z0mOG's Wholesome Big Chungus Make New Friends Team Tour 4 - Round 2

Welcome to z0mOG's Wholesome Big Chungus Make New Friends Team Tour 4 (ZWT4 for short)! A team tournament designed for those involved in the top-level team tournaments to be split up away from super groups, and give any newer users a fair chance at having a great run! Go out there and approach some players you've never talked to before! This is a for-fun tournament, so I would like to avoid having to do any activity calls or scheduling drama. Play your games and have some fun! I am still working on the prize so I will announce it when I have it sorted

For Classic BO5, start RBY and loser picks.

SV OU BO3: Storm Zone vs Latias
Classic BO5: Pohjis vs Dj Breloominati♬
VGC 2023: Spurrific vs TGA
Z0MOG’S Choice: 3d vs GeniusFromHoenn

SV OU BO3: Punny vs SHSP
GHOSTING OU BO1: sasha vs D2TheW
CLASSIC BO5: lax vs Garrett
VGC 2023 BO3: emforbes vs Lasen
Z0MOG'S CHOICE: snaga vs spoo

SV OU BO3: CaptainEikichi vs Drifting
GHOSTING OU BO1: OmBrArch vs Fragments
VGC 2023 BO3: Hurtadoo vs tob
Z0MOG'S CHOICE: KSr vs Lady Writer

SV OU BO3: Water Drone vs ACR1
GHOSTING OU BO1: c0mp vs Danny
CANES CLASSIC BO5: Genesis7 vs shiloh
VGC 2023 BO3: Michielleus vs Togkey
ZOMOG'S CHOICE: Bad Grief vs crying
Waiting on Togkey vs Crunchman for the last series, you have 1 day before I coinflip

DEADLINE 12/11 @ 11:59 PM EST
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Bad Grief

Banned deucer.
Good game. Think you slightly edged out the matchups there, but that's how the cookie crumbles in Random Battle. Excited for how the rest of our teams' series plays out!

(Actually, I misplayed the first randbat very badly by not going Excadrill immediately on Mantine, so can't really say that...)
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