you wouldn't download a multiple open-vacuum arcade

Seven kinds of Bikmin from Bikmin 269; the Icecream Bikmin is the only one not to come from that game.

Bone Bikmin = Fire
Shroom Bikmin = Poison (reskinned as "shroom")
Moai Bikmin = no immunities
Koopa Bikmin = Crushing, Explosions, can somehow swim (replaces both Rock and Winged Pikmin
Minion Bikmin = Electricity
Ice-Cream Bikmin = Ice (not in 269)
Egg Bikmin = Water
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formerly ChaosLucaro
Its pretty amazing to see that you seem to be very talented with hardware stuff.

Even more for me since I already fail at the simple stuff. (No seriously, am impressed how well you can work with hardware)
Why thank you Lyci!

I honestly only got into this stuff in the past two or three years as a hobby, so I'm delighted to find out that people like my stuff despite my lack of experience in this field. Thinking about it, case design is likely my newfound specialty in terms of physical media.

Another piece of Hazel between my tenth anniversary of this thread and her 27th birthday, the latter of which would land on the 18th.

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