Your favourite albums?

Sooo I kinda like prog. Also I didn't include EPs, because I initially thought they weren't an option and by the time I realised they were I couldn't be bothered to go back and change the order of everything, otherwise Meshuggah's I, Ne Obliviscaris' Hiraeth and Trepalium's Voodoo Moonshine would all be in there. Rpboably inconsistent seeing as I included Kubark's Ulysses, which they call a full album despite being closer in length to an EP imo. Also the tier cutoffs were annoying, I would have Fables and Portal of I in a separate tier, everything from Aenigma above separate from those below and everything from The Time Traveller up separate from those below.


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No specific order went with Collage because it's hard to really rank favorite albums and not something I generally like to do regarding my own personal tastes. Mentionable nods to the entire Hexual Sealings by Knxwledge catalog which is like +10 bodies of works, Mndsgn discography, and the Ohliv discography. Probably missing tons of stuff cause I sort of value songs more than albums a lot of times, just me though. Shoutouts MajesticM for putting me on to H.E.R. which is one of my favorite EPs in a long time.


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IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER BECAUSE IM INDECISIVE AND BECAUSE I HAVE A BAD MEMORY AND FORGOT A LOT OF ALBUMS. Top 4 isn't even my top 4 i just put a bunch of my favorite albums there since on any given day it could be different.

dude holy shit i was pretty sure i was the only one who had listened to that Children of Nova album
dude holy shit i was pretty sure i was the only one who had listened to that Children of Nova album
i just recently listened to it. Complexity of Light was a sort of dlc in rock band, thats where i remember hearing it. A few months ago I was trying to remember what it was and eventually got it. After a while of just listening to the song itself i listened to the album and it was dope.

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this was pretty hard. i'd say top 20 + like half of the "other favorites" is decently accurate. my music tastes have changed quite a bit over the past year or so, and before that, they were pretty much the same for a good... 3 years or so with a little bit of "exploration" here and there. because of that things seem really weighted towards certain genres and/or artists. i pretty much just put 10-15 albums that i would CONSTANTLY listen to in the other favorites section to fill it out, so those albums are ones i either don't regard as highly today or don't listen to nearly as often.

top 20 is PRETTY MUCH in order. i really wanna do this in a few months or something to see how it changes since there are some albums and artists i've only recently started looking at that i didn't want to put in here yet.


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This shit was difficult to put together. My top 20 are what I religiously listen to on a daily/weekly basis. After the top 20, it's like trying to pick a favorite child ;_;. But yeah, as you can tell, some artists are way more favored than others, but my Top 4 are basically the albums where i cannot go a day without listening to at least one song off of any of those four albums (Animals such an amazing Floyd album oml). Love seeing everyone else's choices too, gives me a ton of albums to go listen to.
I seriously wish I could do those kinds of Posts Right now. But I cannot because of time constraints via College Projects. Especially nearing graduation. However, thanks to Spotify, I get to have the following music albums to play a lot:

Battlecry (Thomas Bregensen)
Skyworld (Thomas Bregensen)
Carpenters 35th Anniversary
Sun (Thomas Bregensen)

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