You have 6 pokemon to protect the world. Who do you choose?

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Hi guys, just a random idea and a bit of fun.

Anyways, You're in the pokemon world as an elite special operative of the government. Calamities are happening left and right. Groups like Team Rocket, Galactic, and so on are threatening millions with their schemes. Natural disasters are happening left and right. The nations of the world have spared no expense, collecting rare and powerful pokemon all over the world. You have access to many legendary pokemon that people would only dream of, but you can only choose 6.

  • Threats include Meteors, Natural disasters, legendary pokemon and pokemon hordes, terrorism, environmental disasters, and any other threat you can think of
  • Try to balance your team to take on a variety of challenges and support eachother well.
  • No Arceus, and no pokemon that can transform (else you wind up with like 6 Mega Rayquaza or 5 Girantinas and a shuckle idk)
  • Be realistic, you'll have to get around the world quickly and may need to split up your team. pokemon with information gathering abilities may prove useful.

Sample team:


Rayquaza protects the world from Meteors and atmospheric threats, as well as being the first response to Groudon and Kyogre. As Mega Rayquaza, it becomes even stronger, being the last resort for the toughest of foes including Arceus, Girantina, the Primals, and the ultra beasts.


Deoxys is a versatile pokemon, able to travel around the world extremely quickly in it's speed form, gathering information and being able to outpace many fast and flying threats. It can also assist Mega Rayquaza in space. Lastly it's abilities lend it well to counter-terrorism, search and rescue, and other operations.

Zygarde complete

Zygarde Complete form is an incredibly strong pokemon, towering in the sky and able to take on many strong pokemon such as Zekrom, Reshiram, Ultra beasts, and so on. It is also highly in tune with the environment, and has strong information gathering abilities as the protector of the ecosystem.


Lugia is the guardian of the sea, protecting the coastlines from flood/hurricanes with it's devastatingly powerful wings (it can litteraly cause a 40 day storm and rip buildings apart with the windforce alone). Can also help nations affected by drought and aid in battle against land based threats, as well as telepathy, helping to communicate with Deoxys and the rest of the team. Lugia has shown the ability to talk, meaning it is extremely intelligent and possibly helping in convincing terrorists. Lastly it would be the primary method of travel for getting around the world, as you can ride on it's back.


Among the deadliest threats in the pokemon world is Yvetal, able to inflict catastrophic damage to entire nations by absorbing all life around it. Xerneas is suited to dealing with Yvetal and has a favourable matchup against many of the strong legendaries such as Latios, Latias, Palkia, the sacred sword beasts, and so on. Lastly it has healing abilities for restoring injured people/pokemon.


Regigigas rounds off the team with it's raw power, having moved the continents long ago. With it's brute strength and endurance, this pokemon would have a logistics role moving heavy equipment into position, as well as helping to hold off powerful opponents until the rest of the team can respond.

Can't wait to see your responses and what teams you guys make!


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