Your favourite Circus games


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I'd love to play/host YCI2 should it ever happen. It was the first mafia I spectated on Smogon and caused me wanting to play as well.

For my favourite mafia games: Pokemon Mafia was the best because OUR TEAM was awesome and in high spirits for the whole game, also it was challenging. Pokemon TCG Mafia is the one I put most effort into, it was really competitive. Metal Gear Solid Tactical Game was fun because Exarius/Accent played along my troll civilian role.

But more fun than any of those has been Smogon PFS. For my very favourite Circus game I put Philosopher's Stone War I. It was my first D20 roleplaying ruleset experience and it was a blast of creativity, sleeping in trucks and cooperation. Also the encounter where I died (me as Isaac Newton/Aura Guardian as Saint Anthony versus Lightwolf as Tyr/ginganinja as Robin Hood) has become a legend.


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Oh man how did I miss this... it's late and this thread isn't too active so I wont write a a long descriptive post detailing my favorites.

A lot of people mentioned Fire Emblem II and I couldn't agree more. It could hardly be called a mafia game but it was still a lot of fun, no doubt because it was one of the few times where Gmax didn't backstab me right away. Ironically though I also enjoyed shamelessly tricking Gmax's enemies into sharing their info with me, even though it provided me no direct benefit besides proving my loyalty to the alliance, it was very fun nonetheless, and I then understood why Gmax enjoyed doing it to me for so long. It was also an emotionally intense game thanks to LonelyNess melting down when Gmax agreed on a mutual alliance with imperfectluck, the sketchiest dude around. But the real reason he cracked was because he was also white knighting Fishy (anyone that knows me well knows that I can hardly stand that type of behavior). He gives ipl the middle finger for threatening Fishy and refusing to give the alias of Lesm46, who I was more than willing to dispose of at that point if it meant me winning. In retaliation though, ipl directs all of his efforts to attack ME, and not LN. Maybe I should be more grateful to Lesm because he disobeyed ipl's orders for my sake, and we did manage to win together in the end. Still it is something I hold a grudge against LN about even to this day because he never regretted his selfish actions. But at the same time I can't deny that the whole fiasco made the game 10x more fun in the end, otherwise I would have won too easily.

Honorable mentions go to We Don't Need Know Mafia where I verbally bullied Jackal because I didn't trust him, and of course the cereal (like) games I hosted since I had fun improvising all the tasks. Even though I lost rather badly I did like dude because even though billy's role was a little overpowered, the council system of voting was a neat concept and is something I would love to see again in future games. I will also concede that aska, matt, and I did not bother to actually inspect billy so some of the blame falls on us for that. But in that game we never had reason to suspect billy since he was supplying us with loads of mafia aliases to lynch using Lesm's role, while LN gave us a fake claim pointing to RBG as the wolf, which we obviously doubted at first but actually believed later since he refused to cooperate with me most of the time.

Lastly I am happy to see that cereal (and its predecessor) got a few mentions. It was very fun to host since I actually had to come up with the tasks on the spot.

I think you are one of the best players we have at grasping the tactical situations of games and how best to play them out, if not the best @billymills. So I'm not surprised you supplied some highly tactically-based games. I'd love to see another cereal murder, but I think the last one disintegrated because Bass was busy becoming a meteorologist (?) and most people were too busy. It takes some inventiveness to put the games together too. If anyone ever makes another I'd recommend making them games that don't take too long to play out or else people will lose interest. Of course, the fast pace of the original meant people with less activity were quickly left in the dust.
Yes and I still am, the first year of grad school is frankly a back breaking one in terms of the amount of work but it should get much better if I manage to survive it. If I had some more time though I would definitely want to host another one of these, perhaps I will when the holidays roll around this winter.

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