma should be played as a late-game role, not a mid-game role.
-Hypnosis can be used in conjunction with Yanma's other ability Compound Eyes on a specially offensive set utilizing Substitute and two of either Psychic, Giga Drain, or a special Hidden Power, most likely Hidden Power Fire. This set can be used early- to mid-game instead of late-game since its focus doesn't revolve around sweeping, but rather incapacitating foes and firing off attacks.
-Hidden Power Bug is Yanma’s strongest Bug-type STAB, but prevents Yanma from using Hidden Power Flying, which undoubtedly is a stronger coverage move to utilize with Reversal.

[Checks and Counters]
-Priority such as Mach Punch from Hitmonchan and Quick Attack from Flareon is the ultimate stop for snowballing Endure and SubRev Pokémon such as Yanma once they bring themselves down to one HP.
-There are certain physically defensive walls that Yanma cannot break even at +1, such as Relicanth, Torkoal, and Duskull.
-Although they are few and far between, Pokemon such as Golbat can phaze Yanma out with Whirlwind.
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I think Protect should go over shadow ball, it allows yanma to do the one thing nothing else in the tier do, and that's (nearly) 100% guarantee manually get down to 1 HP. Everything else like raticate, vigo, Kingler have a decent risk associated with being unable to guarantee that through being outsped/spikes/mach punch. Also think that quality should be highlighted in the overview. The trade off of course being yanma is no where as strong as the other ones

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