Championship - Type B You're not my type Tour - Round 3


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Shoutouts to Bummer for the amazing banner!

You're not my Type Tour

-Standard Pokemon Sun and Moon Little Cup Rules apply
-Standard Tournement Rules also apply
-Battles are best of 1, but if both players agree you can go best of 3
-Using a Pokemon that is banned in your match will result in immediate disqualification unless your opponent decides to give you a second chance
-Please post replays, not a full rule would just prefer you do
-Substitute players will only be put in when a player is either inactive or requests to drop out
-If a player says "give my opp the win" or any similar phrase, a substitute will be assigned if available
- This tournament is part of the Smogon Championship, and the points available in this tournament will be listed below, depending on the amount of players, players will be notified from Round 1 and above how many Smogon Championship points are available
Point Table:

No more subs!

All Fighting-types are banned Round 3!

FLCL vs. Raseri
didi vs. Osh
[Chill Shadow vs. Lopunny Kicks] vs. Rasberry Pie SG
Jox vs. Xayah
Berks vs. Simbo
Hamhamhamham vs. majaspic22
vs. [Romanticist vs. Serene's Grace]
SANJAY vs. [MiyoKa vs. PrescientProphet]
[Trelloant vs. Eniigma] vs. ItzViper482
MeButYou82 vs. [Wamr vs. Broken Phobias]
Dundies vs. Pohjis
vs. Bye

Deadline for Round 2's extended matches is Wednesday September 20th at 9:00 p.m. EST
Deadline for Round 3 is Saturday September 23rd at 11:59 p.m. EST
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Since I see no contact for FLCL vs. Raseri take a coinflip:
FLCL vs. Raseri - FLCL won coinflip.
All other games are either extended until Wednesday September 27th at 9:00 p.m. EST ( Wamr ) Round 4 will be up shortly!

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