Approved Your Epic Guide to Dank Memes on PS! Part 2: Night of the Memes

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for sure
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Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns controlled by something greater: Memes. The DNA of the soul.
  • I'm really feeling it
    • i'm really feeling that this will be a good article. approve it, you oppressive mods.
  • salt
    • when players on the ladder lose badly, they tend to get salty.
    • this can easily be determined if your opponent's tears taste salty when your shedinja OHKOes his entire team in just one Final Gambit
    • (only works with max hp shedinja)
  • diggersby tho
    • it should be known that showdown's meme quality is incredibly high compared to that of other meme-sites
    • that being said, diggersby tho marked the golden age in memeing for pokemon battlers
    • in this period, diggersby was very common, because it was used mainly for the purpose of checking spinda, a threat that ran rampant in OU
    • once spinda was banned to Super Duper Ultra Mega Ubers™, diggersby fell back to BL usage
  • rof
    • rof
  • conclusion
    • something something meme
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The first article was received extraordinarily well by the readership, so I am happy to approve this so long as we can expect to see similar results. I'll leave it open for a bit though to allow others to comment on.
Yeah looking at viewing stats the first edition of this article was the most popular article ever in The Player (issue 10 was also our most viewed issue!) so I'm definitely cool with this. I'll wait for ante though since I think he had some thoughts on the first edition.
I'm not familiar with "I'm really feeling it"

but since this was well-received, might as well push a second edition through.
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