You're sure this is a kids game?

Everything is speculation unless proven fact or fiction. Or a lie. Depending on the delivery. Point is, as absurd as they may sound...

Well, this speculation thing has gone on way too long enough. So, anime.

I honestly have no idea what is up with Pikachu's face, or Brock, or... I mean... Yeah. I mean, look where Pikachu's and Brock's hands are, and look at the joy on their faces, Pika's especially. I just... No. No no no.
I'd be much more worried about Krabby. Just look at where those pincers are.
I'd be much more worried about Krabby. Just look at where those pincers are.

Also how is pokemon racist to indians?

It's already the game of satan.

Read all about it!

Some fundamentalist Christian groups have accused Pokémon as being linked to Satanism. The following is a summarized and possibly incomplete list of their reasons for this accusation:
Pokémon are like demons. They are captured and must be called upon to perform tasks.
Magical talismans (supposedly a reference to Gym Badges) are needed to control them.
Pokémon evolve. Though this transformation is more akin to metamorphosis in most Pokémon, the theory of evolution is denied entirely by the most fundamentalist creationists, who believe that all things as they are presently were divinely inspired.
Some Pokémon evolution even requires the use of certain magical stones.
Many Pokémon have extraordinary paranormal powers, notably Psychic-types. Those with Psychic powers are labeled as having been given these powers by Satan in the Bible itself.
Many Pokémon embody or practice East Asian spiritual or mystical concepts, being that the franchise originated in Japan. Some Christian groups denounce these as pagan rituals.
Some claim that if one were to play backwards the Pokérap, "Gotta Catch 'em All!" can be heard as "I love you, Satan".


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I've always liked the Raticate fan theory, but it shouldn't be stretching the truth/canon so much. Gary does not ask you anything about Pokemon death. This is what he says:

Pokémon Tower

Before battle:

"Hey, <player>! What brings you here? Your Pokémon don't look dead! I can at least make them faint! Let's go, pal!"

Not even in the remakes.

"Hey, <player>! What brings you here? Is your Pokémon dead? Hey! It's alive! I can at least make them faint! Let's go!"
I'm saying it's in your rival's PC box. Even in Gen 1 I don't think Pokemon would be that dark.
somehow i think that team rocket slaughtering cubone in the tower for their skulls for money, and having a mother be brutally murdered in the act of protecting her son... worse.
There's alot of creepy info about pokemon, which is kinda scary and interesting at the same time

Like, did you know that cubone was the lost baby of Kanghaskan? Really scary shit ._.

I think the joke is that this is one of those rare occasions where it isn't adorable critters hitting each other, but violent preteens practically throwing you backwards. In the world of Pokemon, animal violence is looked over, but roughhousing between people is rarely ever shown.

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