All Gens Your Favorite Mons across the Generations (No S Ranks!)

For each OU generation, choose your favorite mon (which isn't in the S rank), and explain why you really like it.

Here's an example for Gen 2 OU: My favorite mon is Marowak!

It is a completely unique mon, in that it is one of only two "power based" stallbreakers in the meta along with BDLax. BDLax is better, but Wak is still more powerful, and for me I really think it plays a big part in why anyone even bothered with the meta. Without potent stallbreakers the interest in it would be minimal as stallfests would be an unbreakable cycle. Obviously there's also boom offense, but historically that wasn't the first team archetype which I think challenged stall if my history is correct.

TLDR: It's a cool mon, that traded its recovery (some even say it's very soul!) for the ability to hit like a fucking truck.
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Gen 4 OU: Infernape

First Pokemon I used in 2007 and challenged xtra$hine to a D/P wifi battle in my first ever Pokémon online match. This Pokemon then allowed me to crush BKC on xat when he was pre-super saiyan mode and showed him that Blaziken is infact not the best Fire Pokémon. I then got absolutely hammered when Sweepage used a yanmega which just protected and one shotted Ape which I was gobsmacked.
All jokes aside, not the most impressive offensive stats but a good speed tier in DPP and insanely good base 120 STAB attacks. This is the definition of a Pokémon that punishes poor plays by the opponent. Lots of great items it can use and nice varied movepool.

Oh, Infernape just screams authority. What a don.
Any generation: Tangela.

Tangela has always been my favorite mon.
In gen 1 through 3 it was an okay tank which was generally just cute and fun to use.
Gen 4 brought Tangrowth whose existence is dreadful, BUT
In gen 5, eviolite and tangrowth made Tangela into the lovely regenerating stallcritter is is.

Tl;dr I love Tangela and Regenerator thanks to Eviolite.
Why is this thread so empty? Lets contribute a little:


Probably the Mon I use the mosy in RBY after Big 4 and maybe Jynx (best lead). Not that I don,t like Starmie or Alakazam... well, in the case of Starmie I kinda truly don,t like it, always useless in my hands and broken against me.
Back to Rhydon, it has huge power, flawless coverage just between STABs, 101 Subs, explosion absorbtion and it makes Zapdos totally useless. Its just so good, especially with Para support. Right now, I probably have more (good) RBY teams with Rhydon than without it.


A flexible Mon that has almost no reliable counters. It can do everything for a team, statusing, stealing an item, exploding, coming carefully on a Electric/Snorlax/Machamp/Ground/Vaporeon, etc. . Like the Big 4 of this Gen, its a Mon that is never useless.


A Mon with potential to clean entire teams and save otherwise lost battles with some luck. I like Mons like this one. It outspeeds everything, its powerful, it has perfect coverage and even the sturdiest phisical walls can end up losing to the 30% flinch chance. It has just one set (well, kinda. Will definetely have just one if DrumPass gets banned. Sub-Pressure sets don,t count) but that one is all Aero needs.


Best Scarfer of the game. Thats already enough for me, as I tend to struggle choosing the scarfers. It has U-Turn (the one move that separates good Scarfer from bad ones), it resists hazards, it hits hard and its bulk is not that bad for an offensive Mon. Also, there are plenty of other sets to choose from if for some reason I decide to use another Scarfer.


I don,t like defensive Drill at all as a Spinner in BW. Same for defensive Starmie, which even loses to the one good spinblocker. Offensive versions of both Mons are better but not as reliable. Forretress is terrible, and while Donphan is decent, its hard to fit with so many good Ground types (see: Chomp, Lando, Hippo, Gliscor, etc.) in this Meta. So, what is left? Tenta! And he is amazing and reliable at this role. People tend to discard Tenta as a Rain only Mon, but he is equally good on Weatherless, Sand, Hail and even Sun. In every situation it helps a lot against opposing Rain, which is really common. And if the opponent doesn,t bring Rain... well, Tenta will still have some turns to Spin, put Tspikes or status something, you just have to play offensively with the rest of the team. Every single (Bad) tiering decision has been making Tentacruel better, as now he doesn,t have to worry about being trapped, being set-up fodder for Venu in Sun or for BP teams. In a gen in which Spikes are broken, having a great easy to use spinner like this one is always useful.


The balanced core I tend to use to cover half of the Meta in 2 slots. This is the one (Old) Gen where defensive Drill is good, as there is almost no Rain and Fairies now exist. With Clefable being S Rank and a common rocker even after Sableye got banned, Drill shines in this Meta. It will always find a chance to either set Rocks or remove them and Gyarados abuses those Rocks with Roar. Speaking of Gyarados, his defensive typing, like Drill one, is really underrated. He checks Heatran, both Zards, Keldeo, Lopunny, Volcarona, Swampert and Talonflame among others. If its Mega defensive, it loses the ability to check some of the above, but gains it against Bisharp, Weavile, Crawdaunt and will start to take Electric Moves. It absorbs Status and it will take hits from dangerous set-up Mons like Zard-X, Manaphy, Serperior, Suicune, Tbolt Less Mega Latias and Clefable, easily phazing them away.
Drill and Gyara both have amazing defensive sinergy, but can function individually. And of course, both have some other Sets, with Gyarados having a good Mega DDance set and Drill being a Sand Sweeper, where it still can use Leftovers to last longer.

RBY Jolteon is easily one of my favourite pokemon. It's really good in its own right and is incredibly versatile, able to function as a lead, sweeper or even midgame as something of a wallbreaker. Most importantly, its ability to act as at least a soft check to every water type in RBY as well as countering Zapdos means that it can be used to unlock some really cool, unorthodox teams. Of course, it's not great as a defensive option, but thankfully its offensive potential is easily enough to make up for it. Unfortunately, the aforementioned teams are very niche, and if you're sticking to more standard teams you're usually better off using Zap especially since Zap generally outclasses Jolt as a sweeper, while standard teams don't usually need Jolt's broader threat coverage. Still, I've had a lot of fun using Jolt on non-standard teams in the past.

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Banned deucer.

ADV Heracross is a really nightmare to face against. 125 base Attack stat is a thing specially when it has access to powerful STAB moves as Megahorn and Focus Punch. It also has access to coverage moves, mainly Rock Slide and HP Ghost, along with boosting moves in form of Swords Dance. Although his offensive potential is extremely dangerous, defensively Heracross is not as fragile as it seems. 80/75/95 base stats are good enough to avoid OHKO from super effective attacks such as Psychic from offensive Starmie. Its main drawbacks, in my opinion, are low speed compared to other sweepers, Sand Storm weakness and Dugtrio, who traps, outspeeds and OHKO with Aerial Ace.

Overall I love Heracross and the preassure it puts on some stall and slow teams that lack Salamence/Gyarados/Gengar.
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I've always liked Jirachi throughout all the gens it's been in but Gen 3 Jirachi is probably my favorite. I really like Jirachi for it's ability to Calm Mind up and sweep or pass wishes around. It also has pretty good coverage moves like Fire Punch to take out opposing Steel-types that Psychic can't, and Thunderbolt though I usually prefer Hidden Power Grass. Jirachi can also be played both offensively and defensively because of as stated earlier, it's ability to calm mind and wish.

May not be the best in the tier but I'll always love this boi.

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