you get sent into an alternate universe and have a meetup with the alternate you. what comedic hi-jinx ensue?

Fusion Flare

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Hello, hello, ladies gentlemen, others who do not fit such categories, my name is Dr. Flare and today we'll be testing out our brand new Universe Jumper 5000! Tune in as we send one guinea pig into an alternate dimension using physics that we won't be talking about!

...oh, you're probably awaiting the guinea pig to jump in now, aren't you? oh, silly forum-goer, you're the guinea pig.

Cmon now, into the portal with you! Chop, chop, science isn't gonna advance itself! No time like the present! Come back by dinner! We're having meatloaf!

Oh heavens, what hi-jinx shall ensue as our forum-goer guinea pig is sent into a world they don't belong in? Ooh, the anticipation! The cliffhanger! The drama!
I'd take my alternate self into the core universe because why not

after all alternate dimensions exist in bionicle, how 'bout we bring an alternate me from one of those dimensions and see how it'd be like?

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