You're sure this is a kids game?

just looked at tornadus's therian form

what exactly is that red thing for?
it's got breasts, too...
i guess they could be pecs, though?
EDIT no, it's a bra. different from the colour of its skin/feathers, and there are lines inside of the chest. go figure, game freak.
In the house on Route 7 where Tornadus/Thundurus first become available in BW1, if you talk to the old man in there BEFORE Torn/Thun become available, he makes a comment on his wife making his dinner...

"Since her yammering stops while she's cooking, it's another bonus for me." I'd post a screenshot if I could, but I HAD to mention this.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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There's a female Swimmer in Fire Red that talks about how her top is coming off, and there's at least one more instance of the same thing in another game. I've made comments regarding both instances in my Scramble updates in the past, but I don't want to dig through them to find the exact wording.

Oh and the Dewford phrase? I also put adult toys for mine...
And I got it on video.
Now, don't forget that the Ferris wheel conversations seems to be filled with innuendos and apparently it's worse in Japan.

Here's the translated Japanese script for the Hiker you meet when playing as a guy in B/W, he's only there in the Summer.

[[ Hiker Natsumi - Summer (Natsu) ]]
Whew! You there, boy! How 'bout this humidity, day after day!
Can't help but make the best of a summer like this! Eh?
So hey! How 'bout you take a ride on the Ferris wheel with me!
For free, of course! All I ask is you go up against my best Pokémon, boy! [ Yes / No ]
[ No ]
Aah! Shame, shame, boy!
A young bud like you oughta enjoy a sweltering summer season!
[ Yes ]
Really now! Boy! You've got promise, I tell you what!
Well, instead of a greeting, let's go headfirst into battle!
(Battle with Hiker Natsumi, who has a Boldore. "Oho! Boy, boy! Your Pokémon are ripped!")
Whew, great! Boy! You and your Pokémon are splendid! Wonderful! Can't get enough of 'em!
So, now...
We've warmed up both our bodies and souls, so... let's head into the Ferris wheel!
Come along, boy!
(They get on.)
Ho ho... sure is humid... like a sauna, boy, I tell you what!
Ahhh, it's so hot... you're really sweatin', boy...
By the way... boy... you ever had a lover?
(They get off.)
Man, that thing was way more hot and humid than I was expecting!
But I think gotten to know you a little better, boy! Y'know?!
I'm planning on loitering around and about for a while longer!
Whenever you feel like improving your understanding, don't be shy, come by and holler! Right! Okay, see you again, boy!

Hey, you came, boy! Summertime doesn't last! Enjoying it?
If you're not enjoying quite enough, how 'bout you and I make a summer memory on the Ferris wheel! [ Yes / No ]
[ No ]
What! I say what, boy! Kind of a downer, you are!
How could you forget the time we spent together? Eh?
Our summer together doesn't have to wait 'til next year! Y'know? I'll stick around, so I hope you change your mind!
[ Yes ]
Really! Oh, really! Boy! I think we're gonna make some big progress in our relationship here!
Well, first, in place of a greeting, let's charge into a Pokémon battle!
(Same as the first battle.)
Boy, your Pokémon sure are sturdy! They're fine, they are!
I believe there'll be a lot of growth and possibilities ahead of you, boy!
Well then, better get on with it...
Time for today's main dish! We're heading into the Ferris wheel!
Let's roll, boy! Come on!
(They get on.)
Ho ho... sure is humid... like a sauna, boy, I tell you what!
Ahhh, it's so hot... you're really sweatin', boy...
By the way... boy... you ever had a lover?
(They get off.)
Our shirts are soaked with sweat, but it tells the story of the time we passed, boy!
And with this, we've developed a deeper understanding!
Our summer vacation together will never end!
Well, see you again, boy!

Not to mention that the nursery aide you meet in summer as a guy in B/W2 is actually a crossdressing guy in the japanese versions who reveals it to you by telling you how sweaty he is and takes off his shirt and says its fine since the protagonist and him are both guys.

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