you've just unwrapped pokemon red version

My fist experience actually PLAYING a Pokemon game was when we borrowed an old Blue version game from my friend...and we used it to catch some Missingnos. IT IS BROKEN FOREVER.

Now I have both Red and White versions and I'm loving both of them.

Awesome topic by the way.
My first was Red. I was in 4th grade and I was the kid with the bigass brick grey gameboy with a few lines in the screen. I trained my ass off to beat my friends who all thought Blue was superior lol... Then I went to Electronics Boutique with the cash for a Game Link cable and a GameShark in hand, only to have them be sold out on both :( waited 2 weeks for them, took FOREVER! The day they came in, I pretty much shat myself and instantly GameSharked a Mew for myself. I was the coolest kid for a day... Oh the glory. Even beat a 5th grader on the bus who was notorious for smashing EVERYONE with his stoopid Machamp. Ahhhh.... Memories :)

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