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I particularly love this game. I love the unique feature of the stylus only control. The puzzles are challenging and overall this game is fun. I would say a must have for any Zelda fan.
I enjoyed it. The stylus controls were a nice change, but I would rather stick with standard button schemes. I played the Japanese version back in June, and I was disappointed at the difficulty and at the length of the dungeons. Now that I'm playing it in English, I'll say the that the story is a letdown, so far mostly being the fairy complaining about Lineback. The multiplayer on the Japanese version lasted a friend and I hours on a bus ride, and was a lot of fun after taking the time to figure it out. The game was fun, but definitely not the best of the Zelda games.
I was really worried of the 100% stylus controls, but I warmed to them very quickly. I still do the odd accidental thing like throw a bomb instead of move with it etc, but I'm really enjoying it so far.
I loved the controls. However, I thought the game was really easy and short.

Lots of fun though. I'd definately play it again. Linebeck was cool too. D:! I like him more than Ezlo from The Minish Cap now. x-x;
decent game, not the best but it's good. seems like a mini-wind waker, which is really good because i loved wind waker (i seem to be saying this a lot). dungeons, enemies, and bosses lack variety, but everything else is a lot of fun.
I love the game, I'm just beat the wind temple, and went back to the main island, went back to the main temple there. Very innovative things in the game.!
I like this game. Unlike the previous posters, I really LOVE the controls. You get used to it very quick. The puzzles are fun too, although not really that hard.

Wifi is quite fun. I just tried it with Carl yesterday and I really enjoy it.
I haven't played this game, but I am drawn to the character design and general idea that its a Wind Waker sequel (Wind Waker was awesome), as well as the stylus controls. The multiplayer does not look bad at all either. The problem is, it looks horribly easy.

Like seriously, I there were only a handful of puzzles that had me confused in Twilight Princess/Wind Waker combined. Only once did I have to turn the game off and let my brain rest for a while before coming back to it (and when I did come back, the answer was ridiculously obvious). Boss fights are getting stale and predictable.

I love Zelda but I really wish there was a hard mode or something.

So my question is, despite my fears, does this game still warrant a purchase?


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i have the exact same thoughts as the above user, I am kind of hesitant to get this if it wont provide any sort of challenge.


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I've been playing this game in short spurts in my spare time. The only problem I have is that this game seems really easy so far. I just picked up the 2nd spirit last night and the dungeon was really straight forward. I expected to get through like half of it last night and instead did the whole thing quickly and without much of a problem.

I read a review the other day about the game which highlighted one of the main flaws: it's textbook Zelda. This game is no different than any other Zelda game. Princess is captured by someone and it's up to Link to save her. Go to dungeons, complete some task while picking up some new weapon that just so happens to be the boss's weakness. This is great if you love the Zelda storyline but it's completely predictable and the simplicity of the dungeons does not help make this as great of a game as it could be. It almost feels like this game is targeted a bit more towards the younger kids which has been Nintendo's habit in recent years.

I will say that the stylus controls are wonderful IMO. Standard controls are great and all but Zelda does a great job of showing off what the DS can really do with that second screen. Compare that to Pokemon where I felt like I didn't even need a DS to play the in game. I'm a fan of pointing and directing to do whatever I want.

Multiplayer is extremely fun. Gon and I played 4 times yesterday and it's a cool version of cat and mouse type capture the flag. Each player gets a turn on offense as Link while the other player is on defense playing three of those huge ass phantom swordsmen. Link moves freely and the swordsmen move in paths that you select for them just as how you would set your route when sailing. Link has to move different triangles (each different sizes worth different points but also harder to move depending on the size) into his safe area. After so many rounds the game ends with the player who has the most points winning. Essentially, multiplayer is the main dungeon with each player taking turns as Link. Friend codes and random battles make this a great little WiFi game.

Overall, if you're a fan of the Zelda series and have some spare cash (or a flash cart) go ahead and pick up this game. Don't expect it to be extremely challenging but it will be entertaining enough to kill some time.
so is it better or worse than that shitty shitty game they called minish cap?
fuck man, minish cap was cool :(

i think i posted my thoughts on another forum...

It's hard to describe, though. It's definitely not as hard. There's only a few types of enemies I've seen in dungeons, and I've been in two so far. One type is the Miniblins from Wind Waker, and other type is those slime things that look like balloons and hop all around the place, and then there's just an assortment of animals like snakes, bats, and rats. There's the occasional sand worm or lizard man/Zora thing, but there's not as much variety compared to other games. Same with dungeons. The dungeons are like labyrinths, and nothing more. They are bland, and I personally dislike them highly. Don't expect awesome dungeons, that's all I'm saying.

Otherwise, the overworld is great. It's like Wind Waker where there's a load of stuff to do everywhere. You can customize your ship, shoot at stuff without using up bombs (cool), jump over obstacles, and of course do side quests. In fact, I'd say this is like a portable Wind Waker. Remember Orca, where he challenges you to hit him a lot of times before he hits you three times? That challenge returns in the form of some dude on a ship. Remember the cyclones you could use to travel around the ocean? That's back as well. It's damn fun though. The only thing I actually hate is the Temple of the Ocean King. That's a stealth dungeon, but it's way too aggravating to be any sort of real fun.
my original thoughts about the dungeons and bosses have been somewhat dispelled, because after beating the third dungeon today i realize not all bosses are the same. spoiler ahead...the dungeon itself required quite a bit of thinking, and i came close to dying too many times. the boss was awesome, though. it was invisible, and somehow the top screen became what the room looked like through the bosses eyes. so you had to aim your bow at the bosses face, but you could only know where to shoot by looking at the top screen. that was pretty clever. the rest of the fight was uneventful, but otherwise it was a pleasant surprise for me.

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