Zeraora (QC 0/1) (GP 0/1)


formerly MysticalHaze

name: All-Out Attacker
move 1: Plasma Fists
move 2: Close Combat
move 3: Grass Knot
move 4: Knock Off/Volt Switch
item: Life Orb
ability: Volt Absorb
nature: Hasty
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

Ever since this electric kitten dropped down from OU, it has introduced itself as a fearsome offensive threat in the UU metagame; thanks to its fast speed and access to coverage that helps it separate itself from the other electric types in the tier. Accessing both Grass Knot and Close Combat and a blistering speed stat, Zeraora is able to break past common answers to electric types such as Hippowdon, as well as common cores such as Hippo + Empoleon. Zeraora is also able to pick off weakened Pokemon that are slower than it such as Terrakion or Mamoswine, though the latter's priority could hurt Zeraora if it itself is weakened. Zeraora's
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Not QC, but saying that Zeraora has medíocre attacks stats doesn't fit well imo, considering the message that you want to transmiter. Maybe just mentioning its colorful moverpool and the ability to break throuth common Electric-Types answers is enough.


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Right now this reads more like an analysis than a spotlight. I don't think you need to go as in depth on its shortcomings and should instead focus on the teams it fits on, teammates it can synergize well with, and its general role (which with this set is as a revenge killer and mixed breaker), since right now it seems as if it's assessing Zeraora's overall worth in the metagame when this specific set is all you're bringing to the attention of readers. Here are a few things I'd recommend to improve the feel of what you've got currently:
  • 'Though Zeraora doesn't have bad defenses, it's very mediocre bulk makes it easily revenge killed by faster pokemon such as Mega Aerodactyl, Choice Scarf users, and priority from the likes of much of UU. Adding on to this, even with it's variety, its 4MSS, and the flimsy attack stat it carries puts it in stalemate of a wallbreaker and a fast threat; subsequently making it invest it's set into one area, leaving it vastly unprepared for some matchups, so a Pokemon that better suits the role that Zeraora can't fill such as Terrakion as a wallbreaker' - this entire block of information isn't needed since there are more important things you can mention that are relevant to how this specific set can function, so I'd start with removing this altogether.
  • With the space removing the above sentences leaves, you have plenty of room to talk about the specific types of teams Zeraora can fit on (more offensively inclined builds), Pokemon it can support adequately, and Pokemon that adequately support Zeraora as well. If you're stuck as to how you can do this feel free to shoot me a PM here or on discord, or try using a recently uploaded spotlight for reference.
In addition to that, there are just a few other things I'd like to see fixed up:
  • 'it has been creating a phenomenon and overtaking the metagame' - this vastly overrates Zeraora's presence in the tier. Instead of saying that it's overtaking the metagame, since in reality it isn't hugely influencing the direction the meta is taking, I'd say that since coming down to UU it's proven to be a fearsome offensive threat (or something else along those lines).
  • Volt Switch should be slashed with Knock Off on the set, since some teams can find a lot of value in Zeraora's pivoting capabilities. I'd say in the text below the set somewhere you can fit it that Volt Switch allows it to act as a pivot that can reliably bring teammates in on predicted switches if need be.
  • I'd like at least a mention or two of just this set itself and not so much Zeraora. The point of spotlights is to cover a certain set, not quite the Pokemon overall. While it's fine to mention that it's been a notable presence in the metagame, saying it has been with the listed set allows you to tie everything together more easily, for instance.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to PM me. I'd like to look this over again when you've implemented these changes, so please notify me when that's done. Overall, good work for your first time! Sorry for the wait!

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