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DISCLAIMER: Warning! Some of my stuff might be a little disturbing. Sorry in advance if it disturbs you.

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Ghost/Fire Jirachi: DONE
Electric/Steel Deoxys: DONE
Ice/Fire Swampert: DONE
Remoraid/Gyarados/Milotic: DONE
Mandibuzz: DONE
Hydreigon: DONE
Weavile: DONE
Keledo: DONE
Dark/Fire Lucario: DONE
Mudkip: DONE
Pachirisu: DONE
Ninja Persian: DONE
Dhjona's Agondrais: DONE
Galvantula: DONE
Meloetta-S vs. Wobbuffet: DONE
Super Saiyan Ledian: DONE
Simisear: DONE
Metagross vs. Mamoswine: DONE
Ho-oh: DONE
Lucario: DONE
Latios: DONE
Gardenia using Budewdoken: DONE
Dark/Dragon Latios: DONE
Bisharp: DONE
Magikarp using Hyper Beam: DONE
Drapion: DONE
Reuniclus: DONE
Abnomasnow: DONE
Ditto Transforming into Mewtwo: DONE
Escavalier: DONE
Sceptile using Leaf Storm: DONE
Rayquaza using Dragon Dance: DONE
Purugly using Fury Swipes: DONE
Arceus using Judgement (Normal): DONE
Lapras using Dragon Dance: DONE
Gligar using Swords Dance: DONE
Politoed DONE
Lugia: DONE
Electric/Ice Steelix: DONE
Hariyama: DONE
Houndoom using Dark Pulse: DONE
Omastar using Toxic Spikes/SR: DONE
Shaymin: DONE
Landorus: DONE
Tyranitar vs Salamence: DONE
Hippowdon and Tyranitar: DONE
Espeon: DONE
Mienshao: DONE
Shaymin-S: DONE
Albinoloon's Forregeist: DONE
Chamander: DONE
Sableye: DONE
Zekrom: DONE
Absol/Lucario: DONE
Shiny Rotom: DONE
Samurott: DONE
Thundurus: DONE
Ice/Flying Yanmega: DONE
Night Sunflora:DONE
Nidoking: DONE
Numel: DONE
Klinklang: DONE
Deino using Draco Meteor: DONE
Dark/Fire Reuniclus: DONE
Volcarona vs Scrafty: DONE
Beedrill: DONE
Tangela and Skitty: DONE
Larvesta: DONE
Electric/Fire Jellicent: DONE

Random Pokemon 2012

Random Pokemon 2011

Random Pokemon 2010

Pokemon Type Meme
/TYPEMEME Bug: Escavalier
/TYPEMEME Dark: Honchkrow
/TYPEMEME Normal: Meloetta-P
/TYPEMEME Grass: Lilligant
/TYPEMEME Psychic: Gardevoir
/TYPEMEME Ground: Steelix
TYPEMEME Fire: Heatran
TYPEMEME Fighting: Machamp
TYPEMEME Water: Gyarados
TYPEMEME Poison: Tentacruel
TYPEMEME Rock: Aggron
TYPEMEME Flying: Yanmega
TYPEMEME Dragon: Flygon
TYPEMEME Steel: Metagross
TYPEMEME Ghost: Mismagius
TYPEMEME Ice: Regice

Human Characters:

Pokemon Retypes:

Meloetta and Gardevoir


[Another Pic] [Original Submission] [1]

Originally from my MAC 5 Entry for a fossilmon. She's based off various plants, mainly based off old, ancient amber and pitcher plants.

She's designed to be the bane of most, if not all bug-types around since she's basically something that feeds off them. She can force almost all of them to switch out, save for a few. Grass/Ghost might be a weird defensive typing, but it allows her to resist Ground-type moves and be immune to Fighting-type attacks, two very common physical attacking types. It also allows her to resist Water and Electric from the Special side of the attacking spectrum.

Her ability allows her to mantain some form of offensive presence while sent out and not be a dead weight. She might look like a Special version of Nattorei as I write this, but keep in mind he came out way after I made Amorpha! Competitvely, she can either play the role of a bulky special sweeper or tank. Her middling speed lets her be a good TR sweeper too.

Pokedex Entry:
B: Many a BUG-type dare not look at AMORPHA straight in the eye for that might be their last gaze. AMORPHA however are very passive unless they are hunting.
W: The amber pieces all over AMORPHA's body attract BUG-types which they feed on. How they do this however is unknown.

Amber Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ghost
Ability: Carnivore/Solar Power/Illuminate (DW)
Carnivore: A bug-type Herbivore. It raises Special Attack by one stage when hit by a bug-type move.
HP: 97
ATK: 48
DEF: 112
SPA: 98
SPD: 112
SPE: 58

252 HP/252 SPA/4 SPD
~Tail Glow
~HP Fire
~Shadow Ball
~Energy Ball
Come in on a Bug-type move and set up a Tail Glow. Watch fireworks fly.

[Original Submission]
Voltinne was originally my submission for CAP10 under the concept of a 'utility counter'. I'm turning her into a proper fakemon here. She's mainly based off a sea witch and a squid. As you can see, I changed her design a little too; I modified her 'body' and gave her arms.

I originally intended her to abuse moves with low base power as much as possible with a new ability alongside Technician, but Technician took almost all that there was to abuse. I then looked to something else; I made her everything that Starmie wished to do but couldn't, maybe even more. With that ridiculous speed stat and ways to deal with spin blockers easily, she clears hazards and can support the team in more ways than being cute in a corner.

Pokedex Entry:
B: VOLTINNE has electric cells lining their tentacles which can result in a nasty shock when provoked. They use this to communicate quickly.
W: VOLTINNE are usually found in groups working together to light up the deep depths that they live in. Nobody knows why there aren't any males.

Aquamarine Pokemon
Type: Water/Electric
Ability: Technician/Regeneration/Natural Cure(DW)
HP: 55
ATK: 63
DEF: 90
SPA: 115
SPD: 70
SPE: 132

Voltinne@Life Orb
252 SPA/252 SPE/4 SPD
~Charge Beam
~Ice Beam
Basic sweeping set, but with Charge Beam over Thunderbolt to abuse Technician and to generate a greater offensive presence. Still walled by Blissey, but most Special Attackers are...

252 HP/120 DEF/136 SPD
Regeneration/Natural Cure
~Rapid Spin
~Shadow Ball
Here's where she can really do what Starmie can't. Taunt shut downs whatever tricks bulky ghosts hope to do while Shadow Ball mauls most of them.

[Original Submission] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

My submission for CAP11, designed to be a 'perfect partner' for Togekiss. Seeing the Dark/Fighting type, I couldn't resist designing something based off a cute loli bruiser. See my love for tomboys now? I know it's niche but it's something I don't mind admitting. :) Her original design was not really based off anything but a generic-looking imp/demon thing; I redesigned her again to make her look more fighting-type like and based her more off the looks of a devil and with a dash of a goat demon instead.

As for her competitive concept, I designed her to be the ultimate stallbreaker to take advantage of the unique defensive typing Dark/Fighting gives with equal bulk and massive offensive power for her to perform her job well. With Dark being one of the only types that resist ghost, she can take down guys like Shandera and Gengar really well. However, that fighting-type weakness is a thorn in her side, but that can be solved with a custom ability. Broken? Probably, but that's what fakemon are for... right...?

Pokedex Entry:
B: CARMILITH live almost strictly in pairs, in a master-pupil relationship. Young CARMILITH are rigorously trained by the older ones to fight.
W: It is said that sighting a CARMILITH would mean bad luck, but they are more kind-hearted than most other POKEMON. Their bandages show the amount of harsh training they put themselves through.

Obsidian Pokemon
Type: Dark/Fighting
Ability: Battle Aura/Competitive Spirit/Sheer Force(DW)
Battle Aura: Uses quick and agile movements to avoid the enemy's attacks. Immune to Fighting-type attacks.
HP: 100
ATK: 143
DEF: 70
SPA: 40
SPD: 80
SPE: 92

Carmilith@Life Orb
Jolly, 252 ATK/252 SPE/4 HP
Battle Aura
~Shadow Claw
~Sucker Punch
~Close Combat
Sub + 3 Attacks set. Her high base attack will let her muscle (!) through whatever stands in her way, perhaps maybe Skarmory and friends...

Adamant, 252 HP/252 ATK/4 DEF
Battle Aura
~Sucker Punch
~Bulk Up
~Drain Punch
Taunt + Sucker Punch would gurantee they attack her, easing the prediction on Sucker Punch. Her bulk allows her to take the hits like a champ and Drain Punch allows her to restore the HP she lost in the process.


Was listening to 'Rocky Nebula' from Gurumin (Great game) and thinking about making an ultimate spin blocker for Sandstorm teams; one that also takes full advantage of the Special Defense boost that Rock-types get from Sand Stream to the fullest. This was the result. Why Ghost/Rock? Well, one of the most prominent pjhysical attacking types is fighting and I want to offset it completely, so it ended up like that.

Ore Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Rock
Ability: Sand Stream/Levitate/Strudy(DW)
HP: 55
ATK: 55
DEF: 80
SPA: 110
SPD: 145
SPE: 80

252 HP/252 SPD/4 SPA
Sand Stream
~Shadow Ball
~Pain Split
~Power Gem
~Calm Mind
A dedicated boosting tank. Watch out for physical moves however.

Necturna (CAP2)
Whoah, thats like, really, really good. All of it. My favorite is the Flower Gift one, made me giggle. Really cool art and such. I like the style how its kinda like a comic book with coloring and whatnot (at least the Hera re-type).


greyscale superhero
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jesus your lines are so damn smooth

are they drawn by hand or is there some mad skills pen tool work at play?
Aw, come on, you guys are giving me more credit than I'm worth...

the Donphan is great, and so is.. well.. everything!
Wow, nice Steelix! You're an awesome artist.
Those 2 were done really long ago; I thought they were pretty bad. I might re-do a grass/flying Steelix though...

Why did you give the heracross the awful mence wings? Other than that good stuff.
I wanted to emphasize the dragon-typing. I suppose I could have done something else, though...

Maya was always a super creepy MVP.
a super cute and underrated one too.


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thanks for the heads-up, rough lines kill me, i'll have to give SAI a try

also echoing the sentiments about your aggron, it really is incredibly well done. the colours look great

loved (and voted for!) your cap 10 btw
Updating with a bunch of surrealistic pics in the OP.

Some of these might be a little disturbing to some of you, so here's a heads up first.

Should I re-start my fakedex...?

EDIT: Also updating with another retype

Rocket Grunt

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Yo that Ice scizor is fucking pro, dude. I love the way you use these jagged highlights on your guys, and everything is so bright and clean! Really amazing stuff, man. You have this fantastic sense for monster design, I really really love all of your retypes ... especially grass type Steelix. I'd fucking run six of them on the same team. Wicked badass, haha.

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