ZU Best Friends Tournament [FINALS - WON BY Myth & Roid]

Welcome to the ZU Best Friends Tournament! There are many friendship groups and bonds made through playing Pokémon on Smogon, and I wanted to host a tournament which would celebrate that. This is a tournament where players pair up in teams of two and take each other on in ZU to find out who is the best duo.
  • Each match will be a best of 3 between two pairs. All games are to played in the [Gen 7] ZU format.
    • To make this clear, individual player vs player matchups are NOT BO3. Player A plays player A, player B plays player B, and then a tiebreak is played if needed.
  • If a tiebreaker is needed, the pairs will decide which player is to play the tiebreak game for their team.
  • Replays are mandatory for every battle of the tournament.
  • All tier changes will take effect in the following round of the tournament.
  • In case this was unclear, ghosting is not permitted and games are to be played separately.
Each round will last one week. Here is a link to the rules and guidelines competitors must follow. All games must be played on Pokemon Showdown! (server does not matter). If teams are inactive, I had the right to kick them and replace them with subs.

Team Regigigas Best Mon vs. Myth & Roid
Absolute Infinity vs. EviGaro
Poke2950 vs. Sage

Various ZU resources to check out:
ZeroUsed thread
Viability Rankings and Sample Sets
Sample Teams
Speed Tiers
Role Compendium
Good Cores
Pokemon Showdown Room

No immediate deadline but get it done soon lol if you guys are obnoxious I'll set one
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