Yoshiblaze's Breedject Bazaar [Open]

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Hey. Sorry about the delay. Had a few unexpected errands to run and my Switch was having unusual internet issues so it took a while
to fix it. (Failed to take that into consideration cuz all my other wireless devices were working.)
It should be good to go now. I tested a few surprise trade and regular trades and it worked just fine.
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Here is a photo of the eevee for transparency.

I assume you're asleep if you're in a different time zone so we can resume our trade tomorrow. (Pacific Time over here) I can send you the link code by pm once you're ready or vice versa.

Because I'm still awake for no good reason, I'm able to trade now if you want
CMT for Chewtle 1x 31/31/xx/31/31/31 please! Everything listed in there is available as a breedject (including growlithe in the coming soon section)
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Hello there. I'm interested in the 31/xx/31/31/31/xx Male Indeedee and the 31/31/31/31/31/xx Female Indeedee.

I have the following Mints for them: Calm, Careful, Naive, Quiet, Rash and Relaxed. Is this alright or would you like some bigger offer with one or some of the Mints?
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