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Heyo! Sign-ups are still up for a few more hours, but everyone of the 24(!!) people who have replied with ”in” to my previous message should have received a message informing them of their mon and typing. If you haven’t, or if you have any concerns, leave me a private message here or ping me in the Discord server n.n

I’m giving us a week (so until next Wednesday night / Thursday morning) to complete our prompts. When your image is ready, please share it with me as indicated in the message you have received. Thanks, and enjoy! n.n


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Alrighty, slight delay but here we are! I received some amazing entries for this round and am very excited to share them with all of you. As a fun twist, I’ll be hiding what the prompt for each drawing was behind a spoiler tag, so you can either take a guess first or immediately check what it was :3

Enjoy the creativity and skill of our participants!

Poison- and Dark-type Terrakion

Flying- and Electric-type Rillaboom

Grass- and Poison-type Brionne

Grass-type Magnezone

Abilities: Defiant or Galvanize
Hidden Ability: Volt Absorb
Classification: Static Volt Pokémon

Height: 1'08'' (0.5 m)
Weight: 22.5 lbs. (10.2 kg)
HP: 45
Atk: 85
Def: 70
SpA: 40
SpD: 40
Spe: 60
BST: 340

Learnset through Leveling Up
1 - Scratch
1 - Leer
5 - Fury Cutter
10 - Metal Claw
15 - Electrify
20 - Scary Face
25 - Spark
30 - Metal Sound
35 - Slash
40 - Thunder Punch
45 - Iron Defense
50 - Laser Focus
55 - Iron Head
60 - Swords Dance
65 - Guillotine
Electric and Steel-type Pawniard

Species: Circuit Pokémon
Abilities: Analytic
Stats: 90/85/85/100/95/125
Level-Up Moveset:
1 - Gust
1 - Charge
5 - Thunder Shock
10 - Reflect
15 - Thunder Wave
20 - Agility
25 - Ancient Power
30 - Tailwind
35 - Volt Switch
40 - Recover
45 - Thunderbolt
50 - Electric Terrain
55 - Hurricane
60 - Mind Reader
65 - Thunder
70 - Zap Cannon
Electric and Flying-type Articuno-Galar

Rock and Fairy-type Darmanitan-Galar

Normal-type Vullaby

Poison- and Dragon-type Weavile

Water- and Dark-type Deerling

Steel- and Dragon-type Escavalier

Rock- and Fighting-type Skarmory

Water-type Grotle
Fairy-type Panpour

Normal- and Flying-type Blitzle

Dark- and Water-type Dracozolt


Dark-type Kabutops

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