You guys need more "Approved" stamps.


Was fun while it lasted
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So I talked to Birkal and he said he wouldn't be doing any more of these for a while, so I guess this thread can be locked


Or I guess I could download some software off the internet and spend a day making a half-arsed effort despite my complete lack of knowledge of image editing software to make fuzzy low-quality stamps that nobody wants

So merry christmas to C&C

Electrolyte this was a very disappointing episode imo

GatoDelFuego both of yours were huge and wouldn't fit into an 80x80 box so I just made the best of it

Kingler12345 marill, sure why not

Oglemi can't this chick put her hand closer to her head

RitterCat sorry this one came out so fuzzy, I might try redoing it later since it's so short

Shame That oh god I'm sorry for the quality on this, I tried so hard I really did

NB. I only did these for the GP team since the QC teams are terrible and don't deserve owt



Ok fine whatever

BKC running out of things to say

blarajan no comment

ebeast fsr the weeb stamps came out much better, not sure why

FLCL anime+

Lasagne21 anime+

mikel ehh it was never going to be great

PK Gaming sorry this is slightly off-centre to get the guy's head in, forgive me

ShootingStarmie didn't see you already had one so consider this a freebie

Oh one last thing

Halcyon. I was going to do yours and then I realised that I have no idea what you do


it's not like I did this because I LIKE you guys or anything

so uh happy crimbo and all that, if anybody else wants a stamp then post here and I might do it in the next three months, or maybe somebody who can actually make these things properly will show up and redo all of the above and I'll go cry in a corner and


seriously Birkal/AG how do you maintain picture quality when you're resizing these gifs? Is it some sort of photoshop thing?

oh one last thing, please don't ask for a stamp unless you don't already have one, unless you're on both QC and GP and want one of each - also try to make them short and easy to fit in an 80x80 or 100x100 square

oh and I'll maybe do Oglemi's monster gif later when I feel up to it
I decided to try my hand at this stamp stuff and made one for myself.

It turns out that this can be done rather easily without the need to download any programs. I made this entirely with Online Image Editor, as well as ezGIF because it handles crops and resizes with somewhat higher quality. I can probably help with turning GIFs into stamps when people need them.

EDIT: For some reason I decided to make like a zillion of these stupid things.
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