Your Personal Sets?

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Don't mind me getting used to how Smogon works...

We all have our favorite Pokemon, and whether they're good for competitive or not is really up to their stats, moves, and typing. However, I (like many others), have done my best to give my favorite Pokemon a chance to shine in the competitive world. It's hard sometimes, yes, but isn't the feeling of satisfaction worth it when your favorite Pokemon does decently (at least) against an opposing team?

So, I have to ask... What is YOUR personal set for your favorite Pokemon, and what tier would you consider it being in?

(Posting it in UU since that's where a lot of people's favorite (and underrated) Pokemon end up)
Hello and welcome to UU. You need moderator approval before posting a thread, so I will have to close this. That said, I encourage you to look at the various Creative and Underrated sets threads across all tiers. Here is UU's, for reference. In these threads, you can see people post various "odd" sets or Pokemon they have used successfully in a metagame, and I think this is what you are looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message. Best wishes!
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