Yilx first place artist

I always thought your artwork for CAP was amazing, but this stuff just blows that out of the water. Really good job, I'll have to use these to practice on.
Hey could you maybe do a cool Accelgor picture with LRXC in it (My name initials) For a smogon avatar? That would be SICK and omg, your artwork is so amazing and inspiring, seriously, keep up the amazing work man, you will go far.


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So I actually spent my whole night looking through this entire thread from start to finish. I didn't intend to but your art is just mesmerizing! With watching this thread grow and all the people supporting it, this is probably one of my favourite threads. It was fascinating when you took on each request and managed to fulfill each one while juggling real life issues, too. There were also moments in this thread that were pretty great, the golden luvdiscs, which really showed how much these people appreciated your artwork and all. Along with the "near the end" posts with bummer (and co)'s insightful criticism XD. I was really sad when I realized that I was catching up with the more recent posts, nonetheless, fantastic thread! You have definitely inspired me (and many other people) ^^


(lol, this seemed fitting >w>)
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Yilx YOOO sick Mega dude! Could I request some ideas for you to draw next (some personal ones) 1. Definetly Mega-Accelgor, and possibly add a Mega-Escavilier for the duo kind of thing. And then I would like to see your take on a Mega-Rapidash :)
You are the best artist there ever can be. I mean I couldn't stop looking and checked the whole thread from start to end. Keep up the extremely magnificent work.

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