Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

My most memorable moment when playing Pokemon Gold as a kid was also one of the most frustrating >_>

When I first came up to the ice cave (or whatever it's called) by Mahogany town, I was really confused about how to make my way out. I honestly spent about a week trying out different combos without any success. I talked to all my friends at school who had no idea until one suggested I look up a walkthrough. Being a 10 year old kid, I wondered "what the hell is a walkthrough"?

Thankfully I got myself out of there while leveling up each of my 6 Pokes by about 4 levels apiece and also catching a Shiny Golbat ^__^
Overall, this was frustrating as hell, but also a great tutorial on what to do if I had problems in the future.

So share guys; you know you have one.
Gold and Silver FTW!!

One of my most memorable moments was when i entered lake Rage and found that Shiny Gyarados. I was like "WTF, GLITCH!" (i didnt knew anything about shinys) and i reseted the game. I soped playing it for like 1 week thinking my game was glitched, until a friend told me about "Shiny pokemons" and i was like ...

I played again, got my shiny Gyarados and screamed "Hell yeah shiny!"

Good old times ^^ (I had like 7 years when i got it so imagine ^^)
This amazing event happened on my pokemon Silver version.
It wasn't really big if I look at it back now, but anyway:
I got all badges and was looking at the town map. I didn't know what to do next but I did know I had to find this League that the anime told me about. So I surfed around everywhere and then I remembered how I asked myself how to cross the water at New Bark town, the place where my adventures started, which I didn't know when I just filled in my name. After 8 badges I knew I had a pokemon with surf so I could finally cross this obstacle! I flew home and walked to the water. I pressed yes when the game said the water was surfable and there I was,surfing on the lake. After a few moves, I felt the urge to start fishing. I took my Super rod and the battlescreen started. I was readdy to kick a Magicarp's ass. But wait, what is that?!? It's a Chinchou! That was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen, and at the same time I really liked it. The strange combination of blue and yellow. I needed to catch her(it could be a him, but she looks way more female). I used my soft attack, and then it used Spark! A fishable pokemon that used spark, that was sensational for little me. I caught it and evolved it to the beautyfull looking Lanturn.

That was one of the few things I remember from pokemon Silver :)
I also remember I learned Lanturn Take down and got pretty pisted it hurted herself to.
having all my pokemon die on the second of the elite for and yet my level 67 typhlosion won it for me with 2 revies and 2 hyper potions one revive to revive my level 26 dewgong and switch him in when phlosion died than switch 1 revive on typhlosion but dragonite did something dumb and i got a free hyper potion on typhlosion and raped
I restarted my silver version and ran into a shiny pigy between cherrygrove and violet city. I had around 5 pokeballs and it was level 2-4. I was afraid of killing it so I didn't attack, and the button mash technique failed me. Now I carry 100 pokeballs in every game once I can afford it.
GSC was the best.My most memorable moment was when I was fighting a Flaffy, and accidentally pressed the "right" button, and it selected "run".Before then, I thought you could only select "Fight" and "Pkmn".Good times.....
I was battling Lance, and it was down to his last Dragonite and my Espeon. I named all my Pokémon after bands, so Espeon was called Loudness. It used Fire Blast - Espeon survived, got him to the half-way point, but still in the green. Espeon was at roughly the same point. Dragonite used Outrage, and the sweet, merciful game let Espeon survive with 1 HP. So Espeon used Psychic - me knowing that it would get Dragonite into the red, but the next turn would be the end. It was a critical hit! I guess I was lucky that day. I was only supposed to be grinding, too.
I remember the days of my first Lv100, Kadabra. I beat the E4 again and again and again.

Since it was the only high level in the first run of the E4 itkept dieing to Houndoom.
i had amazing luck with shinies back when I played Silver, not only was my starter (chikorita) shiny, but so was the eevee I was given, and the larvitar I caught! and that's only mentioning a few
Just playing the game, the 2nd gen was for me the best gen, because of it's adventure mostly. I think most people will agree with me that it was a great gen ;)

Also, the Elite4 was fun to battle, gun types and Pokémon ;)
Getting a Shiny Totodile (
) my 1st time playing. But when i saw my friends i thought my game was glitched so i started a new game >.<
Getting a Shiny Totodile my 1st time playing. But when i saw my friends i thought my game was glitched so i started a new game >.>

reminds me of MY most memorable moment

i wasn't even playing

so i got my friend crystal for his birthday, and i watched him set his game up and everything. get the pokegear, get kicked by your rival, get your starter (think it was chikorita)

so he's all set and ready

goes out into the adjacent route and

the first pokemon he runs into is shiny hoothoot

needless to say

he was pissed

i was laughing my ass off
Perhaps the coolest moment I had on that was seeing suicune the first time, not knowing what was happening and then throwing an ultra ball. Also catching lugia was a highlight, that guy is badass.
the first pokemon he runs into is shiny hoothoot
I ran into a shiny hoothoot myself, but I had one pokeball...odds were bad because I had couldn't do any damage/status to it, but that one pokeball caught it and I was happy. I also traded my cousin a level 40ish kingler for a shiny weedle he caught, which was my first actual non-gyara shiny lol.
Then I remember catching Lugia quite vividly for some reason, it was badass though. And then there was catching all 250 pokemon bar celebi (mew was hacked, oh well).
i have to agree with komodo when i battled red at mt. silver and seeing the high level pokemon he had i was like wtf and thinkin that its about time they have a reak challenge in the game

also being able to get 16 badges, damn that was the best thing i heard too
going into the tower and catching suicune in crystal was pretty awesome, it felt like the game was over, but it wasnt D:

from gold/silver alone, i guess when my totodile evolved into feraligatr because gatr was just so damn cool

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