Announcement z0mOG's Wholesome Big Chungus Make New Friends Team Tour 4

Welcome to z0mOG's Wholesome Big Chungus Make New Friends Team Tour 4 (ZWT4 for short)! A team tournament designed for those involved in the top-level team tournaments to be split up away from super groups, and give any newer users a fair chance at having a great run! Go out there and approach some players you've never talked to before! This is a for-fun tournament, so I would like to avoid having to do any activity calls or scheduling drama. Play your games and have some fun!

I am offering a $25 PRIZE PER PERSON to the winning team's players. The format is as follows:

>>>>>Read THE RULES Thoroughly<<<<<

-Teams of 5 players (NO SUB)

-Tiers will be
GHOSTING OU BO1 (bo3 if agreed upon)
VGC 2023 BO3

-Teams can not have any coinciding players who were teammates in WCOP/SCL (SPL EXEMPT) during 2022.

-Teams can not have coinciding players who were teammates in the PREVIOUS edition of this tournament (finals teams are exempt).

-z0mOG's choice tiers will be announced before pairings, so that players may adjust their lineup accordingly.

What is "z0mog's choice"? Good question. Every unique week, I will be picking a format for this slot to play, be it anything from 6v6 Arceus wars, to metronome battles, to ADV Zu doubles... you never know what you're gonna play before the format goes live.

>>>>>Read Everything Thoroughly<<<<<

Want to sign up but having trouble approaching new users? Come use my signup form to list yourself as a free agent, or find free agents to fill up slots on your team!


Here is how you locate other free agent signups to find a team:


The signup deadline is SUNDAY, 11/27 @ MIDNIGHT EST. DO NOT BE SLOW TO FIND A TEAM

Inquiries on discord: z0mog#9051
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