Mafia vs Village Yet Another Stupid Mafia - Game over, Masses win


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Villagetown, USA. Population: 25. On the west side of the city, the Goon Squad rules with an iron fist, collecting protection money and internal organs. On the east side, the mysterious Assassins Guild slaughters anyone they please. Caught in the middle are the Masses, hapless and clueless. As you enter the Villagetown city limits, you realize that this all sounds like some sort of cheesy game setup, and in Circus Maximus that can only mean one thing… it’s time for Yet Another Stupid Mafia.

Mafia is a game of deception and psychology, of politics and diplomacy, and above all else, of trying really, really hard to win. It originated as a party game, in which around seven players were split into an uninformed majority team and an informed minority team. The object of the game was for the majority, or “village”, to weed out the minority, or “mafia”, before they were slaughtered. This happened in two phases - a night phase, in which the mafia chose one villager to kill per night, and a day phase, in which all players vote on one individual to kill. As the game evolved, special “roles” evolved which added variety to the night and day phases, such as a doctor who could save a person’s life or a mayor whose vote carried more weight. Third party roles, unaffiliated with village OR mafia, eventually cropped up as well.

Modern Smogon Mafia has evolved far past its party game roots. Because it allows players to communicate by any medium rather than simply posting in the main game thread, it focuses more on politics and information control than simple psychological “scumhunting”. The most common formats are “2v1”, which contains two mafia factions instead of just one, and “multifaction”, which eschews the village vs. mafia format entirely in favor of multiple small factions of equal size, which may be informed or uninformed. This particular game is a 2v1, in which the Goon Squad and Assassins Guild are the mafia factions and the Masses are the village.

While you are alive, you may speak to anyone about the game via any media you see fit, WITH THE EXCEPTION of screenshotting or any other method of showing the exact image on your computer screen to another player. When you die, you may NOT speak to ANYBODY about the game. Dead players will not receive access to the host’s spreadsheet until certain conditions are met. In addition, dead players may not "like" posts.

Night 0
This game will begin on a special phase which will henceforth be referred to as “Night 0”. Killing roles and roles that affect killing roles will not work on Night 0. All other roles will work normally.

Role PMs
Every player has a role PM in a private conversation with a host. Please do not post or copy/paste your role PM on Night 0 - after that, it's fair game. Do NOT invite other players to your PM conversation. You may also leave any night actions you have in the PM conversation.

To lynch another player, post Lynch USER or some variant of this, where USER is the player you wish to lynch. You may also If you wish to change your vote, you may unbold your previous vote and post a new one, edit your original vote, or post Unvote followed by your new vote. I will be lenient on the text of the lynch vote, but NOT on the bolding or the vote change protocol. The player with the most votes will be killed. In the event of a tie, no one will be lynched. When majority vote is reached, there will be a one hour grace period in which any player can change their vote - this is to discourage stealth lynching. Votes on a player not in the game will not be counted.

This game contains items which can be held by players. If you start with an item, you will be told in your role PM. You may pass an item at day or night by sending Walrein a PM titled “Night/Day X - Passing ITEM to USER”. This action has the lowest priority in the game.

The order in which actions will occur has been predetermined and will not be revealed to any players.

Deadlines will be a strictly enforced 48 hours. Extensions will only be granted if there are a large number of important actions are missing, or if you have extenuating circumstances that I might be sympathetic to. Deadlines may be shortened to 24 hours as the game progresses to speed things along. If you think you can pull off a stealth maneuver, go for it.

This game is open themed. Role names were randed off of Wikipedia.

The Masses are the village. The Goon Squad and the Assassins Guild are mafias. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of third party roles.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is required for this game due to its convenience in real-time communication. The official IRC channel for this game is #thegame on the SynIRC network. If you don’t have an IRC client, the Smogon homepage has links to a few good ones. If you do not confirm your IRC access to me during the signup period or on Night 0, you will be subbed out. You may send night actions over IRC, but please make sure I'm active first so I don't miss it.

I really don’t wanna have to godkill people. If you receive a result that forces you to do something under threat of godkill, please comply. If you just forget and it’s harmless, I’ll likely simply nudge you to remember. Godkills WILL occur in the case of blatantly disregarding the rules. Screenshots and deadtalking will also result in instant godkills. If a player is godkilled in the middle of the day, all votes on him will change to votes for no lynch.

The host reserves the right to sub out anyone he feels is an obnoxious idiot. Please don’t make me do this.

Sometime after the game ends (preferably relatively close to the end of the game) I will write and post a postgame analysis, which will feature a recap of events and analysis of the players. Please talk to me about any goings-on during the game so that I can write a better postgame. In addition, please add me to any private IRC channels or spreadsheets you create; my email for spreadsheets is

Alive (11)

Dead (14)
Celever - Gokay Iravul - Super Secret Society of Ambiguous Purpose - Mail Reader/BPV - Lynched D1

Blue_Tornado - Dead Funny - Assassins' Guild - Thief/Hooker - Stabbed by a drumstick N1
Da Letter El - Brent Bolthouse - Goon Squad - Thief/Safeguard - Stabbed by a drumstick N1
Serious Bananas - Brother Roger - The Masses - Watcher - Suffocated in a cargo crate N1

starwarsfan - Hokitika River - Assassins' Guild - Inspector/Rogue - Lynched D2

zorbees - Alexandre Louis Ducrest de Villeneuve - The Masses - Reverse Martyr - Stabbed by a drumstick N2
RBG - The Masses - Bodyguard - Run over N2

Ditto - Ministry - Super Secret Society of Ambiguous Purpose - Inspector/Hooker - Lynched D3

Acklow - Jacquelin Perry - The Masses - Inspector - Papercut to death N3
More Cowbell - Makoto Tamada - Assassins' Guild - Bodyguard/Emerald Assembler - Face melted N3

Empoof - Port of Mainz - Goon Squad - Silencer/Announcer - Lynched D4

Slim Guldo - Busted Heads Records - Assassins' Guild - Freezer/Negative Vote - Lynched D5

penguin344 - Katsuhiko Ishibashi - The Masses - Item Checker/Emerald Assembler - Papercut to death N5

GemOftheDay - Ademir Antonio Bacca - Goon Squad - Inspector/Martyr - Lynched D6

Role PM template:
Walrein said:
Dear USER,
You are Role Name.

A few sentences of flavor.

Every night/every other night/once in the game, you may send Walrein a PM titled “Night X - Verbing USER.” USER will be Verbed, which will have this effect.

[ONLY IF SECOND ACTION]In addition, you may send Walrein...

Any additional role info (BPV, etc etc)

You are holding the <item>. [action text]

You are allied with the Faction. You win if the Faction wins.
Role PMs are going out now. Do not share your role PM with anyone until Day 1.
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All role PMs should be out. If you have a question about your PM, lemme know.

It is now Night 0. Deadline is 48 hours from this post. Remember, kills and actions affecting kills do not work on Night 0, and you may not yet share your role PM with others.

I still require IRC confirmation from the following users:

The IRC channel you're looking for is #thegame
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I am always tired. Don't bother me.

Guys, I believe it is time to implement the new Circus lynchroll.

Lynch Celever.

Anyone who doesn't follow suit or agree to this is scum.


report these users immediately either in this thread or to Jalmont - together, we will take back Villagetown #99%

Da Letter El

Officially internet famous
is a Forum Moderatoris a Community Leader Alumnus
We must lynch Infinity Cypher, he is the owner of #goonsquad

Cypher is TheWorst@Just.Simply.Terrible * ...
Cypher is a registered nick
Cypher on +#thegame ~#young_sister #teammagma #skarmbliss @#onoderanation ~#goonsquad #circus
Cypher using om nom cookies
cypher End of /WHOIS list.

Lynch Infinity.Cypher
We must lynch Infinity Cypher, he is the owner of #goonsquad

Cypher is TheWorst@Just.Simply.Terrible * ...
Cypher is a registered nick
Cypher on +#thegame ~#young_sister #teammagma #skarmbliss @#onoderanation ~#goonsquad #circus
Cypher using om nom cookies
cypher End of /WHOIS list.

Lynch Infinity.Cypher
It's over, it's all over. I've been caught. The game is over. Good game everyone. RIP in peace me.
Walrein I was on IRC earlier today for a while, I signed off because it was literally me, Sandshrewz who was away at the time, and a bot in the channel at the time.

I'll start making it a habit to sign in whenever I have a surfing session but I don't know if I'll be able to sign in before 3 EST tomorrow.

going to bed now tired


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As the first day dawns, you are unsurprised to learn that all 25 of you are accounted for - not a single casualty occurred overnight.

What IS surprising, however, is the booming voice emanating from the speaker in the corner.

Speaker said:
There are four players each on the Goon Squad and the Assassins' Guild.
No further messages are forthcoming. Seems like that's all it has to say for today.

Now that the sun shines high in the sky, it's harder for shadowy forces to hide from the bloodthirsty Masses. It's lynching time.

Results are going out. Please do not post until I give the OK.
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All results should be out. If you didn't receive a result, assume your action was a success. If you still have concerns, let me know.

Day 1 ends March 9th at 10:45 PM GMT-5 (note that because of Daylight Savings Time in the US, the time zone has jumped forward an hour). You may post now.
Lynch Serious Bananas

TBQH this is just a hunch from a few chats with him on irc, but I wanted to bring it to light ASAP. Obviously I don't know his playstyle but has had several (imo quite minor) scum slips which, for me, kinda add up to a safe lynch for day 1. I'm obviously not opposed to No Lynch or a better Lynch but I thought I'd air this nice and early.
[11:38] <Celever> how about a role exchange then? Mine for your's
[11:38] <SeriousBananas> hmmm
[11:38] <SeriousBananas> i'll do active/passive
[11:38] <SeriousBananas> actually i'm gonna wait to see if anything happens first
[11:38] <Celever> so you're just gonna say "my role is passive! :D" or something?
[11:39] <SeriousBananas> there are a couple of people i want to talk to first

Some people wanted the main scumslip posted in the thread so that they can go ahead with the lynch. I talked to him before and the only person in this game who he knows is Jalmont, which means that he would have just said "Jalmont" or even "Someone" but he said people implying a scum team heavily. We really have no better leads, I say go with this one. Like I said before though, I am open to anything else should it come along.

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