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So as everyone knows, we're all old in Circus now and we like to sit around on our rocking chairs reliving mafia games long gone. Hell, I'm pretty sure all of us are holding onto some grudge or another from a game that was played out in years past. I thought it would be fun to have a thread where people posted their favourite games from the past (not necessarily mafia) and why, their memories, etc.

I'll start off, I always love these.

Big Mafia
  • Pokémon Mafia 1 (won) -- I spent most of this game stressed, complaining, or arguing with Raikage (the host), but I think this was one of the best big mafias we've had and I really liked my team. It's definitely one of the most memorable ones for me, and I was only stressed because I was so emotionally invested. This game is also one of the highlights of my mafia career play-wise, even though I got myself killed. I think the role concepts were really great, especially on the Devious, even though we misused them trying to get others godkilled, to Raikage's chagrin. The game culminated in an intense night where the remaining Devious tried to decide whether they should yolo and kill Gambler, who had been inspected as an NPC but was secretly the Strongs' disguised killer. That cycle was really bad for my heart, haha.
  • Viva la Mafia (left fashionably early) -- This game was one of the most innovative we've ever had; the flavour was amazing (along with dude, dak's other big mafia), and the new recruit-based playstyle made it really thrilling. Multifaction back then was really promising and fresh and had interesting power dynamics, before we played it all out, made it too complicated, and broke it. This game never got boring because up until lategame almost anyone could win and the tables were constantly being turned with surprise actions. The format was unfortunately imperfect and suffered badly from kingmakers (resulting in the faction least deserving, although... I think it was Jedil was certainly the most tenacious, winning the game) and the problem where the faction that played the best and won early would and did get ganged up on by the other factions and punished for playing their hand, which promoted negative gameplay.
  • Absolution Mafia (won) -- Okay, to be honest, this game was as OP as DBZ and Dota 2, and my mafia faction was stacked with nearly all the well-known players and my friends. And it was also pretty lucky, I think. Which is why I had so much fucking fun, lol. While a lot of people complained about this game afterwards, there sure was a lot of interesting stuff going on. Outlaw had a lot of really big ideas for cool power roles, even if it wasn't fully balanced.

Small Mafia

To be honest, I don't normally enjoy small mafia that much, so this list is gonna be full of games I won...
  • This Is How We Mafia (won) -- This was a very minimalist and well-balanced expert mafia, at a time when minimalist traditional mafia was needed for a game of (as much as mafia can be) skill. Had a great team again. This was the first game I got to collaborate with Crux in order to bring down the village. I remember being frustrated by the unfathomable play of the other mafia, but I don't think the game was derailed by lucker dogs or anything and it came right down to the wire and playing the cycles out right.
  • TCG Mafia (won) -- This game was the precursor to Fire Emblem Mafia 2, which I had to sub out of due to being hospitalised for the duration. Really interesting new format, I'm not even being biased when I say Mekkah has consistently put out the best and most interesting concepts for new games. I tend to shy away from diplomatic play in normal mafia, but as a 1v1 mafia, this game was one where I would have to play very diplomatically in order to get information and tactical power, which made it a fun experience for me.
  • Red Panda Mafia (won) -- Yeti put me with Mekkah. Anyway, I thought this game had a fantastic concept, and it was also really cute. Can't blame the host for giving you shit roles if you have to pick them yourself equal with everyone! Unfortunately susceptible to multifaction kryptonite, i.e. factions allying up with each other (despite anti-allying mechanisms being put in our win conditions) and pooling their resources to outnumber the other factions and win. Forming an alliance was an enjoyable experience as well. I'd like to see another Build Your Own mafia in the future, although preferably not thousands of clones as the format could get boring very fast (this format doesn't allow for very unique, powerful roles, etc.). Kidnappers are broken.
  • No-Playerlist Mafia (???) -- to be honest, I got tired of this game very quickly for reasons and iirc I died quite early. What really made this game memorable for me was Bass's side event (the Liar Game-esque minigames). They were very strategically enjoyable. Also I got to be irl Nao Kanzaki. The quiz (although I was too lazy to watch the anime episode, I have trouble watching 3min videos let alone, say, 23) and Trou du Cul scavenger hunt were very suited to my natural talents (looking shit up and solving riddles). I formed an alliance with billymills, whose strategic ability compensated for my inferior ones, and brought in shade and Midou to add manpower (they were pretty helpful too, and in the end Midou let me win the final task, which was stalemated between billy and me and a bit of an unfortunate ending but thanks a lot, Midou!), and even though Bass put a game in that was meant to test our alliance we were able to use our alliance as an asset in this and help each other win. Really neat puzzles. The ethos of this game was 'courage', so I tried to play as courageously as possible as I believed I would be indirectly rewarded for it (e.g. sending in my scavenger hunt answers in recklessly instead of waiting for shade to get him to check his results first), and it paid off.

  • Philosopher's Stone War II (3rd) -- I really urge anyone who is into tactical pvp play and has imagination to try this out. This was my first encounter with tabletop gaming and it was pretty exciting and fun. I always enjoy games when I'm in alliances, heh. Making my characters was an intensive but creatively engaging process and, while learning everything was a bit overwhelming, it was paid off in the suspense-filled entertainment that ensued.
Here's the game listing, let's hear your mafia memories~
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I think my favorite games I hosted were:
Red Panda because nobody could qq their roles/team sucked since they built their own and we had a blast with the endgame. It was as good an effort to make multifaction alliances at least have some form of skill required in them, in that teams had to manage getting others halved, as anyone's made, but it did have the problem that once some teams decided 'ey we can gang up yeye' the others had no coordination. Also chain kidnaps give me cancer please nobody ever use that again x.x
SANDS, the original. It was a ridiculous game with a ton of cracko neutrals and tiny factions that each vied for victory and was pretty close in the end. The others all had more significant problems but that game was fun and the flavor was boss.

Big games I played:
Absolution, even though I couldn't convince Finn he was having his tail moled off by the other mafia despite it being very obvious, it was a fun first big to have played back when many of the classic, older mafia players were still interested.
dude had great flavor now that I look back over all the old forums but I don't really remember most of the bigs I've played at this point, it was a well-constructed game.

Metroid Prime 2, despite my complaints at the time, it was a fun game to have a ridiculously strong role and try and work with Flamestrike, unfortunately our two allied factions were total dolts, but in retrospect we had some good times trying to count lynch votes and hoping things worked out in our favor, I think I recruited Lightwolf too and that was like the first time we'd ever been on the same team despite his dissatisfaction with getting pulled onto the weaker side that was barely hanging on yet made a strong comeback.
Pokémon Lynchpin, I thought it was fun and an interesting design despite things not working out for my faction, I was able to get the lynchpin killed and made the village lose to the lynchpinned team. The mafia had a lynchpin too iirc which was a very unique aspect.
Superstars, the only game all my thuglum ladies played in together and I steamrolled.

I've always preferred faction games instead of FFAs, I have more fun with the structure instead of chaos and everyone trying to forge alliances and stab. I think we've had some interesting twists on the standard 1 village 2 mafia format and some creative efforts with multifaction over the years.
I think Medieval was my favorite NOC, I put a lot of effort into sorting the posts and looking at relations even though I died early for no real reason except hood mafia 2 scurred. I'd really like to play a well-designed NOC honestly so I'm hoping one will crop up sooner or later.
My favourites are definitely related to how well I did in each game.

For big mafias, I don't think anything compares to dak's mafias. Both Viva La Mafia and Dude Mafia had a professional take on sporadically updated forum game. The theme and flavor that was added to each update and role PM made it extremely fun to be a part of. While I died very early on in Viva, it was the first game I felt involved in and actually useful, having been one of the worst players around in the previous games. Dude Mafia was my first win in a large mafia game and everything went perfectly for me in this game. I won almost every blackjack hand and lesm was always around to deal with the mafia allowing me to dominate the village. Trolling Gmax and Earthworm as the game was winding down was possibly the most fun I've had in any game ever.

Fire Emblem 2 is probably a distant third in my books, while it didn't have the production value of dak's games, it made a new type of mafia work. 50 different people each with different alliances made the detective work and politics unlike any other game. I have to thank Gmax for winning this game for me. Running a whole alliance as a front and keeping me hidden while I ran around finding and assassinating our enemies.

Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 were my favourite small mafias, mostly because they were complicated mafias and I simply grasped all of the necessary features fastest. These two are probably my two best performances in mafia and inflated my ego ten fold. Other games were just fun to be a part of, even if they didn't go so well. I have fond memories of Chaos mafia, even though I have no idea what happened in that game. No-Playerlist Mafia's minigame was awesome for the reasons jumpluff mentioned above. I wish more games like that would sprout up, but they take major individual commitment, and you have to be smart enough to make them well.
Yeah, dude nearly rated an entry in my first post. I agree with you both that it was super well put-together. Production value is a good term for it; dak is basically a master of flavour, with the stories behind his games being very cool (and very dak) and it's very interesting seeing the kinds of characters that are fit into that alternate universe. I didn't play that game so I didn't include it, but I was basically the third co-host and watching it unfold was super fun (felt bad for Mekkah though, heh). billy's and Lesm's wolf win in dude was one of the few successful or near-successful wolves that didn't have a lot of stupidity associated with it (despite the blackjack, which was actually just really cool, lol) and was instead just really fucking good play; it was both a stand-out game in terms of creation and gameplay, imo. The council system was an interesting mechanic that didn't get much attention and I don't really know how to address it, but it was in particular very enjoyable watching billy and LightWolf play cat and mouse.

I was sad I didn't really get to see much of what was going on in FE2 because I was kind of having major surgery and stuff, but pulling off a 1v1 big mafia is no mean feat. I think the original FE was a super cool game with some really neat stuff included (although I know Mekkah would probably change a lot if he could go back, like we had some basically harmless irrelevant neutrals in the game which is always a recipe for misfortune). It was a shame the game had to be cancelled; Mekkah got kidnapped by gypsies, and I probably could've run it by myself with only a usual amount of incompetence, especially considering I was very new, except Shiv kept fucking with my head (like calling deadline for me when IT WASNT FUCKING DEADLINE, jesus -.-... admittedly I kept messing up the numbers for his role fsr even though I kept recounting them), but some complicated stuff came up that I couldn't resolve without him and I had no way of contacting him. It was just getting interesting too as I think ... I forget what character and what player, but one of the mafias had a guy who could potentially defect (which in retrospect was kind of lame for that team but SO EXCITING for every other purpose), it was either Sephiran or Lehran originally and once he got the medallion he'd transform. Or something. In hindsight it would've been better to just do my best and carry on as well as I could without Mekkah, but I didn't know Mekkah would stay with the gypsies for longer x( sry Mekkins.

I think you are one of the best players we have at grasping the tactical situations of games and how best to play them out, if not the best @billymills. So I'm not surprised you supplied some highly tactically-based games. I'd love to see another cereal murder, but I think the last one disintegrated because Bass was busy becoming a meteorologist (?) and most people were too busy. It takes some inventiveness to put the games together too. If anyone ever makes another I'd recommend making them games that don't take too long to play out or else people will lose interest. Of course, the fast pace of the original meant people with less activity were quickly left in the dust.

And wow I didn't pay any attention to Pokémon Lynchpin Mafia but lynchpins have a lot of potential. I remember we had a lynchpin in some of the old RTMs back when there were always people around to play RTMs, that owned.
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I remember having lots of "fun" and memorability in some late-10 early-11 multifaction games. In contrast to some of the games I dominated in which ended up not being very memorable. Some titles: -- this especially

The most memorable game has to be FE2 though. Was very different. Had me sucked in despite the almost nothing I was involved in in hindsight. Having to hunt for enemies and deal with big alliances you're not a part of was a really interesting experience, especially when it was revealed that your enemies were untouchable and under your nose the whole time.

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I feel like I have to mention 3-4 different games and why I liked them, since it's really hard for me to pick a favorite. Also, there is going to be a prevailing theme of me enjoying games where I won.

There were a ton of small games where I had a really good time (Cereal Mafia - the game of no subs, Lynch Mafia - the first game of Da Letter MoEl, Metroid Prime - the game where billy carried me super hard, Shift Mafia - the game where I was on 3 different teams at various points, Desktop Dungeons NOC - the late counter-claim inspector play with some good reads, Company Mafia - somehow got everything right that game).

Absolution was an absolute blast, as jumpluff mentioned before. Our team was stacked and had tons of awesome users. Everyone seemed to contribute something on our team that game and had an awesome time doing it. I was far from the most responsible for our team's victory in that game, but being a part of that team was incredibly fun. Out of all of the games I've played, this is probably the game I enjoyed the most. Pokemafia was fairly similar in this regard, but I enjoyed abso more :x

28 Weeks Later was my very first mafia game, and I had the misfortune of being the last person with the sheet leading the village. A Lonelyness village. I panicked and doubted myself so much in that game, but overall the experience was really what made me stay here years later. That cathartic feeling of doing something correctly in a lynch, the pressure to make the right decisions, gaining confidence in your beliefs, and getting past any setbacks you may come up against (self-imposed or incidental) really became addictive. There's nothing quite like being a village leader and having that lynch target you didn't have complete info on turn up as mafia. It's the best.

I know that not a whole lot of people enjoyed this game, but I personally had a blast in League of Legends Mafia. I completely understand why a ton of people had problems with the game, but moling a faction and still leading them better than your own faction is being led was slightly hilarious. It felt good feeling in complete control of the game and in deciding what actually was happening with a bit of influence in both factions, and despite some of the mistakes I made, I still like the game as being the big game where I felt like I directly was in control of our team's win.

I think the most memorable small game for me was Mafia Rising. It was the Weekend at Bernie's of mafia. It was ridiculously terribly played by a ton of people, but it was the most hilarious train wreck ever. I had a team with people I liked and we won through the use and abuse of multiple godkills, moling, great logs of our skilled negotiations, and incredibly overpowered roles (just look at ginganinja's role). It was so bad it was good.

If I had to pick a favorite game, it would probably be Absolution, though!


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Ok I'm going to run through the games I enjoyed in no particular order:

-Internet mafia was fun and I subbed into it relatively late, this had a really fantastic endgame since we just had to pretend that we were gonna suicide and lynch Spiffy, while nobody realized we had a peace treaty that would win us the game.

-Shift Mafia, darn it @Quagsires I want the sheet and postgame for this one now since I forgot some things. Basically my faction of mafia got beat up by the town and village (which to this day I think is mostly because of negative connotations with the mafia faction), but I was recruited into the peer faction. Essentially at endgame we discovered that Ditto was secretly converted from his conversion from peer (ughh) so we kill him, this frees up Eep to recruit sl20 just as he dies. Then LS was auto recruited into peer due to being the secret inheritor of our faction. This basically allowed us to win the game despite the loss of our leader. Also contains a great quote I made when I was outed but already going to win.

I disagree for I am peerless
-Red Panda was fun even though multifactions shouldn't be played any more for the exact reasons we won.

-Underground was fun although I was the inspector and attacker for the weakest team, oh well the TWEWY theme is just too good.


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going backwards in time:

cereal murder: I didn't play in the unnamed version during no playerlist mafia, however it looked fun so i joined this one. was really fun information trading and negotiating and such in a different way from mafia. the ending was a shame.

metroid prime 2: really innovative game, my team got a bit unlucky but it was really fun to play. Might be because of my high involvement but I think this is one of my favorite games to date.

fire emblem mafia 2: was fun to host and see everything that was going on from an insider's perspective, as well as being fun to design. Everyone seemed to have a high opinion of this game, which is always what you want.

dude: the only big 2v1 i've played in. was pretty fun despite us getting pretty badly raped.

card game mafia: i liked the design of this game a lot. I did incredibly well this game, allowing me to win while idling the last two cycles due to irl issues.

lynch mafia: really interesting concept, another game i liked despite getting raped.

pokemon tcg mafia: my first expert, another game i got raped in but enjoyed. I must be a masochist. The concept was brilliant and innovative.

big_bigest_mafia: my first big mafia so its somewhat of a sentimental favorite. i luckily got recruited to the best faction since i had a good role. was interesting to see the mechanics behind the viva style of game, as i wasn't around for the original.

we don't need no mafia: the first one on my list i didn't participate in, looked interesting as fuck, and was innovative with the multifaction win conditions.

metal gear solid tactical game: similar to wdnn, innovative multifaction game that i didn't play in.

then there were games before my time like viva (and most other good bigs), chaos mafia, most of blue_light's games, and innovative small games like blindness and unbreakable vow mafia.


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And wow I didn't pay any attention to Pokémon Lynchpin Mafia but lynchpins have a lot of potential. I remember we had a lynchpin in some of the old RTMs back when there were always people around to play RTMs, that owned.
Max Carnage was also a lynchpin mafia on the forums (IIRC cancelled overkill 2 was also lynchpin), pretty memorable game for me because it was my first and I led the village a bit. Also contains such great hits as FinnRagetti being moled by Eo, and broken neutrals getting easy wins. I agree that lynchpins have a lot of potential but I never really liked the way they were handled in the games I was in (in Carnage, the village lynchpin had no contacts within the village, which was made even more deadly due to the neutral who had an unblockable kill on him. in Pokemon lynchpin, only the lynchpin mafia had contact with him and the rest of the village didn't)
Viking Mafia was my first game. Subbed into it, had an amazing partner in the form of Wild Eep, and won, so that's a personal favorite.

Internet Mafia I loved mainly for what Layell said, since the endgame was so exciting. But also having another great teammate in the form of Flamestrike made the game fun throughout.

FFV Mafia because of how ridiculous it was in the earlygame, and then how quickly everyone started winning after that haha

and finally Underground Mafia because of the sheer amount of work I put into playing that game. I may have been a fairly broken neutral, but it came with the burden of moling one faction and trying to coordinate actions for about half the players in the game @_@

I wish I had some that I didn't win that I had good memories of :/


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Loving all the internet mafia appreciation <3

Favorite games I've played:

Magmafia and Aquanafia - village leading is fun even if shit happens

Handicapable Mafia - My first real experience as scum, my team was pretty cool and the game's flavor was absurdly wonderful

Submarine Mafias 1 and 2 - In which Walrein kicks ass at FFAs (more specifically, creating a mighty counteralliance in the first and abusing an alliance for an early victory in the second)

MUDS Mafia - In which Walrein instigates his way to victory

Adventure Games Mafia - I love solving puzzles and that was literally the entire point of this game

and finally

Mafia Mafia 2 - yea, yea, I know, it probably wasn't the greatest game in the world, but it was my first, and I still have fond memories of it. MASONZ 4 LYFE YO

Honorable mention goes to No Playerlist Mafia, which I still think had a really cool gimmick and probably would have been incredibly fun had I not died N1 :(

Favorite games I've hosted:

Metroid Prime 2 Mafia - Outside of a few fucking idlers (you know who you are) everyone maintained ridiculous levels of activity and I was able to remain very involved with the game. Hour long updates aside, there wasn't a dull moment in the game. Also got to chill with UncleSam and he's a pretty cool guy.

Internet Mafia - The standard I've hosted which people have bitched about the least lol

If I think of more I'll add them.
Max Carnage was also a lynchpin mafia on the forums (IIRC cancelled overkill 2 was also lynchpin), pretty memorable game for me because it was my first and I led the village a bit. Also contains such great hits as FinnRagetti being moled by Eo, and broken neutrals getting easy wins. I agree that lynchpins have a lot of potential but I never really liked the way they were handled in the games I was in (in Carnage, the village lynchpin had no contacts within the village, which was made even more deadly due to the neutral who had an unblockable kill on him. in Pokemon lynchpin, only the lynchpin mafia had contact with him and the rest of the village didn't)
I miss FinnRagetti

How many different people moled that guy? god bless. Need social groups back so I can check.

Neutrals are really problematic in general, they are fun to invent but people should stop putting them in games unless they serve a real purpose.

The easiest neut win ever... oh man this is hard. I can think of a lot. In blue_light's Elements Mafia though I was Uranium and I gained extra votes every even cycle. Once I had more than half the votes in the game (or something really easy like that, just had to live until lategame), I autowon. I could also target a person every night and if they killed me, I would kill them and win. I had a fake PM on inspect with an even more harmless neutral role. I helped village with a lynch or two then just lazed around and free win gg. This was in early 2009 before I even changed my username~

If you think about it, game design has come a REALLY long way. Not just from the original more traditional mafias toward the more multifaceted tactical game with lots of variations, but even in the 2v1 format. We've invented a bunch of different roles and role interactions, changed to a different paradigm wrt. neutrals, learned a bunch of different things about balance and appropriate power level, etc. Older games had some really interesting things you don't see so often today though.

Possibly our games are too elaborate now as well ~.~ I'm liking this trend back towards traditional games.
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Easiest neutral/"neutral" wins I can think of are Staraptor Call's inspiring play in MM2 and my play in blue_light's allstar mafia. I lived for two nights and only won because I happened to get gmax's recruiter infected fairly early on by pure chance. I think I infected myself and his recruiter tried to kill me? I can't remember.

I also sent 30 PMs to Outlaw to do it.


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Games I Have Hosted:

Underground Mafia- By far the best game I ever hosted. Even though there were some balance issues, the fact that it was an HP-based itemmafia made it very entertaining. Also Joshua was an OP role and I was extremely excited to see how the game would turn out.

FF3 Mafia- My first game. I'll admit the game was poorly balanced and created but it was so unique at the time, that it didn't really matter. Many people claimed they enjoyed it, and so I take pride in the fact that my first game was such a hit. I personally believe that it could've been way better, but sometimes nostalgia is one of those things that makes taking about the past so much fun.

Games I Have Played In:

Metroidvania Mafia- I remember being in charge of the Belmonts, and kicking ass. The only reason I think we lost was because our poor BG, iiMKUltra was randed by one of the three neuts... :\ Also Ice Beam was such a cool item/ability, that I began using it in my own games. Definitely was a fun game even though I lost. I played really well so a loss didn't even matter.

Mafia Rising- Echoing DLE's thoughts on this game. It was such a shitty game yet it was hilarious with how things played out. I remember trolling the hosts with wonderful PMs that were themed. This post commemorates those legendary pms. Also I got MVP so yeah... But seriously though this game was the best and worst at the same time lol.
One game I forgot to mention earlier, but probably the best small mafia, Free For All Mafia. The most creative mafia we've had and probably the best player list for any game.


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It must be incredibly fucking self-centered but I can barely even remember games that I didn't win, and by win I mean ones where I possessed a lot of agency in winning. There's at least one or two where I didn't do much and then my team won, but I don't remember which games they were.

Overkill II: Was pretty awful I guess but I still enjoyed single-handedly ruining the game.
Animated Movies Mafia: I remember this one really fondly because of my triple agent shenanigans, it's sometimes easy to forget that due to one bad host my team barely won by kingmaker.
Pokemon TCG: This is easily the most fun mafia game I ever played, and great from a design standpoint. Even I knew that I was given a huge advantage with my character, but that just motivated me to win fastest and flashiest. People underestimate just how any people I had to lie to in order to get that done.
Final Fantasy V: Both this and its predecessor were interesting if unbalanced, but I still had a lot of fun abusing the pointless early game stuff.
RPS Mafia: Going into this game with what seemed to be great teammates, who then all went inactive, I didn't have much hope. So coming in secondish at the last minute due to a self-BG was pretty cool.

Metroidvania: This was the one game I made that went exactly as planned, and given that the player manipulating goal was about as ambitious in a way as LoL mafia that's really saying something. People got burned out on three-way games a while back but I'd love to do a semi-sequel to this.
Card Game Mafia: This was just a hell of a lot of fun to run, and I'm glad so many people had fun with it.
One game I forgot to mention earlier, but probably the best small mafia, Free For All Mafia. The most creative mafia we've had and probably the best player list for any game.
OH MY GOD I WAS IN THAT GAME AND FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT. Jesus, my memory is really terrible now. I feel bad for forgetting it, because even though I lost and died early, it was such a high-calibre game. And @CyzirVisheen was still around. <3 I really miss when we had player turnouts of that quality. God, Earthworm even played... What a game, immense fun to look back and reread now.

Oh and Yanny is right. Nothing even compares to Staraptor Call's win in MM2 (very notable game for me as well, but I was too salty for a long time afterwards to include it), lol. To be fair that wasn't entirely LN's fault other than designing it that way, which he shouldn't've. It just happened. He technically wasn't a neutral, though, just a villager with an alternative win condition (NB: I think custom win conditions like in FE1 or something were a really good idea for keeping individuals engaged, someone should make a game with them again). But it counts imo.


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free for all mafia is one i probably should have mentioned but i wasn't in it, and didn't follow it too closely, so i don't have much thoughts about it.
I gotta say I consider it an honor to see multiple games of mine mentioned here. I have a fondness for most of the games that I have hosted (with some exceptions), and it's nice to see that other people share that fondness.

[21:45:50] <~Mekkah> lol one moment that sticks out ot me
[21:46:02] <~Mekkah> was when dak blackmailed me in mafia mafia when i had just heard i failed my finals
[21:46:14] <~Mekkah> which makes mafia mafia pretty memorable

[21:46:31] <~Mekkah> apoc mafia should prolly be in there
[21:46:37] <~Mekkah> cause in that game i was kinda airheaded but i won anyway
[21:46:40] <~Mekkah> power of cthulhu baby

[21:47:02] <~Mekkah> and i *guess* i'd almost have to go with big bigest even though it was one of the worst games of all time (design wise), ESPECIALLY considering how late it was in mafia's lifetime
[21:47:16] <~Mekkah> i mean dbz was amazing host-wise
[21:47:24] <~Mekkah> but from my perspective it was actually just a slaughter

[21:47:29] <~Mekkah> with very little explanation behind it

The dilemma for me is that during most of the old, legendary games (DBZ, Apoc, Mafia Mafia, etc) , I actually didn't know what I was doing, so for me personally they aren't the greatest. It's games where I did a lot like Viva and big bigest where I can really say I gave it my best.


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Metroid Prime 2 Mafia was the best game that I've played by a significant margin. It had a lot of complicated "extras", but the core mechanics of the game were simple enough, and the alliance structure made it the most (only?) entertaining multifaction game I've been a part of. The "extras" served to make the game deeper and more interesting / have a less kingmaker-type endgame. The only problem with the game was that at the end, people were dealing with such unbelievable firepower + such powerful defensive roles that it was almost impossible to figure out what would happen.

Also, every single member of my team except for me was or became a bodyguard, which was great and let me do whatever the fuck I wanted all game.
My favorite Mafias have been Zelda Mafia and Pokemon Mafia (the one with Strong/Devious/Pure), while Fire Emblem 2 Mafia was fun as well. TCG Mafia and Card Game Mafia were fun as well.

And thanks for the nominations for the mafias I hosted, and I really liked We don't need no mafia but I have to say that big_bigest_mafia was such a failure it caused me drop out of Smogon in despair and depression.

Speaking of which, I shouldn't be posting here, should I?
Fire Emblem 2 stands out as my personal favorite, partly since it was so independent and victory/loss was based more heavily on your personal performance than being attached to a team. I also had fun writing the tire list.

There are a bunch of other big mafias that I remember being generally great. Dude, Viva, Apocalypse etc, it's been a long time so I'm probably missing a lot but w/e.

Also enjoyed playing crazy aggressive in Quarantine even if it didn't get me a win in the end. And uh...YCI had an amazing theme even if the conclusion was rather disappointing.
Yeah, I agree, I really liked the premise of YCI! (I'm ashamed I idled in that game, though, never again) A highlight is definitely LightWolf submitting the amazing Chamfly. =D Some people submitted really amazing stuff, unfortunately we will never get the postgame to see them all in one place :s

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