Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

I'm curious to know what your favorite background theme is from Pokemon. It can be battles, cities, routes, anything really. Themes from the anime counts too, I guess.

What do you like about the theme, and when did you realize it's your favorite theme?

You may pick several themes if you explain why you like each one.

If it's a theme used in multiple generations, you can pick the specific generation you liked it in the most.
My favorite theme is Cerulean/Fuchsia city, circa generation 1. It's very pleasing to my ears and almost has a music box-like charm to it. Considering the town it's a background theme for, I feel it's the perfect embodiment of "blue". It was a favorite from the very first moment I heard it.

I also like the instrumentation used in FireRed/LeafGreen. I have yet to find another game that has a similar sound. The remixed versions of G/S/C themes in the Sevii Islands gave me my first taste of nostalgia, and I loved it.

The Avalanches

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Here ya go

1. Lance/Red Battle - GSC
2. Frontier Brain Battle - RSE
3. N's Final Battle - BW
4. Champion Battle - RBY
5. Iris Battle - B2W2
6. Humilau City Gym - B2W2
7. Wally Battle - ORAS
8. Kalos Elite Four Battle - XY
9. Cynthia Battle - DPPt
10. Gym - GSC
11. Xerneas/Yveltal Battle - XY
12. Pokeball Factory - XY
13. Snowpoint Temple - DPPt
14. Lake Valor/Verity/Acuity - DPPt
15. Gym Leader Battle - GSC
16. Rival Battle - B2W2
17. Virbank City Gym - B2W2
18. Route 28 - GSC
19. Azalea Town - GSC
20. Cyrus Battle - DPPt
21. Groudon/Kyogre Battle - RSE
22. Route 34 - GSC
23. Archie/Maxie Battle - ORAS
24. Rotom Battle - DPPt
25. Elite Four Battle - B2W2
26. Kanto Gym Leader Battle - GSC
27. Sealed Chamber - RSE
28. S.S Aqua - GSC
29. Marine Tube - B2W2
30. Steven Battle - RSE
31. Iccirus City - B2W2
32. Gym Leader Battle - B2W2
33. Regi Battle - RSE
34. Gym Leader Battle - DPPt
35. Bianca Battle - BW
36. Gen V Legendary Battle - ORAS
37. Valley Windworks - DPPt
38. Meteor Falls - RSE
39. Gym Leader Battle - RBY
40. Bicycle - GSC
41. Pokemon League - GSC
42. National Park - GSC
43. Mahogany Town - GSC
44. Nimbasa City Gym - B2W2
45. Mt. Pyre Exterior - RSE
46. Gym Leader Battle - XY
47. Evergrande City - RSE
48. Team Galactic Grunt Battle - DPPt
49. Pokemon League - XY
50. Pokemon Tower - FRLG
51. Rival Battle - GSC
52. Diantha Battle - XY
53. Floaroma Town - DPPt
54. Ecruteak City - GSC
55. Abandoned Ship - RSE
56. Lysandre Battle - XY
57. Lake of Rage - GSC
58. Rival Battle - DPPt
59. Surfing - GSC
60. Pokemon Center (Night) - DPPt
61. Route 18 - XY
62. Ilex Forest - GSC
63. Rival Battle - RSE
64. Gym Battle - RSE
65. Zinnia Battle - ORAS
66. Lilycove City - RSE
67. Fortree City - RSE
68. Goldenrod City - GSC
69. Route 32 - GSC
70. Lake Trio Battle - DPPt
71. Couriway Town - XY
72. Game Corner - GSC
73. Rustboro City - RSE
74. Route 112 - RSE
75. Ice Path - GSC
76. Amity Square - DPPt
77. Underwater - RSE
78. Mewtwo Battle - XY
79. Oceanic Museum - RSE
80. Veilstone City - DPPt
81. Celadon City - RBY
82. Battle Frontier - RSE
83. Cinnabar Island - RBY
84. Route 119 - RSE
85. Mt. Chimney - RSE
86. Route 9 - RBY
87. Violet City - GSC
88. Surfing - DPPt
89. Team Magma/Aqua Battle - RSE
90. Battle Resort - ORAS
91. Saffron City - GSC
92. Team Plasma Battle - B2W2
93. Team Rocket Battle - GSC
94. Cerulean City - RBY
95. Route 205 - DPPt
96. Route 25 - RSE
97. Elite Four Battle - RSE
98. Route 123 - RSE
99. Petalburg Woods - RSE
100. Mt. Coronet Summit - DPPt

The Top 10 mostly consist of the most energetic battle themes as my favourite two gym themes.


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I think this is the third or fourth thread about this topic I've seen in OI, but the last one hasn't been posted in since August. Going back through the forum pages (which is rather depressing, since 60 % of it are stupid threads we've locked and deleted), I find three "Favourite theme" threads this past year only.

Still, it's been a while since the last one, so I'll keep this open and un-merged for now. At least I'll talk to the other mods before doing anything.


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There's too many good Pokemon themes. Here are "some" of my favorites:

Route 11 - RBY/FRLG
Cinnabar Island
Gym Leader - RBY/FRLG
Lake of Rage
Goldenrod City/Bicycle (they're both the same but at different speeds)
Lance/Red Battle
Legendary Beasts
Route 110
Route 120
Lilycove/Pacifidlog City
Frontier Brain Battle - Emerald
Steven Battle
Archie Maxie Battle
Route 210
Sunyshore City
Team Galactic Grunts
Route 10 - BW
Colress Battle
Driftveil City
Route 15 - XY

Not really a fan of the XY soundtrack, more of a Hoenn fan if you ask me.

The Avalanches

I’m probably not gonna love Gen 8
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This is my favorite, definitely. Sometimes I just turn up the volume when it comes on and relax and sit there.
I love the way the nighttime theme is a low-energy more relaxed version of the daytime theme. It reminds me a lot of DPPt's night music, which I'm a huge fan of.
Here's some:
Pallet Town
Route 1
These sum up the fun of starting an adventure.
Kanto Wild Encounter Theme
To me, this is the definitive battle theme of the series. Mostly because I spent a lot of time as a kid playing Free Battle in Pokémon Stadium.
Goldenrod City / Bicycle Theme
Lavender Town

I love ghosts and anything spooky. Gengar is my favorite Pokémon and Mega. Giratina is my favorite legendary. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Need I go on on why I love this theme?
The Main Pokémon Theme
Too classic to need to explain, do I?
Gym Leader Battle Theme
The first time I ever heard this was on Stadium and the anime, so this is what I think of when I think of Gym Battles.
Jublife City
This is nostalgic for me (well, as nostalgic as something can be from when you were 16 and are currently in your early 20s). So many good times trading on the GTS.
Vs Rival (Black and White)
This remains my favorite rival theme. I don't know why, it just brought a smile to my face every time I heard it playing through the game.
An Unwavering Heart
I don't remember this theme until I heard it in Y. It's really good. It reminds me of "Here With You" from my favorite anime, Future Diary*.
Virbank Gym
I enjoyed the concept of a gym that was also a club and this variant of the classic gym theme was great. Also was the first time we've actually heard a NPC in the games.
Lumoise City
I just love this theme. It just has a great feeling to it. Also, it is the only overworld theme that cannot be overridden by the bicycle. That is the greatness of Lumoise!
Snowbelle City
I do enjoy this theme a lot. It's just pretty.
Hall of Fame (especially the X and Y version)
The Hall of Fame theme had to be in there. That feeling of triumph is spot on. The X and Y version of it is the best.
Littleroot Town
Another great example of home town greatness. Plus, this really sets the standard for the remixes we hear in ORAS.
Vs Zinnia
Vs Wally
Both are good, but they are very repetitive, even for video game music, so that knocks them down a bit.
Dig! Dig! Dig!
I was very good at this mini-game, so I have good memories of it.

*Me obsessed with yandere? [sarcasm]No.[/sarcasm]


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Remakes included in the original gen #. Music not available in the original will be placed there.

Gen 1
1) Champion Battle
2) Gym Leader Battle
3) Team Rocket Hideout / Cerulean Cave

Gen 2
1) Lance / Red Battle
2) Route 26
3) Lake of Rage

Gen 3
1) Zinnia Battle
2) Kyogre / Groudon's Battle
3) Deoxys Battle

Honorable mentions include Zinnia's sorrow theme, Battle Frontier Brain battle, and Regi cave.

Gen 4
1) Mystery Zone
2) Giratina Battle
3) Cynthia Battle

Gen 5
1) B/W Credits
2) N's Castle Bridge
3) World Champion Finals (The one they use for vgc)

BW had a lot of good music, including N's final battle, Icirrus city, Elite 4, Dragonspiral Tower, Nimbasa City, BW2 Route 23, and even BW2's Ghetsis theme.

Gen 6
1) Xerneas / Yveltal / Zygarde Battle
2) Pokeball Factory
3) Route 15
The nighttime themes in D/P/Pt were nice and relaxing. Reminds me somewhat of using the Eon Flute at night in ORAS.
The entire gen 1 and gen 2 soundtracks just ooze childhood nostalgia for me. If I had to pick a single theme, I'd have to choose Route 1. It sets the tone for the carefree beginning; you aren't a pokemon master yet, you're not out to thwart a criminal syndicate yet, you're not on the trail of legendary pokemon yet, you're just off on a journey. Simple, elegant, and sets the mood for the early portion of the game and much of the series. A close second, though, has to be its diametric opposite: Lavender town. Lavender town encapsulates the darker side of the pokemon series, and in many ways is the perfect complement the early carefree Route 1 theme.
Oh man, there are too many good pokemon themes to name them. The one that takes the cake has got to be the lance/red champion music. It's so intense how it starts out slow then builds. I don't think any other song compares to it. The real question is whether the original or remake is better!
I feel like one of the few people who's favorite Champion theme is the Hoenn theme.

What makes this one my favorite are probably 2 things
1. I love the instrumentation, one of the few tracks where I think the trumpets and brass instruments Gen 3 is infamous for actually worked to its advantage.

2. I just think it has the most fitting feel for a Champion theme. Gen 1 and Gen 2 sound great, but something about them strikes me more as "battle montage" than music for the battle itself. Like, the parts they build to and how they're constructed seem more like music where you'd flash in at the dramatic moments to coincide with the song. I could picture the Gen 3 music playing over the entirety of the battle and being more "in-sync" with it.

While I'm not sure I'd call it my favorite overall theme (Strong contenders include N's Final Battle, XY Trainer Battle, Ho-Oh's theme to name a few), I feel like it's the song that best fits how it's used in the game.
Blue (Gary, whatever you named your gen 1 rival) and Diantha's theme are my favorite champion themes.

I especially love the discordant way that Blue's theme goes.
Favorite Battle Theme- Victory Lies Before You! (B2/W2)
Favorite Route Theme- Route 104 (R/S/E)
Favorite Anime Opening- I Wanna Be A Hero (Honorable: Unbeatable)
Favorite Gen I Theme- Pkmn Center and Gym Leader Theme
Favorite Gen II Theme- Very Few. I like Olivine Lighthouse and the Cave Theme
Favorite Gen III Theme- Route 104
Favorite Gen IV Theme- Vs Frontier Brain and Palkia / Dialga Battle
Favorite Gen V Theme- Victory Lies Before You (B2/W2)
Favorite Gen VI Theme- Snowbelle City
Underrated Theme- Dance Inferno (Poke Park 2)
Overrated Theme- Vs N (B/W)
Either N's Final battle theme in BW1 or Cyrus' theme in Platinum. Both were epic and stayed in my memory since my early childhood.

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